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Negative (II)
Interview mit Jonne [Negative], 07.11.2006, Köln/LMH

Endlich zogen die Rock`n`Roll-Clowns aus Finnland durch unsere Städte. Negative waren kürzlich mit ihrem dritten Longplayer „Anorectic“ mal wieder auf großer Deutschland-Tour und machten die örtlichen Hallen unsicher. In der Kölner Live Music Hall traf ich Sänger Jonne vor der Show und löcherte ihn mit Fragen.
Nice to see you again, Jonne! Welcome back to Cologne, how are you doing?
Jonne: I`m okay. (laughing) I just woke up and felt like a shit, but I`m okay.
Today it`s your fifths concert on this second headliner-tour in Germany. How have been the shows so far?
Jonne: They`ve been great, thanks for asking. Almost all the shows have been like sold out shows and there`s been amazing crowds. Of course we knew something what to expect from this tour, but we`re all really surprised about everything what we`ve gone through with this tour so far. We`ve had a great time in the bus with the guys and…
Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue.                                       

Jonne: …Ja, it`s nice to have them with us on the road and hopefully this is a nice opportunity for the band to reach some new crowds.
And this evening you will enter the stage here in Cologne`s Live Music Hall. What are your expectations?
Jonne: Mm, it`s still many hours until we gonna enter the stage, so I have nothing to expect, but hopefully it`s gonna be something unforgettable.
Your new album “Anorectic” is in stores for a couple of weeks now and went straight to number one in Finland. What did you notice about the reactions of the fans and media here in Germany?
Jonne: The thing what I know is, the best position in the charts was like 36 or something like that and I was like dancing Lambada, when I heard that, cos you know, I didn`t have any expectations about the positions in the charts or whatever. But I would be a liar, if I would say that I don´t care about that kind of things, cos you always care. It´s our second album out over here and if the position was like 36, maybe next time we can be even better. Let´s see what is gonna be the effect with these shows, how many new people will find our band on this tour. I believe it`s gonna be even better, but of course the real reaction from the crowd comes from real fans, that kind of fans who knows your band already. I`m always really nervous about the feedback what I get with the new material. And so far it`s been like mostly positive. (smiling) But of course you´re doing stuff for yourself. You`re writing songs for yourself and when you gonna release something, it`s something you have to live with and you have to stand behind that for the rest of your life. So mostly you`re doing this for yourself and you´re trying to entertain yourself on the stage and hopefully some people will have also fun.
What`s your fave live-song from “Anorectic”?                                      
Jonne: Mmm, maybe “Glory of the shame”. It depends, you know. There are so many different kind of songs. It´s like Ying and Yang. It`s a really strong album “Anorectic” as itself. I would say “Glory of the shame” is the best opening track for the shows at the moment, because we are using that on the setlist as the first song and “A song the broken hearted”, there is a really cool, big, kind of Pink Floyd – atmosphere on this ballad.

Last time Larry said that “A song for the broken hearted” will be the fave song of the fans. Do you think, that he was right?
Jonne: I don´t know. I don´t have a crystal ball. It`s really difficult to say, which is gonna be the fave. I love all of them. I can`t say anything bad about any song.
And on the CD is it you screaming in the end of “Swans”?
Jonne: Yeah, yeah. I am screaming. And actually in this album I tried to break my limits as a singer. I just fell, I wanna express myself in a little bit different way than ever before. It was something I needed to do and I felt really self-comfortable with it. These songs needed that kind of, you know, “Uaaaahh!”. I wanted to know how wide my voice…
Jonne: Yeah, how can I spread it, how wide I can do it in a future. I`ve sang now like four, five years like almost every day and I`ve moved on. I`m getting better and better, so let`s see where is gonna be the roof for that.
What inspires you for writing your lyrics?
Jonne: Life itself and maybe I´m so deep inside of me…selfish and depressed at the same time…
Jonne: Yeah, I can be. But I think those lyrics come from there. I mean, maybe not in a negative way, selfish, but it´s like, I`m not everyone of us, you know. It´s like writing diary to me, but sometimes I´m trying to imagine, how would I feel, if I was somebody else who was probably going through that kind of things. You know what I mean?
Jonne: So those lyrics are about my life, but maybe, if people can read between the lines, they will understand what I´m trying to say and what I mean. But the most important thing is that you will stay honest to yourself and just don´t try to fake anything.                                      
That`s also what Mika (vocalist of Entwine) said last week, when I talked to him.
Jonne: Ja, people will see that anyway sooner or later, if you gonna play some role or whatever, but it`s just…my head is like a rollercoaster-ride. So this album represents pretty well what I am as a person.

