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In This Moment
Interview mit Maria Brink [In This Moment], 08.07.2010, phoner

Während es auf dem letzten Longplayer von In This Moment noch recht harmonisch zuging und Frontlady Maria Brink mit fast durchgängig klarem Gesang überzeugte, zeigt sich die neue Platte “A Star-Crossed Wasteland“ der fünfköpfigen US-Band plötzlich in einem etwas anderen musikalischen Gewand: Denn diesmal wird in den metallischen Songs eindeutig mehr geschrien, und auch textlich ist alles recht düster gehalten. Über die Hintergründe zur neuen Platte sprach ich mit Maria am Telefon.

On July the 13th your third album “A Star-Crossed Wasteland” will hit the stores. Are you nervous or really looking forward to this release?

Maria: Oh yeah, I am so excited. I think it`s our best album that we`ve done so far.

Are you satisfied with the feedback you got by family, friends and everybody who already had the chance to listen to the new CD?

Maria: Ja, I am so happy about it. I believe that this is our defining album, like I said the best one we`ve ever done. We found a perfect formula for mixing a really heavy sound with a really melodic vocal line musically. The feedback so far was very good and we`re super excited and grateful and just try each day to be happy.

The new album sounds darker and heavier than the previous one. What has happened?

Maria: I went through some losses and personal experiences, so that I definitely knew the album is going to be darker. I had a broken heart and I felt with a lot of things in my life. There was a lot of death and a lot of pain. So I just knew that this album will have a darker tone over the whole thing in general. And the guys were feeling the same thing and giving darker music to it. But there still is hope in this album and a message. Even though sometimes we have to go into a wasteland-world, a world of solitude where we find who we are and kinda find out what defines us, even when you get to that point, the good thing is, there is always a new beginning and a new day. So there is hope in the album. It`s not just dark.

But suddenly you´re screaming a lot…why this change?

Maria: I was a lot more emotional, that`s for sure. And I think for me, when I get super emotional, I feel pain or mad, that`s how I release it musically – by emotional screaming. Still I love melodic singing and even slower songs just with piano. But I don`t feel complete without the other half. So if I just scream, I don`t feel complete without the melodic parts and singing. Or if I just have the melodic part, I feel incomplete without the other side.

How are you practising the screaming parts?

Maria: I`ve been doing it for so many years, so that I am really used to it. Once in a while my voice gets a little roughly, but it doesn`t effect my screams at all. It only effects my singing. Then my singing doesn´t sound so pretty or soft anymore…

Is the screaming something you can learn or do you have to be born with such a voice?

Maria: I think that people can learn it and teach themselves. For me for some reason it comes naturally out of me. Some people probably can`t do it at all.

Ever had singing lessons?

Maria: No, I was just singing in some choirs at school.

In which kind of section in a record store would you search for your new album?

Maria: I think they will put it in the rock/metal-section.

What have been the inspiration sources for this new album?

Maria: Like I said I was experiencing some losses. I went through a heart-break. The album is some kind of metaphor, a kinda dark story in that I´m telling my personal experiences. A lot of people died away. It just represents a personal journey that people go through. Basically sometimes we have to loose people we love and start this journey of solitude to find out who we really are and what defines us as people. Then you kinda have a new beginning and move forward from there.

Is there one main theme on the album? Are the songs connected in a way?

Maria: Yeah, the album is definitely about someone`s personal journey of going through this world of solitude and loss, and kind of standing alone by themselves, appreciating the people that they have and love and looking for new beginnings. So that is the red line in our album.

What`s the connection between the album title and cover which looks a little bit fairytale like again?

Maria: Ja, it`s just a darker fairytale. I like to tell stories. For me it`s super easy to say “Oh yeah, I am really sad”. But I find that to be boring. I like to tell a story packed in a metaphor. So it`s my personal experience and I can be emotionally touched to it, but telling it in a dark fairytale-story way. In this way also other people can take the songs and refer them to their own experiences and life. They can make the songs what they want the songs to be for them.

Where and with which producer did you record the album?

Maria: We recorded it in Las Vegas with Kevin Churko. He`s an amazing producer and artist. He´s worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch and even Shania Twain. He loves music in general and was the perfect producer for us. He brought the best out of all of us. We trusted him. When we were fighting about something as everybody had a different opinion, we let him make the final decision and it worked out really well.

As you´re the only woman in the band: Is it easy to establish yourself in there? Or is it more hard with the bunch of guys?

Maria: No, I am totally used to it. The guys are like my brothers and I am her sister. I´m used to their boyish way, and they are used to my girlish way…

Checking out your video blog on myspace, it is also possible to watch some scenes from the recording sessions. So you also had a little dog there?

Maria: Yeah, that´s my dog.

You shot a video for the opening track “The Gun Show”. Could you also contribute own ideas to that video?

Maria: That video was my idea. It´s about self respect and being able to look people in the eye and hold your ground. That`s what the song is about. And I kinda tell it in a showdown story way, like an old western cowboy thing. I had a bunch of girls around me, some really strong cowgirls. It was just super fun and we had a really good time shooting it. We let fans taking part in it, they were kinda picked out of a hat. They were so excited to be there and being a part of the video.

So you`re very close to your fans?

Maria: Yeah, we try to be close to them. After every show we go out to meet them and shake their hands. Who we are without our fans? They believe in us and in what we`re doing. We really appreciate them.

What`s your personal highlight on the new album?

Maria: I love the whole album, you know, I really do. “World In Flames” and “A Star-Crossed Wasteland” are probably my favourite songs that I`m most attached to. But actually I love all of them.

How would you describe a live show of In This Moment?

Maria: We just go up there and give 100 percent. We try to give all our energy into a show. And I really try to keep all the emotions, that are attached to a song, as a part of the live show, because sometimes you´re simply too used to a song as you sing it so many times. But people should kind of feel the emotional part of a song. We really try to capture the crowd as much as we can.

When will you come over to Germany?

Maria: Nothing is confirmed yet, but I know we will be over. We will do a lot of international touring for this album. We will definitely come over to Germany, Europe and UK. We also gonna go back to Asia and Australia…

Do you prefer being on stage or being in the studio recording an album?

Maria: Being on the stage. No matter what`s going in my life, as soon as I step on a stage, everything kind of fades away. It feels like I`m high or drunk. I can`t explain it. On stage is the place where I feel most alive.

How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?

Maria: Music is my self-expression through life.

Interview: Lea S.
Foto 2: taken & (c) by Hristo Shindov / taken from myspace.com/inthismoment
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