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Interview mit Matthau [Bloodpit], 12.11.2006, Köln/Restaurant Wiener Wald

Bloodpit, das ist neuer Wind aus Finnland! Zum ersten Mal tourten die vier Jungs aus Tampere durch die deutschen Clubs. Mit dabei war ihr Album „Mental Circus“, welches seit kurzem auch in unseren Läden erhältlich ist. In Köln traf ich Sänger Matthau zu einem kleinen Plausch. Wir machten es uns vor Konzert-Beginn in einem Restaurant gemütlich und ich konnte alle meine Fragen los werden.
Moi Matthau, welcome here to Germany. How are you guys doing?                             
Matthau: We`re doing great. I`m just very tired, but it`s been great this far. There`s been a lot of people to the shows and we actually made a record in Berlin, when it comes to selling tickets in advance. I`ve heard that the show was sold out. So it was great and people have reacted in a nice way.
And yesterday you had a gig in Lennestadt, but did you notice about the carnival-time
started here?

Matthau: No, I didn´t know. But there have also been many people and the show was good.
It`s your first time being here in Germany. But why did we have to wait so long for you?
Matthau: Had we come here a year before, I think there wouldn´t have been a point to come here, because now there are more people in the shows and things are working much better. Initially we were supposed to tour in Germany in spring, but there were only a few shows, so we said “No, we wanna do more!”. So now we have ten shows!
Your album “Mental Circus” is in stores now, but what about a single here in Germany?
Matthau: There is no single yet, but of course in Finland we have released three singles and one EP, but we`re planning to release the next single maybe outside of Finland as well.
Is it true that Paavo had a dream to found Bloopdit? And what does the band-name mean to you?
Matthau: Yeah, that is true. I guess it was in 1997 or 8 or something like that, when he saw a dream where John Lennon appeared and basically told him to put a band together and the name was something close to Bloodpit. That`s where the name comes from and it really has no meaning. It`s just a name.
I found some first articles in German magazines about Bloodpit and most of the magazines call all the Finnish bands gothic-bands. What do you think about it? Do you call yourself a gothic-band?                                        
Matthau: I think that`s really funny, because (break) when it comes to gothic-music, I would say Two Witches is gothic-music. You know the band?
Yes, I`ve heard about it.

Matthau: Yeah, it´s a Finnish goth-metal-band and I think, that is more the goth than anything like 69 Eyes. They just look like they are goth. They wear dark clothes and everything. I think the whole gothic-scene is ridiculous. I mean, you could as well say we do techno-music. There`s nothing gothic about us.
And give me three good reasons why all the people here in Germany should listen to Bloodpit!
Matthau: I don`t know. You tell me, because I`ve never seen us live. (laughing) I really don´t know what it`s all about. But people are coming to the concerts and it sure feels great. (laughing)
Who and what inspires you for writing your lyrics?
Matthau: Life itself. Life gives me a lot of inspiration, because around that time, when we recorded “Mental Circus”, there was a lot of shit going on in my life and I had to deal with it every day. So the new songs on “Mental Circus” are very honest, when it comes to the lyrics. I guess life itself is a great source of inspiration. Every day life.

Have you ever thought about to sing in Finnish?
Matthau: Sure, yeah, but not seriously, because it´s much more hard to write lyrics in Finnish.
Matthau: Well, take a listen to this: (starts to sing in Finnish) You know what I`m singing?
Matthau: Ah, I thought you wouldn´t, but that`s why I don´t write lyrics in Finnish. That´s why I sing in English.
This evening you will play here in Cologne. What are your expectations?
Matthau: (laughing) I hope there`s gonna be a lot of people and I`m really looking forward to it, because everybody keeps telling me Cologne is the place to be and so we`ll see. I hope it will turn out good.
You´re writing a tour-diary for the Bloodpit-website. Do you also write diary for yourself?                             
Matthau: Yeah, every day. I will also write a diary about this trip here in Germany. I think the first part will be on our website soon. So you can check it out!
And did you meet your brother Sir Christus here in Germany, cos he`s also touring at the same time now with Negative?!
Matthau: No, I only spoke with him on the phone.
What`s your best character-trait?
Matthau: (break) I`m very kind and gentle and polite.
And do you have any bad habits?
Matthau: Yeah, sure.
Smoking. (starring at Matthau´s cigarette)
Matthau: (starring at his cigarette as well) No! (all laughing) That’s not a bad habit. Actually I`m an asshole sometimes.
What do you do, if you want to relax? Is there any special place that you go to?
Matthau: I take a bath and put some candles on and…
Are you romantic?
Matthau: Yeah, absolutely and maybe I go to the theatre or something like that. Because I don´t drink anymore. And hei, yeah! I go out shopping! I love to go out shopping.
Okay, yesterday you told me that you change your dress like ten times every day.
Matthau: Yeah, and actually I have already spent 1000 Euros during this trip on clothes and jewelleries and everything.
You collect rings I`ve heard.
Matthau: I actually broke all my rings when I hit the wall. (showing his hand; there are some red marks) They were all silver. So I`m really angry with myself.
And why did you hit against the wall?
Matthau: I was just in a bad mood earlier today.

