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Entwine (I)
Interview mit Mika & Riitta [Entwine], 01.11.2006, Köln/Prime Club

Es ist Allerheiligen. Ich mache mich auf den Weg nach Köln, um die finnische Band Entwine live zu sehen und um ein Interview zu führen. Mit neuem Album im Gepäck touren die Finnen als Support von Zeraphine durch die Lande. Im Prime Club treffe ich in einem Durcheinander aus Kabeln, Koffern und Kisten einen gut gelaunten Mika, den Sänger von Entwine. Wir suchen uns ein ruhiges Eckchen und das Interview kann beginnen.
Mika, how are you doing?
Mika: I`m fine, thank you. I`ve just got a little hangover, but that`s normal in this business, I think. (laughing)                                       
How did you celebrate Halloween yesterday beside the gig?
Mika: Well, we played in Rostock and I saw the place and there was a lot of Halloween-stuff and in that time I realised that it´s Halloween. (laughing) So I drank a little bit and had a good time and show and everything was fine.
Okay, and at the moment you are on tour with Zeraphine. But it`s not your first time being in Germany…
Mika: No, it´s actually the third time we`re in here. The first time was 2002 touring with Theatre Of Tragedy and Ram-Zet and both bands are from Norway. And last time we were here in 2004 with Xandria and it`s now the third and it`s only the beginning. Yesterday was the first show, so it`s kind of a ice-breaking for us still, but the second show is totally different, I
How did Entwine and Zeraphine find together?
Mika: Actually I don`t know. I`m not sure about, but what I`ve heard is that the guys took a contact for our management and they wanted us to come here with them. That´s the only thing that I know.
Your new album “Fatal Design” has recently been published. How would you describe it in comparison to the previous albums?
Mika: I think that “Dieversity” is a kind of showing the way. It was a little bit rougher than “Time Of Despair” and it was going in a little more rockier way and I think, that “Fatal Design” is more organic and more aggressive and there are a lot of things that are totally different than in the previous albums.
Are there any new elements?
Mika: Yeah, there are more guitar-riffs and it`s more like straight forward. “Fatal Design” is the most personal album for me, cos a lot of things happened in my life in that time and it´s my dear diary. That`s what I can say.
Good or bad things?
Mika: Mm, bad things, but when you get everything out, it`s a very good thing.                                       
And looking at the lyrics of “Fatal Design” there are striking words used like “flaming bombs” and “guns”, “hate”, “burned down places”, that I would connect to political things and war. What inspires you for writing those lyrics?
Mika: It´s actually the first time I felt that I have to do a little political song. So it`s against the Iraque-things, you know, the situation in there is what got into my nerves.

Do you have a song that`s maybe most personal for you?
Mika: I think “Curtained Life” is the most personal song. It`s kind of a, (break) can I say “shortened version from the past two years”? Something happened, you know, two years ago.
Okay, so that song is the short form?
Mika: Yeah, the short form of my life in two years and it´s kind of a “read between the lines”.
Have you ever thought about to sing in Finnish?
Mika: In Finnish? No, actually not.
Why not?
Mika: It doesn`t feel right for me, cos when I start to sing, I always sing in English and it`s a natural way for me.
Do you think that maybe the Finnish language hasn´t got a good chance to get known or popular here?
Mika: I think, that the Finnish music is growing in Germany. It`s the same thing what happened, when Rammstein came.
They are famous in Finland!?
Mika: Yeah! They are big and Aksu (Drummer of Entwine) is a great fan of Rammstein. But it has always been the natural way for me to do music in English and maybe that´s why I can`t imagine myself singing in Finnish.
Today “Chameleon Halo” has been published in Finland as a single. Is it your fave from the new album or why did you decide to use this song as a next single?                                       

