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Dommin (II)
Interview mit Kristofer [Dommin], 20.02.2010, Berlin/Columbiaclub

Nach der Veröffentlichung ihres Debüt-Albums “Love Is Gone” haben die Dark-Rocker von Dommin nun auch live in Deutschland zugeschlagen und waren kürzlich mit Lacuna Coil auf Tour unterwegs. Beim Zwischenstopp in Berlin hatte ich die Chance, Frontmann und Sänger Kristofer Dommin vor der Show im Columbiaclub zu einem erneuten Interview abzufangen.

How are you doing? I`ve heard you had to cancel the Oslo-show recently due to some illness within the band…

Kristofer: That`s true, the drummer and me got a really bad cold. My voice was so affected and the nose isn`t clear. I`m still recovering: drinking lots of tea and taking whatever medicine I can get my hands on. Actually I got sick twice in a week. First I had to cancel the Oslo-show, then we played in Helsinki and Lacuna Coil had to cancel the show in Stockholm. And I made mistake when we were in Stockholm: doing a 40-minutes walk in the snow to get to the city centre. The next day I was sick once again. (laughs)

You also had problems with your van. Some empty batteries?

Kristofer: Yeah, that happened in Copenhagen. We were there, the show was done, loaded our stuff and we were all ready to get back to the hotel, but then we had to take the taxi. So this tour has some kind of ups and downs…

But besides all these problems: How is it being on tour with Lacuna Coil?

Kristofer: It`s amazing. We`ve been on tour with them before, so it`s already the second tour. They`re really good people – really kind, really nice to be around with and they treat as very well. I`m very grateful, because this tour gives us a lot of opportunities in Europe and in the USA.

How do you kill the time before a show starts in the evening?

Kristofer: Well, as we`re an opening-band, there`s not really a lot of waiting. But as the headliner goes to the venue for soundcheck like now [it`s around 5.30 pm when the interview was done], they have five or six hours to kill until they enter the stage. If it`s an off-day, we do some sightseeing and stuff.

Have you been around here in Berlin?

Kristofer: We arrived last night and we`re all so tired, because it was such a long drive. We came from Malmö in Sweden. We just looked around a little bit today.

Do you still like playing hacky sack?

Kristofer: Yeah, we did it before Malmö. It was great. We actually had a really good session. (laughs) It`s just something to get your blood pumping, because otherwise, well the schedules are so crazy. I remember, when we did the album shows, we were all just really tired and felt like to pass out by going on stage. We were not eating well, not sleeping very good and travelling all day. And our heater in the van didn´t work properly. That`s maybe also the reason why I got sick. For example, when we were driving and I wanted to have a bottle of water there was just ice in the bottle.

But you don`t sleep in the van, don`t you?

Kristofer: No, but Konstantine our keyboard player, he can sleep standing like you can put him anywhere and he will fall asleep. Billy and me can hardly sleep in something that is moving. We don´t even have beds in the van. We`re just sitting in there three and three in a row and looking at each other for hours. That`s the glorious lifestyle of a rockstar! (laughs)

What can we expect from the show tonight?

Kristofer: If you`re familiar with the album, you will definitely notice that there is a lot more energy and intensity when we`re playing live on stage. You know, it`s one thing to hear something on a CD, it`s something else to see it performed. You will also see a lot of atmosphere as we`re going to decorate the stage with roses – as much as it is allowed.

Will you also hand roses out to the fans?

Kristofer: That happens sometimes, but it depends. I usually hand roses out when the audience is really supportive, excited and singing along with us.

Have you taught yourself a bit German to greet the audience here in their language?

Kristofer: I tried, but I`m not retaining anything, that`s the problem. I look at the words, but as soon as I have closed the computer, book or whatever, half an hour later the words are gone. I do my best! Let´s see what I can learn within the next two hours…

In May you will be touring with HIM. How did this come about?

Kristofer: That`s a tour a lot of people wanna get on. I guess, there were a lot of people – from our label to management and people who are working with HIM and know us – saying “You have to take these guys with you!”. They were pushing the issue all the time, so that HIM maybe got tired and said: “Fine, they can come with us!” (laughs). But no, honestly, I don´t know how it really came about.

Is there any show of this tour you`re especially looking forward to?

Kristofer: I am really curious about the German audience. You hear different things about different places. I have always heard horrible things about playing in Paris, but very good things about the French fans. For example we were told not to leave any personal belongings when we get to the venue, because people steel stuff. But then playing the show, the French fans were amazing. I also heard certain things about the German audiences, that they`re really critical, and I don´t know if that´s the case? We will find it out today.

You have already been on tour with a lot of bands. But besides Lacuna Coil and HIM, is there any other band you really would like to tour with some day?

Kristofer: I would love to open for 30 Seconds To Mars. The first date of the HIM-tour is in Hamburg and it`s also the same day when 30 Seconds To Mars are playing in Hamburg. So I´m gonna try to leave the club right after we played to go watching them for like 30 minutes and then come back to our venue. Let`s see if it works!

Do you prefer bigger or small stages?

Kristofer: Here in Berlin it`s kind of a small stage, but it`s very deep. Well, I think there are good and bad things about both. I obviously like the room for moving around on a big stage, but when we as a band are quite close together, there is a certain energy on stage. That´s really infectious, I think, and helps us getting in mood.

Do you already know which trick you gonna play on Lacuna Coil when this tour is coming to its end?

Kristofer: I don`t know if we`re going to. We did that on the last tour we had with them and we felt bad, (laughs) because they`re such good guys and they didn`t really do anything to us. Well, we were told that they will play tricks on us, so we over-prepared to break everybody else on the tour. So when we played our set on the last show, we were waiting for something to happen. But nothing happened! And then we found out afterwards that they didn´t want to do anything to us, because they liked us a lot and respected us. But we had blown up like 500 pink balloons to throw them on stage when the other bands were playing. The balloons were blown up in our van and suddenly we didn´t know what to do with all these balloons…

What do you miss the most when you are on a longer tour?

Kristofer: Well, we are so new here to Europe that I just don`t know where a lot things are. And certain places in the Scandinavian countries close really early. I`m used to things being really accessible. If you wanna go out in the USA, you can do that at any time – 24 hours a day. And here everything is closed during night and on Sundays.

What are your plans for later on this evening here in Berlin?

Kristofer: I`m always a quiet evening guy. I will be relaxing…

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by Olaf Heine, Rian Flynn & Martin Lingnau / taken from dommin.com
Website Band: www.dommin.com

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