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Interview mit Mortiis [Mortiis], April 2007, mailer

„Some kind of heroin“ heißt das neue Werk von Mortiis. Es ist ein Album voller Remixe der bisherigen Songs. Auch sind Mortiis derzeit auf großer Tour mit den Deathstars. Ich führte ein kleines Interview mit Mortiis himself, der sehr offen und ausgiebig antwortete.

How are you doing? Enjoying the spring?

Mortiis: Hei, yes I am sitting in Dublin today finally doing this interview. Sorry I am so late.
With “Some Kind Of Heroin” you will soon publish an album that offers diverse remix material. Why did you decide to release such a kind of album?
Mortiis: I just really liked the remix albums NIN, White/Rob Zombie, Enigma, Skinny Puppy etc. were putting out. As an artist I love the flexibility of always being able to go back to a song and changing it and fucking around with it. So being able to send out those songs to artists that I like and respect to mess around with was really cool.
And in the coming weeks you`ll be touring around with Deathstars. How did these guys and Mortiis find together and what can we expect from the tour?
Mortiis: Well, we're on tour right now, about 10 shows are already done. I've known Emil for a long time and we did briefly talk about going on tour with them last year, but that didn't happen. So we decided to do it on this tour. I also did a remix of their Blitzkrieg-song for their album, so we've been in touch on and off for the last year or so anyway. It's a great tour. Mortiis is always very energetic live and Deathstars are very energetic as well, so it`s a good combo I feel.
How does a show of Mortiis look like on this tour?
Mortiis: As usual, a lot of naked anger, no mask, but a lot of dirt and shit, haha! We still don't have a huge production. Maybe after the next album.
Which song is the best to be played live on stage?
Mortiis: I think songs like “decadent and desperate”, “underdog” and “gibber”. But some of the new tracks like “the great deceiver” and “doppelganger” work really well, too. They're from the new album.
Since the 3rd Era with your album “The Grudge” you have a band around you. Do the guys influence you in writing the songs and creating the music? How do they influence you?
Mortiis: I'm not sure. I write the music more or less on my own and bring Levi in to lay down guitars, so we usually change things sometimes a bit and collect more ideas or simply just experiment and see what happens...that can be pretty creative sometimes.
The albums are manifold and the music-style has passed through many changes. What does inspire you on your way of life?
Mortiis: I think, I let a lot of things affect me, but in music I chose to let the negative aspects of life inspire me, the idiots that have fucked me around etc. … it's just a lot more effective and emotion-conjuring than singing about my cats and how funny they look chasing bugs :-D You know, who wants to hear about that and how interesting it is? Not very…
How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn`t know you?
Mortiis: Hello-Goodbye, haha, I am not so social. I tend to get a little shy around people I don't know…haha.
Norway is your homeland. It`s famous for its wonderful nature (I love these mountains and fjords). Do you feel close to nature? Are you a spiritual human maybe?
Mortiis: I don't know, if I am very spiritual. I've just always minded my own business and whatever happens, happens. I don't go looking for my meaning of life, because in my mind I have found it. I have my wife and my house and my cats and my music and I'm pretty satisfied, you know. I survived all the shit people were throwing on my way and I'm still here and a lot of them seem to be gone… I am aware of Norwegian nature and all, but seeing as I was born there it's just mountains and trees to me. I'd probably be more in awe of the Amazon forest, because to me that's not everyday stuff like the Norwegian nature. I don't think I have looked to nature for inspiration for a long time. I tend to look inside of me. I still feel like a pretty complex person. There are still a demon or two I haven't been able to cast out of my mind yet, haha.
There are many rumours about you circulating. Are you amused about those or do they make you angry?
Mortiis: Honestly? I really don't give a fuck about those anymore. People talk, it's just the way it is. We all do it.
I guess most of these rumours arose, because people misinterpret your mask. Did you create the mask by yourself? I just remember Lordi who surely spend most of their time with putting on and off their masks…
Mortiis: Yeah, I'm sure they're silently cursing their outfits…I mean, it could become a very difficult thing to try and make music without the masks, as I am sure they are aware. They look really cool, but inevitably people will start being fans of their image and sort of ignore the music, which is always a shame, because usually the people are serious musicians with an extreme image and that can sometimes become a big problem, if you want to change your image in the future. Yeah, I pretty much designed the mask on my own, but I had to bring it to a SFX lab to make it for me actually.
You started playing keyboards and learned it by yourself, if I am not wrong. What about singing? Learning by doing?
Mortiis: Yeah, I am pretty much self taught in everything I do in music. Programming, synths, vocals – it's all down to practice a lot.
Once you`ve published a book about Mortiis. Ever thought about to write a novel? If you would do, which genre would it belong to?
Mortiis: I read a lot, so I know I am not nearly good enough to write novels…but if I did, I'd obviously love to create some sort of horror atmosphere that was absolutely utterly disturbing. I love the idea of hell, but perhaps hell in biblical sense…just the idea that space and time can be warped to bring different worlds closer together. And some of those worlds are not very pleasant, haha.
You had some musical side-projects in earlier days…
Mortiis: Yeah, stuff like Fata Morgana and vond…I have been thinking about maybe starting up Fata Morgana again, or a version of it…It would be very cool to create some Enigma type music under that name…Maybe next year.
Where could we probably find you, if you wouldn´t be in the music business? Any other hobbies and interests?
Mortiis: I dunno. If I was younger, I would have considered studying more history and maybe game design or something…
If you could change anything from the past, what would it be?
Mortiis: I should have started getting into computer made music a lot earlier…I wasted many years being sloppy in terms of creating music. I should have learned much more at an earlier age.
What do you fear in life?
Mortiis: Generally I fear failure at what I do. I also tend to sometimes elude reality, which is not a very good thing.
And what do you hope for the world`s future?
Mortiis: Fuck terrorism! It has made life at airports a total pain in the ass. The security now is at an insane level and for normal travellers it's a huge hassle.
How many Eras are planned?
Mortiis: I don't know, it's getting a bit silly, so I might just drop them all together for the next album.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from mortiis.com
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