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Lovex (III)
Interview mit Theon [Lovex], 16.04.2009, phoner

Erst Ende letzten Jahres waren Lovex noch auf großer Deutschland-Tour unterwegs, doch nun im April 2009 zog es die jungen Finnen bereits erneut auf die deutschen Bühnen. Mit von der Partie hatten sie ihre brandneue Single „Don´t Let Me Fall“. Vor Lovex` Show in Hannover am 16. April hatte ich die Gelegenheit mit Sänger Theon zu telefonieren. Auch wenn die Telefonverbindung nicht die beste war, so konnten wir uns dennoch irgendwie verständigen.

Easter is just over. How did you celebrate it?

Theon: Well, I did nothing special. We left Finland last Saturday and we went on a cruise boat. On there we partied a little bit and ate some chocolate Easter eggs, but it was nothing really special.

Although your last Germany-tour has just been in October, you´re already here once again. What has brought you back? Homesickness or wanderlust?

Theon: On this tour we want to visit cities that we haven´t visited before. Well, Berlin is the only place we have been before. But actually I wanted to go outwards to Germany and see possibly fans that haven`t seen us before.

Are you once again travelling with nine persons who have to share six beds in the tourbus?

Theon: We have more a Van now and yeah, nine people are in there. But this time we`re sleeping in hotels. That`s a little bit easier.

Today you`ll enter the stage in Hannover. But how have been the shows so far?

Theon: It´s been absolutely amazing. The gigs have been wonderful and the weather here in Germany is at the moment quite awesome, because in Finland it sometimes still snows and there`s like zero degrees every now and then. Here some of us bought some shorts and stuff like that, but nothing special. It`s just easier to take everything off you don`t need. (laughs)

What`s your motto for the show in Hannover?

Theon: It`s our first time being here, so we gonna tell the audience over and over again that we´re the best band in the world, of course. (laughter) I am already at the venue and there are maybe 20 fans already waiting.

So Hannover knows you already?

Theon: Yeah, but I don´t know how many of those fans, who are already here, are actually from Hannover. But we have at least some fans from places that I have seen before. I just don´t know from where they are from.

What´s your support band for tonight?

Theon: We have a band with us called New Deadline from Finland. Our Finnish booking agency has also worked together with New Deadline and arranged that the guys would be our support band on this Germany-tour. And that was just fine with us.

The 20th of April is a special day for you. Why?

Theon: On that day we`ll play in Switzerland our 250th show and there we gonna play a little longer set also including some songs that we haven´t played for a long time or haven`t played at all. It`s gonna be a long and great show. We also have some presents for the fans. We`ll give them some special singles that haven´t been released in Germany and Switzerland.

What do you associate with Switzerland?

Theon: When I think of Switzerland the first thing that comes to my mind is of course the Alps and cheese. It would be great to climb up the Alps, but I think it´s not possible with the schedule we have.

Recently you´ve published a two-track digital single called “Don´t Let Me Fall”. Why only digital?

Theon: Well, physical singles they aren´t very modern and people don`t buy them that much anymore. So they are a little bit waste of money for us, yeah, because today people don`t buy anymore like physical singles.

Yes and the illegal download rate of music is rising in these days, so that the music industry is slowly going down. In how far are Lovex aware by that music-business crisis?

Theon: Now we have a sort of like bad situation where we don`t exactly know how things are going to continue with the records companies and stuff. There are things changing in the record companies and some companies are going down, but now we`re working together with some labels who will, of course, release our future albums here in Germany as well and everywhere.

How would your life look like without Internet?

Theon: That`s really hard to say, but the Internet is maybe a huge role in everyone`s life at the moment. So it`s hard to say how life would be like without it. Well, I don´t think that the Internet is that important to me, but if I want it or not, it`s still a big part of everybody`s life at the moment. 

What`s the song “Don´t Let Me Fall” actually about?

Theon: It`s a song about some sort of situation where you are really depending on another person and it`s just a cry for help.

Is “Don´t Let Me Fall” already a forerunner of the next Lovex-album?

Theon: No, it`s just a single. It won`t be on the future third album.

But in our latest Rockoon!-interview in Cologne last year you mentioned that the band is already working on new stuff, but everybody on his own. How is it by now?

Theon: Yeah, we have already written some new songs. But there`s still a lot of work waiting. But we`re on our way. So a lot of things have been done, but there`s also still a lot of things to do. It´s hard to say yet in which direction the album will lead us, but of course there will be some surprises.

For sure the current single will also be played tonight live on stage. Also any other new songs or cover songs?

Theon: Yes, we already played some cover songs, for example “Time Is Running Out” from Muse.

What about a Finnish cover in future?

Theon: I don`t think that we will do that. English is our language. It`s the only true language of Rock`n`Roll. The Finnish language never inspired me.

Who´s actually looking after your dog when you´re in the studio and on tour?

Theon: I have two dogs. My girlfriend is looking after them and sometimes also my parents.

On your last Germany-tour you had black hairs and said that you like changing your style quite often. As I can`t be in Hannover today, how do your hairs look like at the moment?

Theon: It`s a bit more the way as it used to be before it became black. So it´s blondish once again.

What about red next time?

Theon: No, I don`t think so. It probably won´t suit me at all.

And what about a beard? Is it finally growing?

Theon: Not yet, not yet. (laughs) Maybe in future.

Imagine the magazine “Men´s Health” would knock on your door some day and ask for a photo shooting. How would you react? 

Theon: Well, I would ask at first how much they would pay me. If it´s not enough, I probably wouldn´t do it.

Would you survive in the Big-Brother-House?

Theon: I wouldn`t like to be there. I don`t know. I would like to keep some parts of my life private.

Summer is coming closer: What are you especially looking forward to?

Theon: I´m just looking forward to warm weather. I recently bought a new mountain bike and I´m gonna ride it quite a lot and we`ll have a lot of parties and play at summer festivals. We will also celebrate Vappu, the first of May, but on the last day of April. It`s the time when Finnish people get really, really drunk. Everyone is out of the town then and it`s just a crazy and big festival.

Interview & Fotos: Lea S.
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