And why don´t you sing in Finnish?
Jonne: Because there are so many good bands in Finland that are writing great lyrics. I tried of course. I tried to write something down back in early days, but it didn`t work at all, so I will leave that to my younger brother Ville. He`s a really good song-writer.
Ville is the vocalist of the band Flinch. What do you think about their way of going?
Jonne: They need to find their-selves. I was really worried about Ville, when I heard about that he`s gonna get a record-deal.                                        
Jonne: Na ja, when you`re in this business, you have your sensitive side of you. In this business there are so many assholes and so many not so enjoyable things happens. You`re always building that kind of shield all over you and you don´t want anybody to come any closer so…
…stay far from me.
Jonne: Yeah, that kind of thing. I think, I´m working on it and I`m trying to find the balance between that. But I have to say why I don´t write anything in Finnish. I`ve tried. I wrote some diary in Finnish, when I was a teenager, but I believe that English is the original language of Rock`n`Roll And if I would write down something in Finnish and we would do only in Finnish, I would not here sit down with you, you know. If you wanna be the biggest band in the world, you need to sing in the same language than Elvis did. (laughing)
And how did Negative and your support Rose Avenue find together? Is Tommi (big brother of Jonne) the same manager from you both?
Jonne: No, they`re on Tommi`s label. He has his own record-label. And he signed these guys in last summer and before that of course we`ve known each other for many years already. I´ve known Arska, the guitar-player, the guys who looks like Boy George, lost twin-brother of Boy George. (laughing) I`ve known him for a few years now and Snack, our keyboard-player, he has known him even longer and they are all really nice guys. And I have to say Rose Avenue is one of my favourite bands at the moment. It´s something worth to check out.                                       
Ja, I´m excited. I`ve never seen them live before.
Jonne: It`s a nice package. I mean, people won´t come to see us live, if there`s gonna be a supporting-act which is exactly like your music. People will get frustrated and bored. So that`s why it`s a perfect combination this Rose Avenue and Negative, cos they are playing a totally different kind of music than we do. They are more like glam-bob.
And how do you spend the time in the tourbus?

Jonne: I sleep. Sounds boring, (laughing) but I love sleeping. Of course I´m watching movies as well and reading books and stuff like that. But pretty normal things. Other guys they`re partying, but I don´t like to party. Of course when I`m having a day off, I can party more and more, but otherwise I`m gonna lose my voice and it´s totally shit. (all laughing) I wish I was the bass-player, so I would be able to be wasted all the time. You know? I`m only drinking then, smoking, fucking, dealing, shitting, sleeping… (all laughing loudly) But that`s what you do, when you´re on a tour. I love it. We`re talking with the guys and have some conversations and nothing unusual. We all do have our own ways to calm down after the shows and turn off the power.

What`s the best place on Earth?
Jonne: (break) Home sweet home, I would say. But my grandmom`s place, it´s really important to me. But unfortunately I have been really busy with this “Anorectic”-album, but especially in summertime, if I do some holidays, I will go to see my grandmom. And Tampere as itself, my hometown, I love it. It`s like a cute, little city. I love the atmosphere in a million-city, too. But I love more that kind of small village where people know each other. Ah and I like to go to do Minigolf especially, when I wanna relax with my little brother Ville and some of my friends.                                       
And who is better in Minigolf? You or your brother?
Jonne: Me of course. (grinning)
Is there any crazy thing in life that you would like to do?
Jonne: I would like to have sex with Madonna and Kylie in the same time. You know, I would like to do sandwiches (laughing) with girls. And if I was a woman, I would like to have sex. It would be so great to know how does it feel and which feels best. Of course we are all different. But, you know what I mean?
Jaja. (grinning)
Jonne: You know all these places…which are most sensitive. (laughing) So it would be nice. It would be nice.                                         

Okay. And which character-trait of yourself do you hate?
Jonne: Maybe that kind of my changing mood. It would be better, it would be more stable, but you know, I can be like totally upside down in a minute, not in a minute, but during the day. It´s like when you wake up, you feel like “Oh, this is the happiest day of my life” and (flipping his fingers) just like that it has turned to hell. I`m trying to think more and more positive of course. But maybe I`m thinking too much.
Did you talk to Mika, cos he also said this?!
Jonne: Really? No no! (both laughing) But I`m really thinking too much about really deep thoughts of what`s the meaning, what´s behind that and what`s gonna happen.
Talking about tattoos: I always wanted to know what does the tattoo mean on your right arm, the notes!? Is it any special song?
Jonne: Yeah, it´s a intro and chorus for “Lost soul”.

Are you gonna play it tonight?                              
Jonne: Yeah, we are gonna play it, but it´s gonna be something different you probably haven´t heard before. It´s the second time we gonna do that arrangement. It`s something that Larry, Snack and Christus created in a rehearsal place and it´s the second time ever we gonna play it and it´s instrumental. I´m gonna get off from the stage and the guys can stay play that song. It`s a surprise. (whispering) But don´t tell the guys that I told you. (laughing) And don´t tell anybody in the audience about that.
I won`t!
Jonne: It´s a symbolic thing to me. When we got a record-deal, when we got signed ourselves with GBfam records in Finland and our first album came out, this is the first song from the first album and this is were all started with Negative. Did you know that the name for this “Lost soul”-song was “War of love” before?
Jonne: Okay, okay. So we changed it, because we started to think that “War of love” would be a great title for the album. So this tattoo is a symbolic thing. This Jesus over here (pointing at the tattoo of his left shoulder) is also really important to me. I`m a spiritual human.                                          

Jonne, do you know any German sentence?
Jonne: Mm, ich liebe dich!? Dankeschön! Äh, Prost!
Kippis? (Cheers in Finnish)
Jonne: Kippis, ja! (grinning) Ich komme! (all laughing)
Very important!
Jonne: But that`s what I learned already in the age of 12.
Okay, I see, next time I have to teach you some more important sentences. Thanks a lot for the interview!
Jonne: Thanks, my pleasure always.

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