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Lovex (II)

Interview mit Theon & Julian [Lovex], 14.10.2008, Köln/Underground

Es war das dritte Mal, dass Lovex als Headliner durch die deutschen Clubs tourten. Mit im Gepäck hatten sie natürlich ihr aktuelles Werk „Pretend Or Surrender“. Auch dem Kölner Underground statteten die jungen Finnen wieder einen Besuch ab. Am 14. Oktober 2008 stoppten sie in der Domstadt und ich traf Sänger Theon und Drummer Julian vor dem Gig zu einem Interview.

Welcome back in Cologne! It`s not your first time being here. But what do you actually know about the city?

Theon: The first time we were here, we had a day off before the gig here in Underground. So we had the whole day before to spend here in Cologne. We could walk a little bit around, but I don´t think that we know much about the city. 

Julian: We saw the church and the big music store. That´s what I remember.

What does interest you the most in German cities? Sightseeing or shopping?

Theon: I think just going shopping and see the architecture.

And what have you bought so far on this trip?

Theon: So far we have bought food. We haven`t had that much extra time. We also bought different sorts of beer, of course. The German beer is very good. Some of them are even better than the Finnish ones. The German beers have a bit more like attitude.

Julian: I bought a T-shirt and a couple of CDs and that’s all. There was this record store where I have been in the last day when we were in Hamburg. I bought one CD from The Cure and one from Alice In Chains.

Before the tour in Germany started, you had a gig in Prague. How did that audience differ from the German fans?

Theon: I think, it didn´t differ that much. But we had a very good audience there like the German audience always is.

Theon, in the last interview with Rockoon! you said that this tour will be the ultimate rock tour. What does make a show a good show?

Theon: A good show has different parts in it. Of course you have to start big and fast, but let the audience and yourself breathe a little bit somewhere in the middle of the show and of course everything comes down to the great ending.

Julian: This is the first time we have a little acoustic part where Theon is singing and playing acoustic guitar. That is something new.

Theon: Tonight I will probably play Tenacious D and “Fuck Her Gently”. (laughter) 

This time you`re touring with White Flame. How did those guys and Lovex find together?

Theon: We have the same booking agency and White Flame are also from Tampere. We have been to a couple of other shows in Finland together and they are really nice guys. They make good music.

How easy is it for you to switch between the studio life, private life and life on the road?

Theon: I think it`s quite easy for me. Being with the guys is all about being yourself. And being at home is of course all about that. It`s just that going on stage always needs a little preparation. And sometimes if you haven´t had a good night sleep, you might need a song or two to get in the right mood. But usually until the end of a show you`re on fire. (grins)

What is always in your luggage besides clothes when you`re travelling?

Theon: Sports nutrition.

Julian: My laptop. We are a bunch of nerds. (laughs)

And who of you has the biggest bag?

Theon: I think at least when we come back home from this tour that Sammy has the most package of us, because he buys so much stuff abroad. Today he just bought eight litres of wine and earlier he bought a 24-pack of beer and he wants to carry it all back home. But don`t tell anybody about that. (grins) But actually it`s hard to say who has the biggest bag of us at the moment. What do you think, Julian?

Julian: Mm, this time I have like three different bags: one big one, one medium and one small. But I haven`t used that small one at all. But I don´t know who has the most luggage of us. I have pretty much. (laughs)

Okay. What was the last thing you guys struggled about within the band?

Theon: (thinks a bit longer) Well, there were little different opinions on how we should travel on this tour. It wasn`t really a struggle, but some of us thought that we should take a smaller car maybe and sleep in hotels and maybe get more showers. (laughs) But the most of us wanted to leave the hotels behind and take a bigger bus and travel with a bit more space and room. It`s not a nightliner we`re now travelling with. It´s small, but still a bus.

Julian: We`re travelling with nine people, but we have six beds in there. (grins)

Theon: And those who are the most drunk are sharing the beds, I think. (laughter)

Your current album “Pretend Or Surrender” is already a couple of months old. Are you already working on new stuff?

Theon: A little bit, yeah. We haven`t really yet worked on the new stuff together, but on our own. It`s still impossible to say where it will go. It´s probably nothing dramatic, but definitely something new.

Julian: It´s a bit hard to say in which direction the new album will lead us, because we haven`t yet played the songs together in the rehearsal room. 

The first riffs of “If She`s Near” remind me a lot of Nightwish`s sound. Did it just happen or was it a planned thing?

Theon: Christian, who wrote the part in the song, he is a big Nightwish fan and it just came pretty natural for him. So it just happened.

Which CDs of German bands shouldn`t be missing in your collection?

Theon: I guess I own one CD from Rammstein. And I think my Mom and Dad have some vinyls from The Scorpions. Do you have any CDs from German bands, Julian?

Julian: About a year ago, when we were touring here, there were a couple of German bands that played with us. I really can`t remember all their names. There was Kind im Magen? for example. We got a least all the CDs of those German bands that we toured with. But besides that I don´t have any CDs of German bands.

Please continue the sentence “Music is…”!

Theon: It can be so many things. Music is an important ingredient in a good life for me.

Julian: Yeah. It`s an important thing in my life, too, but not like my whole life depends on music, I think.

What do you think which media are the most important ones to promote bands nowadays?

Theon: It´s hard to say. Of course Internet is growing all the time, but I don´t know how well you can promote yourself in the Internet. So I think at least the loyal music fans they still like to buy the magazines and see the interviews and read them from the magazines. I still feel that the print media might be the most important ones for bands. I by myself prefer reading interviews from the magazines more than from a website.

