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Lordi (I)
Interview mit Kita [Lordi], 31.01.2009, Oberhausen/Turbinenhalle

Die Monster sind zurück! Und mit im Gepäck haben sie „Deadache“. Es ist das vierte Studioalbum der finnischen Hard-Rock-Band Lordi. Und mit diesem legten sie auch einen Zwischenstopp im Ruhrgebiet ein. Am 31. Januar 2009 spielten sie in der Oberhausener Turbinenhalle und ich hatte die Chance, Drummer Sampsa Astala aka Kita vor der Show zu einem Interview zu treffen.
It`s actually not your first time being here in Oberhausen. But what do you remember about this city?
Kita: I don`t know anything about the city. (laughs) But this is actually our third time being here. I can´t remember the year when we were here for the first time, but it was like our first international gig ever. We were supporting Nightwish in a bigger arena. And then a couple of years ago we played here with Hammerfall.
Two gigs in Germany of this Deadache-Tour are already done. How have been the shows so far? How do the fans react referring to the songs of the new album “Deadache”?
Kita: Yeah, we already played two shows here in Germany. I guess, our fans loved the shows. We have a new set, a new stage decoration like a hospital scene, and plenty of new theatrical tricks. I guess, the audience has been entertained so far.
What are the main differences between “Deadache” and the previous album “The Arockalypse”?
Kita: Basically the music is kind of the same, melodic hard-rock, but of course once again we worked with a different producer. This time it was Nino Laurenne who produced the album. He is the guitar player from Thunderstone and he`s more like a metal guy. And even though we don´t consider ourselves as a metal-band, cos we´re more like a heavy-rock-band, he kinda took his influences like little metallic rhythm-parts…
So the sound is heavier?
Kita: Yeah, some elements are, but basically some songs are really like pop, but then again you have these metal elements. That`s why it is a little bit different and new. Many fans have said that this album is kinda like an over all view and the best CD so far, because the songs fit together very well. But I don´t know. For me it`s hard to say. If you ask me the same question two years later, then I may give you a better answer.
Where did you put the main focus on this time lyrical wise?
Kita: You have to ask that from our singer, because he does most of the lyrics. But basically there`re more horror stories and plenty of horror elements.
With every new album also your monster-style changes a bit. Are the monsters getting older? Do they already need some kind of plastic surgery?
Kita: Actually I said yesterday as we`re getting older as persons, the monsters look like younger with every new album and new costume we`re making. (laughs)
So you did some kind of plastic surgery?
Kita: Ja, ja! Latex surgery.
Have you ever let anybody else from your family- or friends-circle wearing your costume?
Kita: A couple of years ago one friend of mine put my costume on and then we took some pictures. I was being me and my friend had the Kita-costume on. But also some other guys have tried the mask. Do you know the Finnish band called Entwine?

Yeah, sure.
Kita: So the drummer from Entwine, Aksu, he was the guy who put that costume on. Entwine are great guys.
Indeed. Lordi without masks would be like…
Kita: …so gay. (laughter)
How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?
Kita: Maybe 15 minutes in a day and not more, because I look so good. (laughs)
This eve you will enter the stage here in the Turbinenhalle. Do you always prepare yourself a bit for the foreign audiences like you try to learn some words in their languages? Do you know some German?
Kita: Yeah, I know some basic stuff like “Ich liebe dich” and then “Dankeschön”, “Bitteschön” and “Scheiße”, of course. (laughter)
Which songs of the new album are the best live tracks?
Kita: Maybe “Man Skin Boots”, because it has this Rob Zombie type of disco-rhythm and it`s really fun to play. It has the energy and that is great. But then I also like “Dr. Sin Is In” which is pretty tricky for example to play with the drums. The rhythm parts are pretty tricky. It`s challenging, but at the same time very pleasing to play the song.
Do Lordi still need regular rehearsals?
Kita: Well, we rehearsed about one week for the shows. But basically we already knew the new songs, because we had a tour in America last year in November. But then for this tour we practised especially four old songs that we haven´t played for many years. And there is one song that we have never played live before. Actually tonight will be the first time we play the song called “The Night Of The Loving Dead” from a previous album. We haven`t ever played that song live before. So this will be the first time. We rehearsed those special songs and of course we also rehearsed these theatrical elements, I mean the acting parts and stuff like that. But all in all we`re really lazy to rehearse.
But when you rehearse, then not with costumes, I guess.

