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Interview mit Grady [Grady], Februar 2007, mailer

Grady ist ein Trio aus Texas. Die Jungs rocken und wollen nun auch Europa mit ihrem Album erobern.

Hello guys! First of all – How are you doing in these days?

Grady: Doing great! Just recently finished recording our second cd and completed a week long tour of Norway. We’re looking forward to more touring starting this Spring.
Grady`s debut album “ Y.U. So Shady?” will soon be published in Europe. What are your expectations referring to people`s reactions?
Grady: There seems to be a great appreciation of heavy music there. We are excited to see the reaction of fans in Europe.
The CD was recorded within a few days. Why in such a hurry?
Grady: We ain’t in a hurry. We just don’t need a lot of time to do what we do. There were no overdubs. The band tracks were recorded, we sang, we mixed. What you see is what you get. Thank you very much!
What`s Grady`s best song and rocks the most live on stage?
Grady: We start every show with the song “Ride Like Hell”. It’s more like an encore song for most bands.
How would you describe your music in one sentence?
Grady: I’m a music maker not a music describer. What would you call it?
Who inspires and influences you on your way of going?
Grady: Willie Nelson. He and his family have shown us a great deal of kindness. We use his recording studio and even shot our video for “Woman Got My Devil” at his ghost town. He even agreed to tell a joke on our second album!
Recently you had a short tour in Norway. How was it like and which experiences did you collect?
Grady: I have recently taken an interest in Norwegian Black Metal so our trip was personally educational. I picked up records by a lot of bands I would never have otherwise heard of.
And how did you find your way from Texas across the big ocean?
Grady: We turned left at Amsterdam.
Are there any plans for a tour in Germany as well?
Grady: We would love to! Hopefully in the Spring and Summer.
Grady started as a Trio in Austin/Texas. Now there´re still three bandmates, but Billy Maddox replaced Chris Layton on the drums last year. Is there any certain reason why Chris left the band?
Grady: Chris was instrumental in getting the band started three years ago but our sound has evolved into something quite a bit heavier. Chris comes from a mainly blues background whereas Billy is into fusion and more experimental forms of music.
How did Billy find his way into the band? From where do you know each others?
Grady: Austin, Texas is a very close-knit musical community so we were all aware of each other. We auditioned several people but when Billy came to the audition he had the best technical ability, the best hat and love of ZZ Top.
You all already had a lot of success with other music-projects. Do you miss those “good old days” sometimes?
Grady: These are the good old days!
Can your former band´s music-styles be recovered in Grady`s songs somewhere?
Grady: I had a band “Big Sugar” that was successful in Canada. Our music was a combination of dub reggae and 70s arena rock. Grady doesn’t really come from any of that. Our ingredients are more like gospel revival, one chord blues and honky tonk heavy metal. (What a music describer I turned out to be!)
Who gave you the nicknames Grady, Big Ben and Thunderball and why?
Grady: In our scene everybody gets stuck with a nickname. That’s how you can tell you belong. If you don’t get a nickname, we must not like you.
Is there any place in the world where you would love to have a gig someday?
Grady: My favourite gig is right here in Austin, Texas. The Continental Club. Like I said, these are the good old days.
You shot a video for “Woman Got My Devil”. Who had the idea for the video-content with this rollerblading girl? Could you place your own conceptions in the video as well?
Grady: Rollerderby is a sport that is very popular in Austin. We have 2 leagues in our one small city. They always have rock and roll bands play at the games. Everybody goes. There was even a reality tv show (on A&E) based on the Austin Roller girls. Most of the girls are Grady fans. We just asked our favourite girls to be in the video. Like I said earlier, Willie let us use his property to shoot the video. It really is a tight community.
Ben writes a tour-diary for Grady`s website…?
Grady: Does he?
What´s the craziest thing in life you`ve ever done?
Grady: I once ate a whole carton of Vanilla ice cream off the body of a girl in a hotel room. Maybe not the craziest thing I’ve ever done but certainly the stickiest! Got stuck so bad I married her.
Where could we find you, if you wouldn´t play in a band or make music at all?
Grady: You wouldn’t find me. I’d be a cowboy out on our family ranch.
Where do you see yourself in future?
Grady: As much as I enjoy time on the ranch I am a musician. Music is what I do and it’s something I will always do!
Thanks for the interview! And rock on!

Grady: Your welcome. And yes I will.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from shadygrady.net
Website Band: www.shadygrady.net

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