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Gothminister (III)
Interview mit Bjørn [Gothminister], Mai 2011, mailer

In diesem Jahr feiert das WGT seinen 20. Geburtstag. Und auch Gothminister sind wieder mit von der Partie. Vorab hatte ich die Gelegenheit, Mastermind Bjørn Alexander Brem ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Bjørn, what do you think makes the Wave Gotik Treffen so special that it already exists for such a long time?

Bjørn: The WGT is a fantastic festival with all the musical specters and varieties within the genre. I will always remember it as a festival where the audience often looks like having made more effort in how they dress than the bands on stage – you can almost say that the fans and the audience look like the rock stars

Which moment of all WGTs you´ve visited do you remember the best and why?

Bjørn: I have good memories from all the three WGTs we have performed on so far (I have only been to WGT while performing with Gothminister). I especially remember 2006 when we co-headlined Parkbühne: Our pyrotechnican put up so much pyro that the local fireman/officer started complaining and they ended up in an argument if or not he could ignite a fireclass 4 bomb from behind the open air stage that would go 70 meters in the air. Our pyrotechnican had a higher grade than the fireman/officer, so in the end he was allowed and had the right qualifications after all, although there was a lot of back and forth. We had a great show with a packed Parkbühne, nice weather and loads of pyro and confetti. I remember some left overs of confetti from that show still was found in my bag home in Oslo two years later (!)

To what extent has the WGT influenced the career of Gothminister?

Bjørn: First time we performed at WGT was at Werk II in 2004. We performed after Unheilig which already then was a band to watch out for. They were quite good. Also present were some other bands, we especially remember a band with some extreme body painting; dancers were running around in the backstage with this on. First time at WGT we saw a lot of fabcy costumes, and since we are into putting on a quite freaky show ourselves, I would say WGT has been very inspiring. It is a constant reminder that it`s all about having fun and to put on a show, weather you are on stage or you`re in the audience.

And to what extent has Gothminister influenced your "second job" – being an advocate?

Bjørn: I really enjoy my "two lives". They are like yin and yang. They balance each other, even each other out. When I get tired of being a formal lawyer I can be Gothminister and vice versa. I don t think I ever could be a 100 percent musician. I would have to deal then with management as well, because I need to feed my other side of the brain, too. But having that said, Gothminister has influenced me a lot into becoming a better lawyer. I had one case when I really had to think differently, to be creative. A financial advisor in Norway had tricked ten people into entering contracts where they would lend him a big amount of money with a 10 percent interests, and he would invest this money in (at the time) a very high market. But when the crack came and the market went drastically down, he held them responsible for the fall in the market. The nine other clients had big law firms and they all lost, while I actually won my case on behalf of my client by choosing a more creative way in the legal system and by negociating, instead of waiting out the normal trial procedure. So my client got all her money including 10 percent, and much later I believe the financial advisor went bankrupt. But so much time passed because of a slow trial system (while we took immediate action, took arrest in the money and negociated well enough to get a full payment), so they couldn´t ask my client to return what she had already been paid. When the big shot law firms called me one after one and asked how the f… I managed to get out all the money for my clients, I gave them one advice: Watch more horror movies! The dark and unknown will feed your brain and help you to become more creative. They must have had extremely long faces on the other side of the telephone line

Which "job" has been more fulfilling lately?

Bjørn: As you can see, both jobs are fulfilling; they go hand in hand I can`t live without both! The new album "Anima Inferna" has also been received extremely well, the album hit top 6 on alternative charts in Germany and has been voted one of the top 10 best albums in the last decade in Norway, besides selling a lot. So we are very happy with that at the moment.

Ever met one of your clients on a festival or single show of Gothminister?

Bjørn: Actually I often see my clients on shows as I work a lot also in the entertainment industry as a lawyer, so many of my clients are artists and film makers.

Your congratulations referring to the 20th anniversary of the WGT…

Bjørn: Dear WGT, congratulations! And thank you for having Gothminister for the 4th time. We have made a lot of efforts to upgrade our show for this special event and we hope it will be the 20-year old worthy! PS: Last time when we went on tour with Das Ich in Germany (2009), I had a long conversation with Stefan Ackermann about WGT and he told me about the early days and how the idea was created to make a gathering for like-minded; originally it was meant to be very underground, but it has been growing so big…much bigger than they ever could expect.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) Sebastian Ludvigsen / taken from myspace.com/gothminister
Website Band: www.gothminister.com

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