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Negative (III)

Interview mit Jonne [Negative], 18.09.2007, Bochum, Zeche
Zum vierten Male zog es die Jungs von Negative nun auf Tour durch Deutschland. Zuletzt besuchten sie uns in diesem September und legten fast schon traditionell auch wieder einen Zwischenstopp in der Bochumer Zeche ein. „Mit dieser Tour wollen wir den Fans zeigen, dass wir noch für sie da sein“, erzählte Sänger Jonne mir im Interview. Was er sonst noch zu berichten hatte, lest ihr hier. 


L : Jonne, mitä kuuluu?
How are you doing? Did you enjoy the festival-summer and latest gigs? 

J: Yeah, I have enjoyed. We played quite many festival-shows this summer and now we gonna keep our heads up and move on with the tour over here, in China and in Russia. And we gonna end the tour in Russia. After that we will release our DVD. I don’t know yet, if it´s gonna come out during this year or maybe in the beginning of January or February. But it´s nice to be on the road again. I mean, we have toured like for a year now with “Anorectic”, so it´s been quite hectic here, but it´s nice. It´s nice that way.
L: It´s the third time you are touring here in Germany as Headliner and actually the third time you are here in Bochum´s Zeche…
J: It´s the fourth time we´re touring here in Germany, cos you know, we had this one tour with Him and The Rasmus. But on our own it´s the third, yeah. Touring with Him and The Rasmus was quite, you know, the shows were much shorter than usually, but it was quite fun. Yeah, it´s the fourth time we are touring here. We are trying to build up that fanbase by touring over here, cos it seems like in these days for our kind of bands it´s more and more difficult to get some airplay in the charts, you know. So it´s really important and it´s nice to see that there is already a fanbase, which is quite strong for us. So the future looks bright (laughs) in that way. We wanna do it step by step kind of thing and we are still young.
L: What can we expect this evening from the show?
J: Mmm, hopefully a great show and great songs. We are trying to change the setlist day by day a little bit, cos we wanna keep it refresh. And otherwise it would be boring for the fans to play the same setlist night by night, you know. But we try to bring something new for each show and hopefully people enjoy it. I mean there are lots of fans following us. The first row there are mostly the same…
L: Faces?
J: Yeah faces! (smiles) In every show there are the same faces in the first row…
L: I have also seen some Finnish fans here!
J: Yeah, yeah! I think they gonna start from here till the end of the tour.
L: During school-time…tztztz.
J: Yeah, it´s easy to travel and they are only one week off from the schools. (laughs) But it´s like, you know, I think each show is totally different. We are just human beings. We are not robots. Sometimes you have this intuit and you make it, but sometimes you can´t, no. We are doing our best and we are trying to give the best show ever for the people, but we are just human beings.
L: In these days you are touring with Day Eleven. How did both bands find together?
J: We are in the same label in Finland and actually I love the band. I totally love it. They are really talented musicians. I like the tune of the band, you know, the vibe on it. It´s really…mmm…how can I say? Fresh air in these days music-industry.
L: Last year you published your album “Anorectic” and this year the fans are waiting for the first DVD called “In the eye of the hurricane”. When will the DVD be released here?
J: Hopefully soon over here. We had some problems to get some stuff out over here. But that´s how it goes in these day. It´s more like fast food-industry in the music business and when you are not selling enough singles or albums, it might be that there won´t be any next releases at all with that company. You know, it´s fucking ridiculous, but what can you do?
L: That is the business!
J: That´s the business-side of it, but I don´t wanna think about it too much. It´s a part of the whole thing what we are doing, so I need to handle it. We need to handle it. That is why we are touring here now for example. We are trying to make people to remember that “Hei, we are still existing, even though we haven´t released any singles for a while”. But you know, it´s not about us. It´s about the company. People should call to those. (smiles)
L: But there is a single-collection coming out?
J: Yeah, that comes. But I don´t know either, if it comes out over here, which sucks also. But you can order that from Internet. (laughs) Every thing is changing. Anything is possible in future and hopefully in near future. (laughs) But that is true. A single-box comes out. I think during this year it comes out and the DVD close to the beginning of next year.
