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Interview mit Expatriate, Dezember 2009, mailer

Ihr Album „In The Midst Of This“ wurde in Australien bereits vor zwei Jahren veröffentlicht. Nun ist auch Deutschland an der Reihe und darf sich auf das Debüt von der Band Expatriate freuen, die mittlerweile in Berlin lebt. Kürzlich war das Quartett mit Placebo auf großer Tour unterwegs (siehe Livebericht). Doch mittendrin nahmen sich die vier Zeit, ein paar kurze Fragen von und für darkmoments zu beantworten.

How are you doing? Enjoying the autumn or already looking forward to winter?

Expatriate: We just rocked Riga, Latvia. Perhaps there we had the most vocal chanting screaming crowd ever on this tour.

What about the festival summer? Did you like Rock am Ring?

Expatriate: Rock am Ring was awesome, a good start to the summer festival circuit. The Jägermeister bar at 200ft was scary.

Do you prefer bigger or smaller stages?

Expatriate: Both for different reasons: big for the pure spectacle of the show, video projections and bigger arena/stadium sound really inflating your ego. Smaller for the more immediate intimate relationship you have with the audience.

At the moment you`re on tour with Placebo. How did this come about?

Expatriate: We played some shows in Romania and Istanbul. They saw our show from the side of the stage. It was a bit nerve racking having Brian and Stef 10 metres at the side of the stage watching your moves. Luckily we were able to turn this into a positive put on an awesome energetic show. Backstage Brian came in, stopped our iPod and asked us to join them on their European tour.

On this tour you`re of course presenting the songs of your debut album “In The Midst Of This”. Since the 30th of October 2009 it`s also available here in Germany. Are you satisfied with the reactions so far?

Expatriate: I guess so, considering the album reviews have been good so far. Playing the songs live is a whole different story. With us there is a lot more raw intense energy we put into the live performance. The crowds have been unexpectedly responsive. In France we played most of the Zenith Arena's and the crowd has been cheering from front to back, we then go out to meet the crowd afterwards and we stay for another hour talking, signing cd's and shirts, drinking. The plan is to come back and do our own club shows.

For you the album is not that new anymore, as it was already released in Australia like two years ago. But remember the day when the CD came out: What have you done on that day? Had a big party?

Expatriate: Yes, we had a big party in my backyard in Sydney. I have wild Kangaroos and a few Koalas and they even came down and had a few drinks, too.

How do we have to understand the album title “In The Midst Of This”? 

Expatriate: 'This' meaning whatever situation you are going through in life. For us and particularly Ben it was a relationship breakup – someone you love but can never be with. 'Midst' is being surrounded by that dense foggy feeling where you think there is no way out, all that is behind you, is in front and beyond you. Music is like an escape from this awareness.

The song “Crazy” has been published as a first single. Which elements does this song have that it was worth to become a single?

Expatriate: It is so precise, like good German engineering! We hit the chorus within 30 seconds like all radio pop songs, right!? But seriously, it romanticizes the darker elements of love, relationships and the politics of people.

What is your personal highlight on the album?

Expatriate: The intro to “Gotta Get Home”. It has all the elements that I love in dark pop music and have been inspired by bands like The Cure, BRMC and other wall of sound bands.

What are your inspiration sources for the lyrics?

Expatriate: About feeling okay with your life or being torn down by relationships falling apart. We all go through this and you learn a lot about yourself

Stepping in and out of different cultures is nothing new for you. But where does your heart really belong to at the moment?

Expatriate: It belongs to the band. The band is a complex 4 way relationship and the relationship we have with everyone else around us, like our management, makes Expatriate feel like a family. We all live in the same apartment, we all cook together, eat together, party together, write music together – it's surprising we haven't killed each others yet. So perhaps the chemistry somehow works.

What do you like about Berlin?

Expatriate: The music/art/creative scene, bike lanes, the multi culturalism, Mauer Park markets, Schwarma, Nadine's apartment and Kadir, our late night Turkish Doner brother.

Which German words/sentences do you need to survive in Germany`s capital?

Expatriate: Wie gehts'n Alter? Alles klar, has du Feuer bitte? Jain (maybe a cross between Ja and Nein).

As I haven`t seen you live on stage yet, how do I have to imagine a show of Expatriate?

Expatriate: Well, playing these big stages we like to use visual projections that fill the whole backstage area. We would like you to feel transported to another dimension.

Is there any ritual you do before entering the stage?

Expatriate: Yes, a 1 hour electro clash work out, screaming at the walls, circle hugs…

And afterwards: Big parties in the tourbus with Placebo?

Expatriate: Yes, with a select few of course

How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?

Expatriate: Music is everything, you just have to call it so.

Your plans for the remaining year?

Expatriate: Berlin Christmas markets, Gluhwein, Currywurst, dancing till 7am, Cross trainer and writing a new album.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by Levi Tecofsky / taken from expatriateband.com
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