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Katatonia (III)
Interview mit Katatonia, 04.11.2013, Köln/Essigfabrik

Kürzlich zogen Katatonia zusammen mit Paradise Lost und Lacuna Coil durch die Lande, um einmal mehr Deutschlands Bühnen zu rocken. So auch am 4. November 2013 in Köln. Als Location diente die alte Essigfabrik am Rheinufer, die später aus allen Nähten platzen sollte. Katatonia stellten während ihres gut einstündigen Auftritts das "Viva Emptiness"-Album vor, das im Jahr 2003 erschien und nun nochmals komplett überarbeitet wurde. Nach ihrer Show traf ich die schwedischen Dark-Rocker zu einem Interview.

Are you satisfied with your show today?

Jonas: There could have been more feedback from the audience. It was very quiet.

Was is different in other cities?

Anders: Well, we just came from London yesterday. We played in a venue with a 3.000 person capacity called Roundhouse. It was Sunday night, but quite loud. I think, we still have a ringing in the ears.

Daniel: I could see that the audience here really appreciated our show, but a little bit too quiet maybe.

You presented the whole "Viva Emptiness" album which was originally released back in 2003. Why did you decide to remix and remaster it?

Anders: Because we were never 100 percent happy with the outcome of the original version. Soundwise it couldn't keep up with the other albums we've done before and after. It's lacking in the department of some production values. A lot of compromises went into the mix. I mean, Daniel is doing one of his best drum performances on this album – super great stuff. But it gets compromised with sounds that have nothing to do with his playing and trigger drum replacement sounds. There's a real full physical kit behind it all and it's quite a shame that the light of that playing, of that kit, was compromised with something that somebody could have programmed. It's very sterile and pretty much the same with all instruments on that album. There were a lot of things we had to rescue because of the way we recorded it. We recorded the album by ourselves and that was a stupid mistake. A really bad mistake! Now we finally could go back and rework the album like we interpreted it to sound. It was a big thing for us to do this!

To what extent does the new version differ from the original one? Are there some new elements?

Anders: Yeah, while we were mixing the album, we thought about why not to bring in what we have already changed to the songs live on stage. Instead of bringing an album to the road, we brought the road into an album. We've done new backtracks for the songs like there're new keyboard melodies in the songs. People are probably more used to hear those versions, so it was a cool thing to bring all the keyboards back into the album as there weren't that much keyboards on the original version.

Jonas: But we didn't re-record the vocals or instruments like drums, guitars etc. There are still the same takes.

Anders: Yeah, it's not a re-recorded album. It's a remixed and revamped album.

Which songs are your personal highlights on this album?

Anders: A personal highlight is one song that was very forgotten and left in the cold before: "One Year From Now". Now it's kind of a quite dark and interesting song. That's my personal favorite, but in general I would say the whole album, because we've done small peaks on every song. So it's hard to choose one. It would be easier for me to say which parts are my favorites on this album now.

What about you, Jonas?

Jonas: I agree with Anders and "One Year From Now". Especially on this tour we're playing it live for the first time which is nice. And as Anders said, now with the new sound it feels like a good song.

Daniel: For me it feels like we have an entire new album out. It's so fresh that I like everything. If I have to decide, I would say "Inside The City Of Glass". There are vocals on the new version now. It didn't make any sense that the original version had no vocals, because it was intended from the beginning to have vocals.

Anders: People probably didn't know that. We never told anyone that it was supposed to be with vocals. So now it's a real song!

Jonas: We were in a rush and didn't have time to finish the vocals in the past…

And what is your favorite, Niklas?

Niklas: It's also "One Year From Now" as it is different from the other songs. It's kind of a redwine song.

Another thing you did recently is to put all the heavier elements away from the "Dead End Kings" album and made some kind of light version out of it. What kind of motivation is behind this idea?

Anders: I think, the motivation came more or less by itself. It was nothing that we seek or planned to happen – it just was there all the time. The way that we discovered it was that we were pressing "mute" on certain channels during the mixing process. When you take away some of the heavier stuff, you can hear how beautiful a part actually sounds as there are suddenly no distractions anymore. It was there all the time which we didn't see.

Is there a chance to see those acoustic versions live on stage some day?

Anders: Next year in May. We have some kind of acoustic tour planned. I won't tell you the venues yet, because they are real surprises. They involve some churches, so it's a very different tour. Two gigs will take part in Germany.

How's the tour in general with Paradise Lost and Lacuna Coil? Lots of party?

Anders: We try!

Jonas: Maybe not today. But it's been really nice so far. We've toured with PL a lot of times. We are good friends with them. This is a celebration tour and it's nice to be here…

Tomorrow you have a day off. What are your plans?

Anders: You tell me! We need plans as we don't have any. [laughter]

Will you still be here in Cologne?

Anders: No, we actually will park at the venue we'll play on the next day. I think, we will be in Herford...

Interview: Lea S.
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