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Adrian H & The Wounds
Interview mit Adrian [Adrian H and The Wounds], September 2011, mailer

Sind Musiker jemals mit einem neuen Album komplett zufrieden? Nein, meistens finden sie ja doch irgendetwas, was sie bei der Produktion hätten besser machen können. Aus diesem Grund hört Adrian, Kopf der multinationalen Rockband Adrian H and The Wounds, selten nochmals in eine fertige CD rein. Dabei hat er am jüngst aufgenommenen Werk "Dog Solitude" scheinbar nichts auszusetzen.

Hello Adrian, your sophomore album "Dog Solitude" will be published soon here in Germany. Are you completely satisfied with the final result or did you already find something you would have done in a different way nowadays?

Adrian: Is one ever satisfied? I should mention that once I record an album, I rarely go back and listen to the recordings for that very reason. These new songs showcase a direction of experimentation that has allowed us to present new sounds/instruments to our audience. For example, on the track "Dog Solitude" we introduce guitars to the mix for the first time. Guitars might seem commonplace for most of the bands, but keep in mind that The Wounds have always been a piano led band. What we often change is the live performance of each song from the arrangements recorded on the album. We never seem to perform a song the same way twice. Our songs are constantly evolving.

In which section of a record store will I have to search for the new CD?

Adrian: Most record stores catalogue our albums in the "Rock"-section. In today's market place there are so many genres of music it is at times difficult to keep up with. "Rock" is fine by me.

During which period of time did you create the new album and where has it been recorded?

Adrian: We recorded the album in the summer of 2011 in our home town of Portland, Oregon in USA.

Who produced the CD with you?

Adrian: My good friend Robert Bartleson produced the album with me.

What have been the challenges in producing the new album?

Adrian: Our main challenge with this album was integrating guitars to our music. Since we utilize the piano as the lead instrument, finding the right combination of guitars to compliment the piano took some effort. The horn sections for many of the songs were the most tedious to produce.

Are there any anecdotes to tell us about the recording sessions?

Adrian: Yes! When you're in the studio, make sure to consume alcohol after the session, not before.

Where do you see the band's musical development in comparison to the debut of 2009?

Adrian: Since our debut in 2009, The Wounds have added a keyboard/organ player. This has allowed us to expand our sound and has given me more freedom with our live performance. I am no longer a slave to my piano on stage. I can now share the piano leads with the keyboards.

As The Wounds is a multinational pool of musicians coming from all over the world – how many people are you at the moment and how did you all once find together?

Adrian: We are currently a 5-piece band, although we often perform as a trio (piano/bass guitar/drums) and I still enjoy performing solo any chance I get. I met each member at home in Portland, Oregon.

How often do you meet each other for rehearsals?

Adrian: We rehearse as often as possible. This past year The Wounds have been performing with David J (Bauhaus/Love&Rockets) as his live band, so rehearsals often consist of two sets, one for David J and one for Adrian H and The Wounds.

Is the new album based on any concept or does every song stand for itself?

Adrian: Every song stands alone.

How do we have to understand the title "Dog Solitude"?

Adrian: The term "Dog Solitude" (a large, poisoned expanse of deserted factories and dumps) was taken from the novel "Mona Lisa Overdrive" by William Gibson. It's one of my favorite novels.

What have been your inspiration sources for music and lyrics?

Adrian: The darkness of human nature, which is spoken of only in whispers. In other words, the brutality of life gives us scars. Show me your scar and I will write you a song!

Is Adrian H and The Wounds a democratic band? To what extent did The Wounds contribute to the songwriting?

Adrian: We all share songwriting duties. Each member contributes their skill on their chosen instrument. I write the lyrics.

When did you discover the piano for yourself and what is so fascinating about it?

Adrian: I began playing the piano as a child. It's a fascinating instrument in how it can convey a full spectrum of emotions and moods. I only wish it was not so cumbersome to transport.

Another outstanding instrument in your music is the saxophone, which is often related to Jazz. Which role does it play on your new album?

Adrian: The sax is a major component of our music. Our sax player, who goes by the name Raptor, is one of the most talented musicians I have come across in my career. He definitely adds a sense of jazz to our music.

The tracks "That Hurts" and "Dog Solitude" are described as underground club hit singles in the band's infosheet. Do you see yourself as an underground act?

Adrian: Underground, aboveground, it's all good. The media has labeled the term "underground" to us. I believe our music is accessible to a much wider audience than the underground scene, but I do enjoy a dirty underground club full of sin and debauchery! Speaking of clubs, our European release on Danse Macabre Records will include two bonus remix club tracks.

When is it possible to see you live on stage in Germany?

Adrian: If all goes well, our record label, Danse Macabre, will be bringing us to Germany for a festival tour in summer 2012.

And one last question: How would you continue the sentence "Music is…"?

Adrian: Music is what a dark room is to a child, a frightening other world with demons in the shadows. Music is what a child is to a dark room, an opportunity to vex.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from promotion.dansemacabre-group.com
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