Mika: Mm, I don´t know. It`s a good song. (smiling) The thing is, that “Surrender” was the first single and it was very easy for the radio-stations, cos it`s so simple and “Chameleon Halo” is more rockier, I think. Many people have said “Hei, this is a great song!” and then we were just like “Yeah, it is!”. So we wanted to give something for the people. And there are bonus-songs. You don´t get them anywhere else. It`s a little bit softer stuff, that`s why we didn´t want to put it on the album, cos those songs wouldn`t fit the whole package.
Tonight you`ve got a gig here in Cologne`s Prime Club and it´s just the beginning of the tour with Zeraphine. What are your expectations for this evening?
Mika: I don`t know. Maybe I´m just waiting for a good audience and people who want to shake some ass.
I thought heads? (laughing)
Mika: (laughing) Ass! And heads! Both! I just want to go and have a good show. If the crowd is good, everything feels good, even though you play bad.
And are there any differences between the German and the Finnish fans of Entwine?
Mika: The big difference is that in Germany people are not that drunk during the gigs.
Mika: No.
Okay! And there´s one woman in the band and how does she get along with you guys?
Mika: She fits very well, cos we don`t think her like a girl. She`s one of us, you know. She´s one of the guys. It`s a very hard question.
Maybe I should ask Riitta later on as well.
Mika: Yeah! She`s there! (pointing at the door)

Riitta: Hei!
Hei Riitta, I just asked, how can you get along with the guys, cos you`re the only woman in the band?!
Riitta: I`m very easy going. (laughing) It`s not hard for me at all, cos I am from a big family and I have two brothers and I`ve been playing with guys when I was a child. It`s kind of normal to me.                                        
Mika: Yeah, that´s what I said, that you`re one of the guys. We are a happy big family! (all laughing)
And how do you spend the time on the tourbus, when you`re driving from one place to the next?
Mika: Sleeping, watching DVDs, playstation…the usual killing time.
Mika: Yeah, but not that much in the bus. I think it´s after the show of course. Last night everybody was so pissed. (laughing)
It was Halloween.

Mika: Yeah.
What´s the first thing that you do, when you´re coming back home from a tour or from a gig? Is there anything what you really like to do, if you want to relax or is there any place you go to?
Mika: Home. (laughing) Yeah, but the thing is, when I go back to Finland, the first thing what I do is that I take water from the, you know, not from the bottles…
Mika: Yeah. Cos the thing is, when you go out from Finland, you just realise, how it´s so easy to live in Finland, cos everything is there and here you miss the water, you know. The first thing in here is, you have to buy water in bottles and in Finland you have it in every place.
You just jump into the next lake. It´s just maybe a little bit cold at the moment. (laughing)
Mika: Yeah, you wanna go ice-swimming?
Have you ever done?
Mika: No, I can´t do it.
Not after sauna or something?
Mika: No, it`s too cold for me. I´ve been rolling in the snow. That is natural in Finland. People don`t care if they see naked people rolling in the snow.
Do you prefer to have a gig in a small club or on a festival?                                            
Mika: Both! Well, in a small club of course it´s more intimate, cos the crowd is very close and you get the contact from the people. It´s more like “Yeah, we´re here, we`re dancing with you!” But on the festivals it`s more like you´re hanging around. Okay, both things have their positive sides. (smiling) I like both.
And which is the worst gig-memory that you have? Is there any?
Mika: Maybe in Finland many years ago. I just can`t remember, cos I forgot those. Maybe I was too drunk that I don`t remember. (laughing)

If you had your own festival, what would be its name and which bands would you invite?
Mika: There would be a lot of different kind of bands. Of course there would be Type`O`Negative. But it wouldn´t be a metal-festival, definitely not, no. There would be Alice In Chains, if it could be possible. But it`s not, cosLayne Staley died. Everybody knows that and rest in peace. But there would be a lot of bands.

