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Interview mit Dúnè, 05.07.2008, Bonn/Rheinaue

Sieben junge Leute, die es lieben, Rockmusik mit verrücktem Electro und poppigen Einflüssen zu spielen. Das sind Dúnè aus Dänemark. Im letzten Jahr haben sie ihr Debüt-Album veröffentlicht, haben bereits Gigs in Europa und Amerika gespielt und erhielten Preise und jede Menge Airplay. Auch Deutschlands Interesse wurde geweckt und somit kamen Dúné herüber, um hier ein paar Konzerte zu geben. Am 5. Juli 2008 machten sie zum ersten Mal einen Zwischenstopp in Bonn, um auf der Rheinkultur zu spielen. Kurz vor ihrer Show hatte ich die Chance, die ganze Band zu treffen und mit den jungen Musikern zu plaudern.

How are you doing? Enjoying the summer?

Matthias: I hate the sun, I`m so Emo. No, just kidding, I love it. It`s so amazing and fantastic weather.

Yesterday you had a gig in Bochum. How was it?

Cecilie: Oh, it worked out okay. We had some problems with our set, because we thought we had more time than we actually had. So we had to skip a few songs. But there were a lot of people and they were crazy about us (laughs) and yeah, it was cool.

So there are already a lot of people that know Dúnè here?

Cecilie: Yeah, well, we`ve never played in Bonn before, but in Bochum we have played three times now and in Hamburg and Berlin and I think yeah, some people know us.

Matthias: It´s cool to play here in Bonn and as Cecilie said, we have never played here before and we have no idea how many people know us here.

Maybe you should introduce the band a bit first. Dúnè in one sentence?

Ole: How long is the sentence allowed to be?

Matthias: Dúnè in once sentence? Rock.

Cecilie: That`s not a sentence! Dúnè are seven people who love playing Rock and crazy Electro.

Ole: I think what Cecilie said was quite alright. Seven young people who love Rock and crazy Electro mixed with some kind of Pop.

Cecilie: And we have the wildest live-shows in the world.

Ole: That might be the real sentence for us: A band with radio hits and the wildest live-shows in the world.

You`re playing here today on this Rheinkultur-Festival. What can we expect from the show?

Matthias: We just go on the Rote Bühne and hopefully we will blow off the audience if there is anyone. Only 15 people in front, I guess…

(amused) I guess there are some more.

Matthias: I hope so. (laughter) We will see. We hopefully make them dance and party.

You have already travelled around a lot with the band. Which Country or city or Event did impress you the most?

Cecilie: I think for me it was our little trip to L.A. a year ago or something like that. We just went there for five days and did a few shows. Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

How do the Danish and the foreign audience, for example German audience, differ from each other?

Ole: The German audience is cooler, I think.

Cecilie: They are wilder.

Ole: Yeah, they are wilder and more fun to play with.

Cecilie: There is more passion involved.

Matthias: They are wilder, you know. In Denmark they relax a bit too much maybe. (laughs)

Ole: The Danish audience is a bit arrogant, I think. I mean in general they are a bit arrogant. On the one hand you have 14 years old girls who scream all the time, but on the other hand in general the older audience is a bit arrogant. And here in Germany it`s different. German people just love when you do music. And you can really feel that when we get on stage in front of 2000 people that never heard us before.

In Denmark you´re coming from Skive. Do you live there alone, with the family, in flat share or all together?

Piotrek: Yeah, we come from Skive, but we actually just moved to Copenhagen. It was this Monday, five days ago. The plan is that everybody moves to Copenhagen, because there it happens with all the music business, dirty clubs and so on.

And do you live all together there?

Piotrek: No, not really.

Cecilie: A few still live at home with their families. But they won´t be there so often, you know, cos we`re touring all the time. We are actually more away than at home.

Matthias: There`s some kind of chaos right now, cos some of us just moved five days ago and some haven`t found an apartment yet…

Ole: Exactly. I mean, we graduated just last week.

So the school is finished?

Ole: Yeah, exactly. Three days after the graduation we moved on Monday and Tuesday we left Denmark to do this tour. So we had not much time to spend in our flats. So it`s a bit chaotic.

How did “going to lessons” and ”playing in a band” work together when you still had school?

Piotrek: They didn´t like each other. (laughs) But you have to ask the others. I finished last year, so I was already kind of free.

Cecilie: It was really tough in some periods where we couldn´t focus on school and we were away for half a month. And then we got back and we didn`t know what we were doing in school. We didn`t know the homework and stuff. Of course there were times when we couldn´t really manage it. But the other way around I think we just had so much fun when we were outside playing. That gave us some energy to go on with the school, too. And I´m glad I had music beside the school. If I hadn´t had music, I don`t think I would have been able to go through this all. But hei, we don`t wanna talk about school anymore. (laughs) Now we`re free!

