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Cathi Brie
Interview mit Sami [Cathi Brie], Oktober 2006

Cathi Brie kommen aus Finnland. Eine junge Rock-Band, die hoch hinaus will. Sami stellte seine Mannen fhradio vor.
Sami, first of all please introduce Cathi Brie in a few words by yourself!
Sami: Cathi Brie was found in the summer of 2001 and our musical genre goes by the name of over-commercial-hard-pop-grundge-rock.
How did the band find together?
Sami: I was looking for a band to play with. And I got introduced to a guy called Miska (?) who was the drummer. He asked me, if I could sing and I was like “Hell, no!”, cos I really wasn´t interested of singing at that point. But something happened and here we are now. And I have to remind, that we fired Miska (?) in 2003.
Where does the name Cathi Brie come from? What does the band-name mean?
Sami: I used to date a prettiest girl. Her name was Cathi Brie. She committed suicide, when I was 16. So when we were thinking about a name for the band, I thought Cathi Brie would be kind of depressing name, because of the tragedy. And that`s the sad story behind the name.
How would you describe Cathi Brie`s music-style?
Sami: I `m not ashamed that we`re extremely pop. But on the other hand, there are parts in our songs, that could belong to a death-metal-band and that`s the contradiction I really like.
Who and what inspires you in writing songs?
Sami: In my lyrics I like to make fun of myself in a sarcastic way.
Recently you published your new EP “Unspoken thoughts”. Do the songs reflect any own experiences and feelings you have? What do the songs mean for you?
Sami: With “Unspoken thoughts” I want to give it to people who accused us being too commercial with our previous EP. I really wanted to fuck with them, so I made “Unspoken thoughts” which is really commercial and a sell-out product. And I fucking love it.
Can you remember your first gig? What were your own impressions?
Sami: I was drunk and very high, so I`ve got no idea how it went, probably well, cos we sold a lot of records at that show.
How did the first recordings proceed?
Sami: We have been together about three months and one time at our practise Miska (?) – who at that time was our drummer – informed that we should do a demo. He had booked a studio for us. At that time we had like two and a half songs done. It was really too soon, but when the studio is ready, you gotta finish songs and do a couple of more. And that`s what I did.
How many rehearsals do you have in a week?
Sami: About one or two and that´s enough for us.
Two guys have recently left the band. What happened?
Sami: In Cathi Brie we do it in the army way: If you won´t give 110% of your worthless existence, you should do something else like fishing and jogging. And those two guys went to fishing.
Have you already found new band-mates? Which attitude should they bring about?
Sami: We have three nominies, but we haven´t done a decision yet. I mean, you need to give your whole passion for Cathi Brie and the musical career. That`s all I`m asking for.
What does your family, friends and relatives think about Cathi Brie?
Sami: In our song “Burden of guilt”, which is in “Unspoken thoughts”, I sing a line which is “This song is for the minus crew!”, cos the anthem for Cathi Brie has always been minus forever, which was the name of our first EP by the way. So the line “This song is for the minus crew!” is my “Thank You” for my friends, my gift to them.
What would you do, if you wouldn´t be in a band?
Sami: I don´t wanna think about that, but if I had to say something, I would be a poet…well, actually that is what I am. A poet-guy without cash.
Where do you see Cathi Brie in 10 years? Your future-wishes?
Sami: I think we will be in Germany and I look like Kurt Cobain with a grey beard and HIM is our opening-act with Ville Valo looking like a fat Elvis from the end of the 70´s.
Interview: Lea S.

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