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Lovex (IV)
Interview mit Theon [Lovex], 10.07.2011, phoner

Mit aufgefrischtem Plattenvertrag in der Tasche präsentieren Lovex dieser Tage ihr nunmehr drittes Studioalbum, das auf den Namen "Watch Out!" hört. Das Besondere: Beim Songwriting und der Produktion haben die Finnen diesmal das Zepter komplett selbst in die Hand genommen.

Hi Theon, how are you doing? Enjoying the summer so far?

Theon: I`m fine. It`s good weather outside.

Where are you right now?

Theon: I´m at home in Tampere.

On the 5th of August your third album "Watch Out!" will be published here in Germany. How did you convince the label EMI to renew the record deal?

Theon: Basically it was just the good songs we have. It didn`t need anything more for them than to hear our new songs. They were very impressed by them. And so we got the deal.

In which section of a record store will I have to search for the new CD?

Theon: I think, our music is still Rock`n`Roll, but it has a few new influences and other music styles. There`s a little bit of funk in some songs, pop melodies and disco beat. There`s a lot of different stuff just combined with the sound we usually have.

Why did you decide to produce it all by yourself?

Theon: The whole album process was quite long and we did plenty of songs. We had more than 30 songs when we started to make the album. After discussing with some producers it seemed to be the best option to produce the album by ourselves. Basically the producers said that they have nothing to offer for these songs anymore as they sound so ready.

So Christian produced the album…

Theon: Yeah. We did some parts in his home studio, but the drums and all the big stuff was recorded in the Inkfish-studio in Helsinki. It`s the same studio we`ve been in for producing the first two albums.

During which period did the newest album come into being?

Theon: We started last spring to record it. About a year ago we did the vocals in Helsinki. Just after that, when the album was already done, we started to send it to record companies and got the deal with EMI.

Has it been a democratic process to create the album?

Theon: Of course we had to give Christian a bit more power this time as he was the producer, but basically the recording process was quite democratic.

Who was responsible for the music and who for the lyrics?

Theon: Most of the songs I did with Christian. He wrote most of the music and I wrote most of the lyrics, but I also did some composing and he gave some ideas for the lyrics.

What have been your inspiration sources this time?

Theon: This time I didn`t feel like I have to write much about my own life and my own situation. I started to write about things that I see around me and things that make me think, make me wonder why they`re happening. That gave me the ideas for the lyrics this time. So the album is not that personal anymore.

Why is singing in Finnish no option for you?

Theon: Since I was a small kid I was always listening to English music or music with English lyrics. So it has always been very natural for me. I think, I own only one album that is sung in Finnish. It would feel quite unnatural for me to start singing in Finnish. Putting some stuff down in Finnish, it doesn`t sound that good. It´s also an international thing that I sing in English.

Is "Watch Out!" a concept album?

Theon: First it wasn`t, we just made different songs. But in the end one of my friends listened to the album and asked if there`s a whole story around it. I think, subconsciously during the time it moved towards being a concept album. It happened accidently…

"Watch Out!" for what by the way?

Theon: The song "Watch Out!", which is on the album, is about a person having two sides. And it`s like the side he or she has been trying to hide – as he or she is not really proud of it – is always still behind him or her and trying to come out.

You`re six guys in the band, no line-up changes since your first releases: What is your basis or secret recipe for a good teamwork?

Theon: It`s hard to say, but from the beginning it feels like we`re a bunch of Finns without any drama queen or rockstar being not that down to earth anymore. We are just simple Finnish guys having fun with making music. It´s just always fun to be on tour. We never had big fights for anything. It`s good luck and the good chemistry.

How important is the band`s image for you?

Theon: Nowadays you can`t refuse the power of image and the visual side of the band, but it has always been quite natural for us. It`s important, but it`s not something we spend too much time thinking about. The image belongs to the music.

You have a blog on the web posting video messages etc. nearly every month. Then there is facebook and all the other platforms. Which importance do you ascribe to social media for staying in contact with your fans?

Theon: It´s super important for us. We wanna know what our fans think and we wanna make sure that it`s as good as possible. So social media is very important nowadays.

How often are you recognized on the street or does nobody care anymore in Tampere?

Theon: Sometimes I get recognized, but here in Tampere no one comes that often anymore. The ones who know Lovex have already seen me so many times. They don`t care anymore, I think. But every time I go somewhere else, there are more people asking me for an autograph.

Back to the new album: Are there any anecdotes to tell us about the recording sessions?

Theon: Last summer was very hot in Finland and the recording studio had no air conditioner at all, because it would make too much noise in the background during the vocal recordings. So basically all the vocals that you hear on the new album I have sung with nothing more on than boxershorts. [laughs]

Have there been any other obstacles you had to overcome beside the heat?

Theon: Nothing major. Of course always something small happens, technical things like computers crashing down, but nothing big.

Which criterions did "Slave For The Glory" have to fulfill to become the first single?

Theon: We let the record company decide which songs will be the singles. After listening to the same songs for two years – in this case – we are so close to them, so it`s very hard to put them on the same line and choose which would be the first single, second single etc. I think, "Slave For The Glory" is a good first single, because it is a combination of the old Lovex and new Lovex. The song has a strong chorus, that a single always needs, and a fresh sound.

The second single will be "U.S.A.". What do you personally associate with America?

Theon: Well, it`s a strange country. I just went there for the first time. But in that song I bring up that the stuff that you see on television, the image that America is the best country in the world, is very much propaganda. I`m a big fan of movies like "Team America". It laughs at America in a good way. It´s a great country, definitely, but it has a lot of ups and downs. In the song "U.S.A." you will find some kind of criticism, but it`s more done in good vibes, so it`s not a political critical song. It`s just an ironical song.

You also shot a video for "U.S.A.". It`s partly done in America. Did you enjoy the time being there without the rest of the band?

Theon: Yeah, I enjoyed it staying there all by myself. I had a lot of fun as I went to all the legendary rock bars. I enjoyed the weather and people.

I`ve heard you bought a bike there…

Theon: Yes, I did! It´s a good way to move around. Well, there are no bicycle lanes or just a few, but no one uses the sidewalks, because everyone moves with the car. So it`s quite easy to move around with the bicycle. No one else has seemed to realize it. It took me like ten minutes to get from the one side of Hollywood to the other side. By car it would take like 20 minutes.

Do you also use the bike quite often in Finland?

Theon: All the time. I have a car, but I haven`t driven it for two months. It´s just parked there. I have very little need for it as it`s more like a festival car – just a funny piece of crap.

Well, you`ve been in America, but also been a lot around with the band, visited Russia and Japan as well. How much time do you actually still have for personal belongings?

Theon: I have plenty of time. Between the second and the third album there was like three years. We haven`t really been that busy. Well, of course we`ve been busy making the album, but not busy with touring so much.

Is there any job or hobby you hold down beside the music?

Theon: I´ve studied the whole time. I´m still at the university and studying regional studies. I also do a lot of sports.

What are your plans for the summer bandwise?

Theon: Oh, we will be touring here in Finland, doing gigs every now and then. There will also be a tour in Germany in autumn. We`ll come as soon as possible. Unfortunately I can`t give you any details yet. Then we will also hang out on the beaches, write new music and enjoy life.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from lovex.fi
Website Band: www.lovex.fi

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