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Interview mit Daniel, Colin & Nick [Devilment], 13.11.2014, Köln/Essigfabrik

Mit „The Great And Secret Show“ veröffentlichte die britische Metal-Band Devilment um Halloween herum ihr allererstes Album. Gründer und Gitarrist Daniel Finch verpflichtete hierfür niemand geringeres als Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) am Mikrofon. Zuletzt befand sich die insgesamt sechsköpfige Band auf Europa-Tour mit Lacuna Coil und Motionless In White. Bei ihrem Zwischenstopp in Köln am 13. November 2014 traf ich Daniel sowie Gitarrist Colin Parks und Bassist Nick Johnson zum Interview.

How’s been the tour so far? How do the people react to Devilment live on stage?

Colin: It’s been really, really good. Every night is a bit different as we’re playing bigger and smaller shows. But it does feel a little bit like we’re getting bigger and bigger during the tour. We see a lot of places and get a lot of e-mails and messages and the CD sells are pretty good. It’s like a rollercoaster!

Nick: We hope to gain fans and people getting interested in the band. But the crowds are different here compared to the UK. The UK audience is quite lively, there’s always pits and stuff. But here people seem more to watch and nod their heads.

Daniel: During the first two songs they’re just gonna watching – but that’s a good thing. And we’re happy to be here.

Lauren is the only woman in the band. How does she feel being on tour with you bunch of guys?

Colin: She’s a lovely girl…

Daniel: She can keep up with us and joke of us as much as everybody else in the band can. And that’s a good thing. We don’t spend much time together back home, so as we’re now in company with each other all the time we were wondering when we gonna start hating each other, but we haven’t yet. [laughter] There have been no arguments yet. It’s been fun so far to spend time with each other.

Concerning the band’s name: To what extent is Devilment really devilish?

Colin: We drink really devilish. [laughter]

Nick: Devilment is this sort of mischief maybe doing something a bit differently from the norm. How we present ourselves and how we approach playing live – it’s really a bit different from how other people do it.

Daniel, you set the corner stone for Devilment in 2011. How did you come up with the idea of founding the band? What has been the crucial factor?

Daniel: Actually it was 2001 when I started originally thinking about the project. But you know, I’ve been in a lot of different bands. I’ve always been someone else’s guitar player or someone else’s singer. So back in 2001 I started with some material. Then the same old thing happened: got married, got a job, didn’t play for a long time, but in 2011 I finally got back to the idea of starting my own band. That was the point when I started Devilment. Then I spoke to Dani if he’s gonna be the singer…

Colin: He kind of lent the architecture before the newer guys joined Devilment like myself, Aaron, Nick and Lauren. The music is kind of dark…

Daniel: With Dani in the front we don’t have to go through little bars and play in front of two people. That’s good, we’re very lucky.

The whole band consists of six members, but is it also a democratic one when it comes to the point of making musical and organizational decisions?

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, we have a manager. He takes care about any business things, even songs. I don’t get any more money than everybody else does. Everything is shared. Everybody has a lot of ideas, everybody has an opinion and everybody is allowed to say his or her opinion.

Who had which task during the songwriting process for the debut album “The Great And Secret Show”?

Daniel: Well, I started the project, so around 70 percent was done when for example Nick joined and Colin came in. When Colin joined us he took us to another level, another period of the band. Originally Colin was more into industrial/goth… We just tried to find our sound from everybody in the band – that became Devilment. The first song at that time that we wrote collectively was “The Great And Secret Show”. So to me that song says what Devilment is. That’s Devilment to me.

What kind of music do you listen to privately?

Colin: I listen more to Techie Metal stuff and some Deathcore…

Daniel: I like Death Metal, Goth, traditional Metal like Iron Maiden, Metallica, but also Rotten Christ, Moonspell etc.

Nick: I listen to a lot pop, funk sound, just a lot of different music. You need to have different influences especially from the musician’s point of view and the bass player’s as well.

As Dani Filth is the vocalist of Devilment you automatically start to compare the band with Cradle Of Filth. But how would you describe the musical differences of Devilment as every band member has another background and brings an own vibe into the band?

Colin: In Devilment there are no blastbeats, there’s just half as much guitars, but when you have such an iconic voice which is obviously Dani Filth’s, the comparison will always gonna be there. A lot of people expected the band being Cradle Of Filth 2.0, but hopefully after this tour they will understand what Devilment actually is. The album is just out for about ten days…

Daniel: If people don’t buy the Devilment album as they’re expecting a Cradle Of Filth album they gonna be disappointed. What we see is that a lot of people that don’t like Cradle Of Filth, like Devilment instead…

Colin: Dani determines his vocal approach and the way he’s doing stuff. And with Cradle Of Filth he’s used to sing in a particular way. Devilment is a lot less high pitched stuff. Yeah, it still sounds like Filth, but like a different Filth.

What have been the inspiration sources for the lyrics? Are they based on any concept, so that the songs are connected with each other?

Daniel: That’s Dani’s part. He tries to create this massive atmosphere and massive stories. And a good thing is you can always have your own interpretation on that. So you can have your own and I interpret it in my way. A good thing about music is when it becomes the soundtrack of your life. That reminds me of that period of my life, of that really good summer or of that one girl… It’s the same with the Devilment songs; they remind me of certain periods in my life.

For which reason did you decide to work with Scott Atkins in the studio?

Daniel: I like the stuff and a lot of the albums he’s done. For example he also worked with Cradle Of Filth. I love the sound, I knew him anyway as a friend and also he lives like 20 minutes from my house. So it was really convenient to work with him. He’s a good guy.

Colin: ‘Cos we know him, we could have this interaction on a personal level. He can be honest with us.

Daniel: He had a vision as much as we did. He kind of became the seventh member. There’ve been these things that changed in the studio, guitar parts changed, we added things and put things away. It was a constantly back and forward. But we never questioned him doing the album…

What have been the challenges during the recording process?

Colin: The time. Scott is a friend of us, but we had to work on his schedules. So the drums were maybe done in seven or eight days, then we had some time when nothing happened, because Scott was doing something for Amon Amarth. Then we recorded the guitars, bass and had about two months off. So it took a long time to get the album together.

On the album you can find this one cover song of Midnight Oil called “Beds Are Burning” that’s featured by Bam Margera. How do that guy and Devilment fit together?

Daniel: Dani is a friend of him. And he also came up with the cover. It’s a good song. And getting Bam on there was pretty good as well.

Your debut album was published on Halloween. How did you personally celebrate the release?

Colin: We played a show in Bristol, that was the 1st show of this tour…

How’s been the show today for you guys?

Colin: It was good. It was one of the biggest venues we played, the stage was good, the people who worked here were good and the people who watched us seemed to be into it. They seem to be not just screaming and shouting, they seem to be really listening to stuff. So, this venue here’s been really nice. I mean, personally I would say – without being crude – this is much nicer than yesterday. Because yesterday we played in a really bad area. But well, we were in Hamburg, drank too much and had a little hangover.

Last but not least: How would you continue the sentence “music is…”?

Colin: Music is cool.

Daniel: Music is death. [laughter]

Nick: Music is a challenge.

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