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Apocalyptica (II)
Interview mit Paavo & Perttu [Apocalyptica], 13.08.2011, Hildesheim/Flugplatz

Es ist Samstagnachmittag. Die Uhr zeigt kurz nach halb vier, als ich an die Garderobentür von Apocalyptica klopfe. Drinnen erwische ich Paavo Lötjönen beim Cello üben und geselle mich für einen kurzen Plausch zu ihm. Keine fünf Minuten später taucht auch noch ein völlig verschlafener Perttu Kivilaakso im kleinen Backstage-Raum auf. "Ich habe nur ein kurzes Nickerchen gehalten", grinst er und setzt sich zu uns. Für die Finnen ist es nicht das erste M'era Luna, auf dem sie mit Celli und Schlagzeug rocken.

What do you personally connect with this festival?

Paavo: We`ve been playing here quite many times during all the years. You know, there`s Scorpio, the presenter and promoter of this festival. We`ve been working with Scorpio for years, so we have a really old relationship.

Is it familiar here in the backstage or is every artist and band going its own way?

Paavo: This is a quite good place to have a festival, especially when it`s rainy weather, because it`s an airport. If it`s raining, it`s not that muddy. Furthermore the festival is well organized.

What can we expect from your show tonight?

Perttu: You never know what will happen – maybe you`ll see some naked men on the stage. [laughs] Okay, there will be nothing super extraordinary this time. We`re playing the same setlist during this summer, but we have changed the songs almost every show. I have the feeling that Apocalyptica itself is quite extraordinary in 2011. I need to explain: We`ve been doing this already for quite a while, and for me as a musician it`s amazing to see that still after 15 or 16 years we have the same kind of attitude as we had when we were really young. I`m sure everybody of us always says this, and I´ve been telling this every year – that we enjoy our lives more than ever before. But this time I truly mean it! [laughs] I´m sure that you can also hear it, because we`re much more concentrated in playing together.

It`s always fascinating to see you playing the Cello and headbanging at the same time. Do you always have masseur with you working on your necks after the shows?

Paavo: Yeah, we have each others. [smiles] No, we`re doing some kind of surgery every year – we change oils.

When was the last time you visited a festival privately?

Perttu: This year has been hilarious. Many times I went in the audience to see my favorite bands. In Wacken I saw Judas Priest – I was there basically in the moshpit just before our own concert. Then I went also to see Tuska festival back in Helsinki. Many years earlier I never was interested in watching any bands on festivals. Now it`s just all about loving the music. If we`re travelling somewhere – why not watching everything we can? I hope that we get the chance to see Within Temptation today as well.

The release of your latest album lies a year behind. Are you already working on new stuff?

Paavo: We will release some stuff during next year, but it won´t be a studio album. We have something in our back pocket.

But do you already have some ideas for the next album?

Paavo: Actually we have lots of plans for next year and the year after. We`ll have really big projects. We`re doing some collaborations and that`s gonna be quite exciting.

Perttu: But referring to a new album: We want to breathe a bit after "7th Symphony" and see the entire situation in the music business and see how we should release music in the future, what`s the right way to do it and how we feel about it.

As you`re travelling a lot around in these days: When was the last time you slept in your own bed?

Perttu: Now it`s like a festival season which means that we`re basically doing one show or three in a row and then we go back home for a couple of days and then we tour again. Normally we`re touring with the bus. It´s quite easy in Europe as the distances are not that big.

Interview: Lea S.
Foto 1: taken & (c) by Ville Juurikkala / taken from apocalyptica.com
Foto 2: taken & (c) by Sandro Griesbach / darkmoments.de
Website Band: www.apocalyptica.com

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