Okay. (laughs) But if you wouldn`t be in a band, would you have gone to University for studying?

Ole: I would have probably killed myself instead.

Cecilie: (laughs) To study is not the plan right now. You never know, but right now we wanna be in the band…

You`re seven persons in the band. Who of you does always have the last word when it comes to important decisions?

Matthias: It is the empress over here. (points at Cecilie) She`s a genius.

Ole: It would be Malte.

Cecilie: Yeah, I think it would be our drummer Malte, because he`s got all the power behind the drums. If there´s something he doesn`t like, then he just says “I won`t play it!” and then we`re fucked, because “You have to play it!” “No, I don´t want to.” He´s got pretty much power behind the drums. But I think we`re good at talking it out together.

Are there a lot of discussions within the band?

Ole: There are a lot of discussions. But they help to work out the music, you know. If you wouldn´t have these discussions, it would be boring. Everybody has an opinion.

Cecilie, you´re the only girl in the band. How do you get along with all the guys?

Cecilie: I´m glad, you can see it. (laughs) Well, I always have to come up with a new answer for that. I think I´m used to be with guys all the time. I spend more time with these boys than I´m spending with any girl. They are very nice and I have some advantages. I can always say “I´m the girl! I`ll decide!” And then they say “Oh fuck, that´s right!”. I don´t know, I´m used to be with them and I love it.

On your website is written that more or less all of you are in a relationship. But isn`t it hard to hold a relationship when you´re travelling around all the time?

Matthias: When you´re very close to your girlfriend, it`s not a problem, because then she`d understand. And remember that you always have your mobile phone. It`s not far away in the pocket. And luckily for me, I have a girlfriend, who´s very good in travelling with us. So she will find a plane to visit me on tour in between.

Ole: Me and my girlfriend we broke up three months ago. And Piotrek broke up with his girlfriend one or two weeks ago…

Piotrek: Actually it was five days ago.

Ole: I probably would still be with my girlfriend if I wasn´t in the band.

So it`s a problem being in a band and having a girlfriend besides?

Ole: For me it was definitely.

Piotrek: It was hard. It was kind of tough keeping all the contact just by talking via phone. It was also expensive…

Cecilie: You didn`t want to pay for your girlfriend.

Piotrek: We`re poor upcoming Rockstars, so it doesn`t fit to each other.

Cecilie: I don´t know, but I think it depends a lot on how your girlfriend or your boyfriend is. For example Matthias` girlfriend, she also has a lot of dreams and she also travels a lot and she really understands the life he`s living. I think so, cos she wants to go to New York and dance and stuff.

Matthias: She´s a dancer.

Cecilie: Yeah, she understands him. But I can imagine how scary it must be for a girl to have a boyfriend who plays in a Rockband and says “Goodbye! See you in a month!” and not being able to know what the hell he`s doing with this Rockband.

Ole: There´s a saying like “What happens on tour, stays on tour”. And all the girlfriends they know this saying.

Keyword “You talk way too much”: What is that?

Cecilie: Our guitarist Danny and I, we made this clothing brand called “You talk way too much”, because we wanted to make our own clothes. You know, when you start playing music, there are a lot of things that follow. All these magazines they want to do photo sessions with you and stuff. They all want to dress you in one way and you can´t really decide by yourself. So I guess we just wanted to come up with our own style and be different from all the others. But right now it`s on standby, because we`re moving and playing with the band and stuff like that.

Matthias: And from the ashes rise “You drink way too much”, the new firm by Piotrek and Matthias. (laughter)

Piotrek: This is our little project. We`ll import some very cheap cherry wine from Poland to Denmark and promote it. And then the plan is – I`m from Poland by the way – to design our own Vodka. It`s going to be called Piotka – after my name.

Matthias: Piotka – connecting people. It`s great. I think, it will be a hit.

Cecilie: You´re insane. But yes, that´s about it.

How important is the outer appearance, the styling for you, when we`re talking about clothes and brands?

Cecilie: I have never really cared about the style before I started playing with Dúné and figured, it was actually quite important, cos it goes along with the music. If you play in a band, you have to be in a way different from everybody else and make your own style. And that`s why I started thinking about it. But I´m not one of those girls who love to wear great dresses and look like a princess. I´m more like ROCK! (laughs) I think it´s funny to do photo sessions and for instance they put me in a long black dress or something. I think it`s funny to try different stuff out, but for me it doesn`t mean that much.

Ole: I think I have the problem that I´m really bad at it, in styling I mean. But I am always open for suggestions and I´m always looking for something to wear, but it doesn`t really work out well always. So I decided that it doesn´t really matter…

If you had to refer the band to a colour, which colour would it be?

Matthias: In one word? Blueredgreen… (laughs)

Cecilie: There is another word for it in German called “bunt”.