Kita: No, no! When we started our career, then we had a few of those rehearsals with costumes on, because we had a video camera and recorded those. We wanted to check out how it looks. But since that we don´t wanna rehearse with costumes anymore. It`s pure pain in the ass to wear the costume. (laughs)
How long do you need to get the new costume on?
Kita: Well, our singer needs like three hours, but my new costume is actually the fastest one. I can put it on in around 10 minutes.
How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?
Kita: Our music is the best music in the planet. (laughs)
Well, actually the sentences starts like “Music is…”!
Kita: Ahh, music is! Music is the food of love. (laughs)
About the setlist of this eve: How will the mix look like?
Kita: There`ll be songs from every album. I can`t remember how many, but of course there are plenty of the new songs, then the old favourites and then we have – like I told you before – some extra songs from the previous albums that we haven´t played that much.
If you had your own festival which other bands would you invite to come there?
Kita: There would be like Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Twisted Sister. (laughs) And then there will be Lordi as headliner, of course.
You created a new video for the single “Bite It Like A Bulldog”. But it`s just one video out of many. Which video was the funniest one to shoot?
Kita: I hate doing videos. It´s not fun to shoot a video. It`s pain in the ass, because it´s waiting, waiting, waiting with the costumes on. I think, “Blood Red Sandman” is the greatest looking video that we have. The new one is also okay. We had a different director and he approached the video from a different angle than the previous ones. A couple of videos are looking pretty much like the same, but “Blood Red Sandman” is cool and then I like “It Snows In Hell”. It looks cool.

How much can you contribute to the video content?
Kita: Well, I don´t contribute that much. It´s mainly the director´s ideas and then our singer, Mr. Lordi, sometimes has this vision “Let`s do this!”
In February you`ll publish “Zombilation – The Greatest Cuts”, some kind of Best-Of-CD, but not in Finland. Why?
Kita: It`s a record company business stuff. Our previous record company here in Germany was Drakkar and now it`s Gun Records. And as the contract with Drakkar ended, they are now putting out a compilation, of course. It`s just business. But we were doing the album with them and we asked them to release all those B-Sides. So now there`ll be like five B-Side-songs that you cannot find anywhere else, for example from the “Devil Is A Loser”-single a song called “Don´t Let My Mother Know”. There are plenty of fans who don`t have that song, so now they finally can get it.

Will the “Zombilation”-CD also come out in different versions?
Kita: I guess so, but I`m not sure. Actually yesterday I saw the cover for the first time. I think, there will be three discs and also a DVD included. You have to buy it and check it out.
As your birthday was recently, congratulations from my side!
Kita: Yeah thanks, I turned 18. I´m getting younger all the time. (laughs)
Soon it`s also Tomi´s birthday. Are you traditional and do you celebrate your birthdays?
Kita: Yeah, we celebrate when we`re on tour. We don´t know yet what we gonna do on Tomi´s birthday, but let´s see. And also I guess that our keyboard-player Awa has birthday next month. So we have party after party.
And what about New Year`s Eve? Did you do anything special?
Kita: Well, I was drinking (grins) and doing some fireworks, because in Finland we had Lordi-fireworks for the first time. I mean, when you went to the store, you could buy Lordi-fireworks.
So own fireworks, the victory at the Eurovision in 2006, an own stamp collection, a place named Lordi…do you still have one aim in front of your eyes? What are your wishes for 2009?
Kita: I don´t know. Those are the things that just happen. I don´t think about those that much. But maybe a world domination would be cool. (laughter) No, no. We`re waiting for an invitation by Obama to come to the White House to play there. Yeah, I have his number on my phone. (grins) Actually it was cool when the election was going on, we were at the same time in New York, because we were performing a show and it was a night before. Our guitar player Amen and me went to a bar and watched the election with the people. And when it was certain that Obama was winning, everybody was like shouting and people were crying and of course we were laughing. (grins)
Are you much into politics?
Kita: I´ve always said when I´m too old to rock, I go to politics.
Do you read the newspapers every day?
Kita: No, no, I don´t read. (laughs)
What`s the craziest fan gift you ever got?
Kita: (thinks a bit longer) Well, sometimes I get like crazy looking boxer shorts, you know, like underwear. For example I have this underwear where it`s written “Sweet Ass” on my ass. That´s kind of crazy.
So you`re wearing it under the monster costume?
Kita: Ja!
What about a monster-strip-show later on? (grins)

Kita: Yeah, you never know. (laughter)

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