Do you also buys magazines where you are in?

Theon: Well, I hope to get them for free (laughs), but I think I bought some.

Julian: Yeah, I bought some as well and got some. (laughs as well)

What`s the craziest gossip you have ever read about the band or yourself in the media?

Theon: For a few times I have heard that I´m Negative singer`s – Jonne Aaron – little brother and I`m actually older than he is. I`m not confused to be Ville, but some people have really thought that I´m Jonne Aaron´s brother. I don`t think we look so similar. We have been to a couple of shows together with Negative, but it´s just like “hello” and “goodbye”.

Is there a little competition?

Theon: Maybe there is a little competition, but I don´t think that`s a very defining word in our relationships. But I don`t feel that there so many Finnish bands that are really close friends of mine. There is a band from Tampere called When The Empire Falls. There are a couple of really good friends of mine in there.

In which situations do you catch yourself doing monologues like talking to yourself?

Theon: (grins) Just minutes before I wake up. Sometimes I notice that I´m talking, but I still sleep actually. I don´t talk that often during sleep, but sometimes I make some really weird noises. It`s like some strange voices not like snoring, but more like whistling. 

Do you snore during night, Julian?

Julian: Not that I remember. (laughs loudly)

Ever talked to your mirror image?

Julian: Maybe just making jokes like “How do you do?” (laughs) But not too much.

Theon: Not seriously, no.

But how long do men stand in front of the mirror?

Theon: It depends on the man. I think Vivian spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, because he always wants to look very sharp. Of course before we go on stage we check out how we look, but that doesn`t take that long. Just a couple of minutes.

As I see you have a new hairstyle. Your hair is now black and not blonde anymore. Lost a bet?

Theon: (laughs) No, it`s nothing like that. I`m just used to change my hair colour and style a lot. I have had the blonde hair for so many years now, so that I wanted to change it for a while. I don`t know how long I will keep the hair black. I just wanted to have something different at the moment.

Do you also wear make up at home?

Julian & Theon: No.

What do you think about plastic surgery?

Julian: I`m fine with my body.

Theon: If it`s necessary and after an accident or something like that, of course, it is okay. Basically I don´t have that much against plastic surgery, but I don´t think that I would go by myself to get some plastic surgery. And I wouldn’t encourage someone else to go there. I`m actually fine with my body. (thinks for a few seconds) Of course you could always have a couple of extra centimetres in some personal places (laughter), but…

…we don`t wanna talk about that more detailed. What`s the first thing you look at when you meet a good looking girl?

Theon: Usually it´s the overall impression. Probably I have a first look into her eyes, then maybe on her ass.

Julian: Yeah, I think the overall picture is first important, then the face and maybe the bottom. (laughs)

And when you meet men?

Theon: I don`t really pay that much attention to guys. (Julian nods)

How does your dream wedding look like?

Theon: Yeah, maybe I will marry some day. But I have no idea yet how I will look like. But I would prefer more to marry in the summer than in the winter. Or maybe somewhere in the moon or on the Eiffel tower. I don`t know if I would want to get married in Cologne`s dome, for example. It´s a little bit scary place. I think all gothic churches look a bit scary. I do admire them a lot, but I wouldn`t get married in a gothic church. I think it´s a bit too bleak.

Vivian was married, is that right?

Theon: Yes, he was, but he`s not anymore.

How many children do you wanna have some day?

Theon: Not so many. I would like to have a maximum of two, I think. A girl and a boy. I think I`ve managed that with my two dogs for many years.

Julian: Let`s see how it comes. Maybe I will have a couple of kids some day. Let`s say three.

When was the last time you sat together with you family in the kitchen having coffee and cake?

Theon: Probably it was a few weeks ago. I just go and visit my parents every now and then. I see them once in every couple of weeks.

Julian: I think, I saw my family like two weeks ago. My sister had a baby, so I was in the hospital and there were all my closest relatives there.

How should a text about your home city in a tourist guide book sound like?

Theon: Tampere is definitely the main rock`n`roll city in Finland. That`s how my short promotional text would sound like. Tampere is the official rock city of Finland.

Julian: The atmosphere is very warm and friendly in Tampere, I think, if you compare it to other cities in Finland.

In which city or country would you like to have a second flat?

Theon: I haven´t any second flat yet, but I always wanted to go to New Zealand, maybe Hawaii and Caribbean. At least I would like to go where it is warm, because in Finland it isn`t that warm. There are maybe only two or three days in the summer when it is hot.

Julian: Yeah, it would be nice to have a flat in a country where it is warm.

So you are more the sunny boys?

Theon: Yeah, we are the beach boys. We were just reborn.

It`s soon Halloween. Is it big in Finland?

Theon: It`s growing and growing, but it is not that big. When we were children, it wasn`t even mentioned at all, I think. But nowadays it`s growing and growing and people are having more and more Halloween parties. I won`t dress up, but I try to wear a moustache as often as possible, because I can`t grow a beard by myself. It`s doesn`t wanna grow. I`m already 26, but I still look like I´m 13. (grins)

In November you will be the first time in Russia. What are your expectations for that country?

Theon: I have heard that Russian people can get very crazy during the gigs and I´m looking very forward to it. Yeah, and we`re travelling there by train, so I guess that will also be pretty interesting. From Helsinki to St. Petersburg it´s just like a few hours by train.

Julian: I have never been to Russia before, so I don`t really know what to expect, but I´m also really looking forward to go there and let`s see what will happen. I think it will be a great experience.

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