(Cecilie and Ole have to leave for a few minutes. Matthias and Piotrek continue with the interview.)

Matthias: Now let´s start talking about “You drink way too much”.

Piotrek: Yeah!

About your project? No, let`s  come back to your music and talk about your current single “80 years”! Which points were the crucial factor that this song became the next single?

Matthias: I think it´s just one song that´s most radio minded. We love the song. It`s one of my favourites on the album. And then we just decided it should be a single, because it´s a song that everybody loves. Every time we played it live, it was a blast. It always made people dance, so I think it was natural that it became a single.

Piotrek: It really is, you know, a kind of top point on a concert to play “80 years”. This is when the audience are highest. They really like that song. It has a good melody. "80 years" has got a melody, which you remember after you have heard the song two or three times. And it`s easy to sing. That`s what makes it a single. 

And there is also a quite bloody song on your album: “Jack Beats Jim Leads”. Why is it so bloody?

Cecilie: (back again) It´s a very old song. I think, we made it five years ago. So when we recorded it, it was actually in the first place more a joke, but it ended up on the record and we think it`s funny to have it there. But it`s a very old song and you (talks to Matthias) can tell something about the text.

Matthias: Oh, “Jack Beats Jim Leads”…I remember that the first lyric to that song was never finished, but it was about bride burning. This is from the ninth grate of ground school. I read about some Indian people who were married and burned their brides to get the money from their families. Anyway, then I made a new story about social heritage and it`s actually just a naïve, funny, bloody story and it`s with a lot of irony. It`s about this guy who touches another guy`s car and he smashes his head through a window. The guys in the story are actually Ole and Danny. When they are together, they become like Jim. So yeah, it`s a very, very old song and it just ended up on the album, because I think it`s just a funny, little story. (laughs)

And then referring to your song “Why Discipline Control?”, who is the most disciplined in your band?

Matthias: Oh, that`s definitely our drummer Malte. He is running and working and I am always sleeping. (laughs) I was sharing the room with him in the hotel and…

Ole: …there are a few things that he takes really seriously. And then sometimes he`s a complete mess inside. For example he forgot to tell the military that he won`t be there in December. So actually at the moment he is very fucked and we are fucked, because we have a tour and our drummer is supposed to be in the military. There are a few things where he is so damn unorganised. And then there are some other things where he is very disciplined.

Cecilie: Yeah, but now he`s going to the military in half a year. (laughs)

Matthias: He could choose between a small service in the military for three months and the long for eight months and he was just like “Oh, the eight months sound great!” and chose that. Oh damn! (laughs)

„Music is...“, how would you continue this sentence?

Matthias: …a sensitive art.

Piotrek: I was about to say that. (laughter) Music is passion.

Cecilie: Music is a lifestyle.

Ole: Music is amazing.

Your songs are in English. Ever thought about to create a Danish song some day?

Matthias: I think the first songs that we wrote were in Danish, but it felt more natural to write in English, because we always had the dream to get over the borders of Denmark. It`s just a small Country. I think, singing in Danish sounds stupid.

Piotrek, how does your Danish work nowadays?

Piotrek: I moved to Denmark like seven years ago. (laughs) Now it works.

Was it easy to learn?

Piotrek: It took me like three months. I started talking in English to Malte. I think the Danish pronunciation is kind of hard. It`s even more difficult than Chinese. But the grammar is so easy compared to Polish for example and German. After three months you cannot know so many words, but you can communicate in a way.

Do you know some German words or sentences? I have heard that you, Matthias, can say “Cheers” in 19 languages…

Matthias: Okay, let`s see which of those I can still remember. Shall I say them?

Ole: I hate this part. He does it every time we have a fucking beer.

Matthias: I love it. (grins)

Ole: We have learned German in school. So actually I understand a lot.

Also könnten wir auch jetzt auf Deutsch weiterreden?

Ole: Ja klar.

Super! (laughs) Ihr versteht also wirklich alles?

Matthias: Ich verstehe nicht alles. Aber Ole!

Ole: Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, ja.

Aber ist schwer?

Ole: Nee, das finde ich nicht. Wir hatten es für, ich weiß nicht, fünf oder sechs Jahre in der Schule und wenn wir in Deutschland so viel sind, dann lernt man es.

Es kommt wieder.

Ole: Klar, wir arbeiten mit Deutschen und es sprechen alle Deutsch miteinander.

Du sprichst sehr gut Deutsch.

Ole: Danke!

Ich kann dagegen kein Wort Dänisch. Von daher. Some greetings to the German audience?

Matthias: You´re great and we`re looking so much forward to see you this summer and in fall when we`re going on fall-tour. It´s always a pleasure to play in Germany and today we came here to Bonn which is a very beautiful city.

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