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Interview mit Theo & Adam [Hurts], 17.01.2013

Sie tauchten 2010 förmlich aus dem Nichts auf und schossen mit ihrem Debüt-Album "Happiness" direkt in die Top 10 der deutschen Charts. Im Radio laufen ihre Singles wie etwa "Wonderful Life" und "Stay" immer noch rauf und runter. Und bei ihrer ersten Deutschland-Tour spielten Hurts in ausverkauften Hallen. Nun, anno 2013, präsentiert das junge Duo mit "Exile" sein Nachfolgewerk. Doch werden Sänger Theo Hutchcraft und Keyboarder Adam Anderson mit diesem an den Erfolg ihres Debüts anknüpfen? Ich horchte bei den beiden britischen Gentlemen nach.

Your debut album "Happiness" was a great success. How big has been the pressure for you to deliver now an equal second album in addition?

Theo: The pressure was really on ourselves, because we wanted to make an album that was better and more exciting. We pushed ourselves further so that we could be proud of us all over again. So the pressure was less from the outside, but more from the inside.

Are you completely satisfied with the final result of "Exile" or did you already find something that you would have done in a different way nowadays?

Adam: I am very satisfied. I feel that we worked all hours of the day and night. I wouldn't change anything about it.

Does the new album seamlessly tie in with the previous one or is it musically and lyrically stepping into another direction?

Theo: I think it leads off from the first one. It probably leads off from the songs like "Evelyn", "Silver Lining"… It leads off from those into a next step. We tried to make it sounding like the missing parts of the live set, the missing parts of the band. But we've definitely taken risks as well, because that was important for us to push ourselves and try things we have never done before.

Adam: I agree.

Where do your song ideas usually get born? On the road, back at home, under the shower or even in bed?

Adam: Actually in bed I've got a lot of good ideas. [laughs] So let's say in night time and sometimes under the shower. Oh, I've got a lot of good ideas in the shower as well.

Theo: In the dark or in the night time when it's dark and there are no distractions. That's when I think about new stuff.

Adam: We're not really a morning band.

Theo: I often have my ideas, when I walk around or when I'm in transit to somewhere in the bus or in the car.

What have been your inspiration sources this time?

Theo: Playing live is a big inspiration. We've been having ten musicians on stage, so we had to give parts to them to work out and I think that was better. I guess, we've been inspired by people who've taken the electronic music and made it sounding interesting and different. Those are people like Nine Inch Nails and those later Gary Numan records or the industrial ones which sound heavy, but also electronic.

Adam: That's a good answer.

How does a Hurts-song usually come into being? Who of you undertakes which tasks?

Adam: Well, we usually start with a melody or some chords. Sometimes melody comes first or sometimes I have some chords. Sometimes they come at the same time. And they always start the same way like we've always written songs.

To what extent are the new songs connected with each other? Is there any kind of "red line"?

Theo: I think there is probably, because we thought of the album title before we thought of any songs. And we felt like we want to write a record that captured lots of things what it means to be, well, exile means different things. It could mean freedom, it could mean isolation, it can mean fear or excitement. So there are lots of different themes within that. The first album is all about the pursuit of happiness.

Adam: So it's good that we had the title at the beginning.

Theo: Yeah, that's a perfect way to write a record when we had all in mind.

With "Happiness" you choose a quite positive title for your debut album. But "Exile" has a negative smack. What's the background for choosing this kind of title?

Adam: The first one was called "Happiness", because we were in a pursuit of happiness. And I don't know, we spent so many months going around the world. There was on vacation sometimes that feeling of isolation, but also it was a big celebration the fact that we were on the road…

To what extend is the dark, negative smack of the album title been reflected in the sound of the new album?

Theo: I think it's reflected, I think we knew we had to make a darker album than the first one, well in a different way, because the first one wasn't dark. It had to be much heavier, it had to be more in keeping with how it feels to play live. And we've definitely done that what we set out to do.

During which period of time, where and with which producer did you record the new album?

Adam: It was all recorded over the course of last year from the December 2011 till about December 2012. We recorded six months in an apartment in Manchester – on the same street we used to live when we were unemployed five years ago. The apartment has two bedrooms, a studio and a kitchen. We spent six months there writing and then we went to Sweden for a couple of months to work with Jonas Quant who did the first record with us. So it was written in very similar circumstances than the first record actually. It has been a mixture between Manchester and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Which challenges did you have to cope with during the recording process?

Theo: Ourselves. I think we were victims towards one point of working so many hours a week. We put so much into it sometimes. That's the challenge. Every song had a challenge in it.

Adam: We tried to push ourselves to make different types of music and do different things than we would normally feel comfortably with. That was hard.

Which anecdotes can you tell us about the recordings?

Adam: There is a song called "Help" on the final album with a recorded choir of fans which we sent out a competition for. We picked 25 fans from all around Europe to come and sing on a song with us. We told them how to sing it and it was wonderful. It was one of the best moments while recording the new album. There've been lots of those, but that was my favorite one.

The recordings were interrupted by a little Russia trip in the end of September 2012. Which impressions did you bring along from this trip?

Theo: I think maybe it helped the last bit of the writing of the album, because it had atmosphere for sure. And also it's amazing to go there, because the response from the fans since we started this band has always been amazing in Russia. So it was great to go there and meet so many people.

Why did you decide to give a little foretaste with "The Road" and choose "Miracle" as the first single?

Adam: "The Road" is a perfect entry part of the album, and so is "Miracle", but "The Road" is as extreme as the album gets. And we really wanted to introduce the album with the most extreme version of the sound.

Theo: I agree.

Adam: And "Miracle" is important, because we tried to write songs which sounded like the way it feels to play live. And that's one of the songs that does that, so it's good as the first single.

Which new songs will you perform on stage?

Theo: We really enjoy playing "Evelyn", that's a song we really love to play on stage, because of the raw nature of it, of the first record. So I think songs like "The Road", "Miracle", "Cupid" – they are all a way different from what we've done before. I think it would also be nice to play a song like "The Crow", because again it's a very different type of song.

What is so special about the shows in Berlin and London in February?

Theo: Those are the first proper shows we've done for a year. And we gonna play new songs. It's a chance for people to come and hear some of the new music before the album comes out which is exciting.

How would you continue the sentence "Music is…"?

Adam: …in my blood.

Theo: It's a good answer.

Interview: Lea S.
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