Do you have any certain name in your mind, a name for the festival, I mean?!
Mika: Green men revolution. (laughing)
Which character-trait of yourself do you hate?
Mika: Mmm, a personal question. (break) Actually I don´t know. Maybe the thing that I think to much sometimes. You can mess your head with that too much thinking and somehow I hate it, when it goes too far, it´s just you hate yourself. You can`t get rid of yourself and maybe that`s the thing.
And what`s the craziest thing you`ve ever done or is there anything that you would like to do some day?
Mika: Craziest thing? I don´t know, maybe base-jump. I wouldn´t like to try it, but I would, you know, to get rid of my fears, cos I´m kind afraid of heights and I`m afraid of the free fall.
No bungee jumping?
Mika: No, (smiling) too much for me. Maybe parachute. I hate flying. That´s the main thing we came with the fairy. And I don´t think that I`m the only one in the music-industry who hates flying.

What would you do, if you wouldn`t be in a band?
Mika: I would play football. I played football for many years, but I quit playing football when I was 17 or 18, cos it started to take a lot of time. Five times a week you had the training and the games and then I had to have some time to make some music and I had to choose. I chose music and sometimes it feels very bad, when you see the good matches. The football is in my blood. I´ve thought about after the musical career is over, I think, I`m gonna be some kind of scout or football-manager or Coach. Maybe. Or I produce some music. But we`ll see what`s gonna happen. (laughing)                                            
If you were a colour…which one?
Mika: BLACK! You know, it`s like in a Type`O`Negative`s song: “Kill all the white people, so we can be free!”. So it´s more political what I think, cos the white people has been too long the kings of the fucking globe. I hate racism and stuff like that. That`s why I would be black.
Do you collect anything?
Mika: No, actually no…yeah, I do. Experiences! (all laughing) And when I was a young kid, I collected stones! Yeah, I did! And another thing: those corks from the bottles. That`s the only things what I`ve collected.
What does Gothic mean for you?
Mika: Actually nothing, cos the thing is, it`s been a lot of questions about gothic-things and stuff like that. I never think that I`ve been gothic like “I wanna be Goth” or something, cos in our music it´s been with us naturally. That`s been the thing that we wanted to do. It´s just like nowadays it´s too much the clothes, you know, and the music is the second priority. But it should be in a totally different way. The music should be the priority number one. But it´s all about the image nowadays. The Rasmus! Are they gothic??? They are pure pop-music!
Yeah, but they are called like goth-music.
Mika: And that`s the thing that goes too far for me.
Which question do you hate the most in interviews?
Mika: The most annoying question is about the history. “So, can you tell me about the beginning of the band and how did everybody started to do those things”? It´s because then I feel “Okay, you don´t know anything about our band.” So if you come and do the interview, you have to have the backgrounds. And we have this fucking long biography in our website. Once I told the guy, that “Yeah please, it will take an hour and a half if you want to know the history”. So you can go and pick everything you need from the website. And that´s what annoys me a lot. Everybody has to take the background.

Do you know any German sentence?
Mika: Hast du heute gewichst? (all laughing loudly)
Why always the bad sentences?                                       
Mika: I learned it from Holger. He was our drum-technician on the tour with Theatre Of Tragedy. And we were talking about that why it`s always like the dirty words. It doesn´t matter which language it is. It´s always the dirty words that you learn. I don´t know why.
And is there any Finnish sentence that I have to know?
Mika: (laughing loudly)
Don´t say anything bad!
Mika: I will! (break)
Missä on lähin baari?
Mika: Aaaah! Where is the closest bar!? But you won´t survive with this sentence. (laughing)
Yksi olut olkaa hyvää! (One beer, please.)
Mika: Yeah, that´s very good.
What`s your philosophy of life?
Mika: Philosophy? (break) Be nice. (laughing) I don`t know. There are a lot of philosophies of life. There`s no political solution. But (break) maybe the philosophy of life is “Be honest what you do. Never lie to yourself!” Cos when you start to lie to yourself, the whole thing is gonna explode, cos the easiest thing in life is to lie to yourself. So be honest to yourself.

Interview: Lea S.
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