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Lovex (I)

Interview mit Theon & Vivian [Lovex], 19.05.2007, Köln, Underground


„Rock`n`Roll ist eine Droge…und wir sind die Dealer!“ So bezeichnen Lovex ihre Band und Musik. Die sechs Jungs aus Tampere Rockcity in Finnland machten es Negative und Bloodpit nach und kamen nun endlich nach Deutschland, um auch uns mir ihrem Sound zu beglücken. Zunächst als Support von Lafee, zuletzt als Headliner in unseren Clubs unterwegs, rockten die Finnen die örtlichen Bühnen. Auch im Kölner Underground machten sie einen Zwischenstopp, um ihr Album „Divine Insanity“ zu präsentieren. Äußerst spontan traf ich Sänger Theon und Gitarrist Vivian zu einem Interview. 

L: Hei Theon, hei Vivian! How are you doing?
T: Oh, we`re doing just fine. Tonight we`re having our first gig as a headliner in Germany, so we`re a bit nervous of course.
L: Yesterday you had a free day. What did you do?
T: We spent the whole day in Cologne doing some sightseeing.
V: It`s a beautiful city. It is very nice.
T: Very lovely people…
L: Have you also been to the cathedral here in Cologne?
T: Ja, I was in the main hall. I didn´t went up or something like that.
V: It´s an amazing building. Damned amazing.
L: Have you ever been here before that?
V: No!
T: No! (break) Can you tell us what does this David statue mean?
L: David statue? No, I`ve never heard about it.
T: Ja, the naked man standing near of the bridge.
V: Near the dome.
L: I have no idea what you mean, sorry. (laughing) Actually I am not from Cologne. I`m coming from a little village. Well, how would you introduce the band to someone who doesn`t know the band?
T: We`re a band that plays massive Rock`n`Roll music. We come from Finland. And we´re the best thing Rock`n`Roll has even born in this century.
V: Jaaaaaaaa! Wunderbar! (all laughing)
L: Oh, you can speak German!?
V: Yeah, wunderbar! Scheiße, scheiße! Nein, nein! Alles!
T: Wir sind Lovex. Wir kommen aus Finnland und…
L: Lovex on maailman paras bändi. (Lovex is the best band of the world.)
V: Ohhhh, fabulous!
T: Great!
L: So, you´ve been on tour with Lafee before. How have been the shows so far?
T: Well, the shows were very good, but the kids were quite young, you know, the crowd, the audience…a bit too young for us.
V: I think that they haven`t learned any English yet. So it´s kind of difficult to play some English music for them. They don´t understand anything what we`re saying.
T: But it`s always good to play for new people a few breaking shows, I think.
L: And what are your expectations for the show here in the Underground on this evening?
V: It´s gonna be hot! And a lot of fans will come.
T: Hopefully we have the best gig ever tonight, yeah…
L: You´ve been in the Semifinal for the Eurovision Songcontest for Finland. How did you get this chance to take part in the show?
T: Our record company asked us, if we wanted to enter the competition and first we thought “Hell no!” Normally the Eurovision music is not the music that I like that much. But the main competition was in Finland this year. The whole thing was so big in Finland this year, that it had a very huge promotion, yeah! So now in Finland at least everybody knows who we are! That’s a good thing.
L: Is such an event very important for you or not?
T: Well, it wasn`t very important to us, but it probably helped a lot of people to get to know us.
V: Yeah and probably especially the older people, cos many old people are watching the Eurovision in Finland.
L: “Anyone/Anymore” was the song for the Eurovision and it`s your current single. What is the special thing about this song? How important is it for you?
T: It´s one of the newer songs. It wasn`t on the original version of our album.
V: I think, it´s the best song we`ve written so far. Great lyrics, great sound.
L: And it rocks!
T: Yeah, definitely!
L: Or is there any other song that rocks more live on stage?
T: Maybe “Bullet For The Pain”, cos live on stage it`s a really hard and fast song and good Moshpit kind of…
L: How important is the outer appearance for you?
T: It´s not that important. It comes out of naturally. Well, maybe it´s important to us, but it`s not important for us because of this band.
V: We´re born to look like, you know, ourselves. We look like ourselves. I wouldn´t, you know, put some clothes on, because there`s some record company dude saying that we have to put this on. If you put these clothes on, you will sell lots of records…in this way, I mean.
L: But don`t you think that the outer appearance also plays a role in this business?
T: Yeah, of course. Nowadays the music videos are more and more important and people get to see bands a lot more. So of course it´s important, but it`s a natural part of our band from the beginning.
L: Which thing you´re wearing right now has a special meaning for you?
T: This necklace! (showing it) It`s a sign of the Unicef. There`s a stone here. (showing the back of the necklace) That was picked up by an African child and all the profits of it are given to them. And I wear this almost always.
L: Okay, and do you have anything? (talking to Vivian)
V: My ring! Wedding ring, you know. It`s important for me.
L: How`s your wife?
V: She`s doing great.
L: Back in Finland?
V: Yeah.
L: What are you scared of in life?
T: Well, getting into a situation where you can`t do what you want to do.
L: That you´re forced to do something.
T: Ja, something like that. You have to do something, that you don´t wanna do.
V: Of course mainly the death of loved ones.
L: And are you looking forward to the festival summer? Are there any gigs?
T: Yeah, we have a lot of gigs every week. We will be touring the whole summer. I think, we have at least one festival gig here in Germany and we`re very looking forward to that one.
L: What is it?
T: (asking Vivian) Do you remember the name?
V: Something like Paderborn City Festival.
T: It wasn´t a very big one, I think. It wasn´t anything like Rock am Ring.
V: I remember that there is like Oomph…yeah, that is one band with us there.
T: Yeah, the other bands at least I don’t know.
L: Is there any strange thing you have done in your life?
T: I`ve eaten a small jar of worms. Fishing worms. I got 30 Euros for it. (all laughing) It wasn´t a big jar. It was like five centimetres.
L: Ahhh, but did it taste good?
T: Well, of course not! But I would have done it for 20 Euros.
L: But you didn`t tell them that you would also have done it for 20 Euros.
T: No, of course not. (laughing)
L: And you, Vivian? Is there any crazy thing that you have done?
V: Many, but…no…I think, I can´t tell those.
T: They are not for public. (grinning)
L: Okay. With which other band would you like to tour next time maybe?
T: There are very few bands that the whole band likes, cos we all have very different tastes of music. But 30 Seconds To Mars is one of the bands that, I think, almost everyone of us likes.
So it might be cool to tour with them. But they probably have a lot of other alternatives.
L: What does Lovex have, what bands like Negative, Bloodpit and Him for example don´t have?
T: I think we`re better.
V: We have all different kind of sounds, you know…
T: …cos in our band everyone writes songs and in those bands the songs – as I know – are written by one or two members of the band.
L: Who for example wrote this current single “Anyone/Anymore”?
V: Christian, Theon and me.
L: Now you have the chance to send some greetings to Germany…
V: Wunderbar, wunderbar!
T: Wunderbar, wunderbar! Come and see our live shows! They gonna be great! Don´t miss them or you´ll be very sorry afterwards. (Vivian is laughing loudly)
L: Aha, okay. So now I have to be scared?
T. No, of course not. But after hearing from all our friends that how good we were, it will suck, if you haven´t been there. 

L: Thanks guys for this damned spontaneous interview.


Interview: Lea
Interview for: fhradio & darkmoments
Band-Photo: taken & (c) by Lea S.
Photos Vivian & Theon: taken by Stephanie G., (c) auroraborealis
Website Band: www.lovex.fi
copyright: Aurora Borealis 2007-2015
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