If you could turn back the time, in which year or century would you live and why?
Matthau: In the 1980`s, only because I would like to know my father a little bit better, because when he died, I was only four years old, in 1986, and I would like to meet him.                                      
Who invented the Bloodpit-drink in “Dog`s Home” (bar in Finland) in Tampere?
Matthau: At first it was a joke, then it became a very popular joke and I guess it was the guy from Two Witches. He`s working at “Dog´s Home”.
Do you collect anything?
Matthau: Guitars, jewellery, silver rings and some dirty stuff…movies, everything.
I`ve heard you like horror-movies!
Matthau: Yeah, sure.
What is your fave?
Matthau: Dracula 1992. It´s all romantic and I always cry, when I see the film. I guess, it`s always been one of my favourite movies.
Do you know any German sentence? Or word?
Matthau: Äh, Lederhosen.
That`s all?
Matthau: Well, hold on a second. I`ve got a paper here in my pocket. (he is searching the piece of paper in his pocket; then he finds it and reads in German) Lasst uns Spaß haben! Ihr in Köln habt den besten Karneval! (all laughing loudly)
Very good!
Matthau: Yeah, very good. So I know some. (smiles)
Which hobbies do you have beside the music? Do you like sports?                                       
Matthau: Tennis and mountain-skiing and sometimes I go out jogging and I go to gym and I used to box, when I was in my teens.
What is your best memory from school-time?
Matthau: I was a bad-ass kid. I was always in attention.
Always in the middle?
Matthau: Yeah, and when my friends invented something, I was always the guy who had to do it, so I always got myself into trouble. Good old days, that I miss.
If you were a colour, which one?
Matthau: White!
Matthau: I love white.
But today… (starring at Matthau`s clothes)
Matthau: (starring at his clothes as well) No white today.
But yesterday you wore a white shirt from the Backyard Babies.
Matthau: Yeah, I bought it in Berlin.

And you already played with them together!?
Matthau: Yes, we played with them. I can`t remember when, but it was great! I love them.
Summer or winter? What do you prefer?
Matthau: Definitely summer and autumn.                             
What´s the best CD that you have ever bought?
Matthau: (long break; laughing) Madonna`s “Like a prayer”. That`s great!
Not really!?
Matthau: Just kidding. (laughing)
Are there any news about the US-record-deal that I´ve heard about?
Matthau: No, no! We`re not going there yet. At first we were supposed to be touring in the United States in the beginning of 2007, but we`re not going there, because there was not enough promotion. And there would be no point of doing that yet, not now. Now we focus on this tour and then the next album and who knows what happens then.
And what about the Acoustic-Sauna-Tour that you have done in Finland? Is there any second part planned?
Matthau: Actually I`m doing it all the time. There will be a few shows in December and I have a dream. (break) I wanna make it as big as possible. In two years it`s gonna be an event that everybody knows and all the people will come to see the show and know what it´s all about. I do cover-songs, but I do it in my own way and people this far have loved it.
I hope I`ll get the chance to visit this Acoustic-Sauna-Tour as well some day. That would be awesome. Matthau, thank you very much for the interview.
Matthau: Thank you!
Interview: Lea S.
Website Band: www.bloodpitband.com

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