L: Can you already give us some hints what we can find on that DVD?
J: Actually we recorded one live-show, which is quite a wide show. There is material…we have released so far only three albums or already three albums. (laughs) We played, we picked up our favourite ones from each album and we played them all at Nosturi in Helsinki in last May. And we recorded that show for DVD. That´s gonna be THE show! The DVD-show. (both laugh) It´s recorded in Finland. And there is a lot of material behind the scenes kind of stuff from 1998 till 2006 autumn. It´s gonna be quite wide package. Every fan should get it! There will be a photo-gallery and lots of special stuff. It is a double-DVD by the way.
L: And how can we get it?  
J: When you visit our website www.negative.fi , you can find some information from there. There are always coming up these latest, updated news. So I think there will be some link where you can order that DVD, when it will be available.
L: The last single you published – “Fading yourself” – there is also one song that Kristian is singing and I have also already heard Jay singing. Will you change your roles within Negative more often in future?
J: (sighs)…you know, when you do a lot of shows, when your schedule is pretty tight, you are trying to find some new, refreshing changes. We just let the ideas flow us to some weird psychodelic place (smiles). Actually, if you didn´t know that everyone, actually especially Jay is a really good singer…
L: Yeah, I have already heard him singing…
J: I was so lazy. I didn´t have any ideas for a B-side of the single “Fading yourself”, so we decided to make a cover. And I was like “Yeah, do something!” And the guys went into the studio. I was´t even there. (laughs)
L: You just stayed at home.
J: Yeah, but I stopped by for a couple of times, but I was like “Yeah, they are handling that!”
L: Keyword “Too much love will kill you”: You have covered this Queen-song and there are lots of other Finnish artists involved in. Who had the idea for this wonderful version of that song?
J: It was Tommi´s idea, my big brother´s idea. He wanted to bring all his artists that he is been working with during this year, latest years, he wanted to bring them together and make a single. I don´t even know all these names who is singing. We recorded the video in Turku and it was some old place from the 17th century. There was some kind of Rock´n´Roll-highschool-idea behind that song and video. I don´t know where Tommi got the idea from, but it was quite good…something different. It´s nice to do that kind of things that you don´t usually do or are not able to do. And now we are able to do whatever we want or almost. So we want to try a lot of different things. And we´re still searching solution on our way. (grins)
L: Have you already created some new stuff, maybe for a next album?
J: Yes, I have a lot of ideas. I mean, we´ve got 15 or 16 new songs for the next album already. And I´m quite excited, but it seems like we´re pushing schedules more and more into the future, cos first you´re thinking that “Now we gonna go to the studio and record a new album” and then we´re already back on the road doing more shows. So everything is pushed more and more into the future, but let´s see…hopefully…till the end of the year we gonna hit ourselves into the studio and record some new material. That´s the deal! Actually we had that meeting about it last night and we decided that now the plan is to go to the studio before the Christmas. Right before the Christmas. So hopefully we can get material together before that. And then we´ll be able to put out our new album in March, in the end of the March. So in the spring we gonna tour here again. And in summer we will do festivals and after that we gonna make more shows here and all over. It would be nice to go to Italy, Spain and Greece.
L: Maybe some day…
J: Yeah and Czech Republic, you know?
L: You´re in China this year!
J: Yeah, yeah! With every album there´re some new countries coming along. But it´s nice in that way, cos if you wanna be a well known band world wide, you need to do it and get over. And for our kind of band it´s touring definitely.
L: Please continue the sentence: Music is…
J: (thinks) Freedom! Or music is what I love. (both laugh)
L: The last time we met I asked you, if you know some German sentences. Have you learned some more ones?
J: Mmm, noooo. (grins) Prost! Kippis ! I don´t know. Actually I suck with languages. Of course I like Finnish and I love English, but it´s so difficult to me, you know, the German language or Deutsch. You know what I mean?
L: Yeah! It´ s the same with Finnish for me.
J: In German there is this kind of hrhrhrhrrrrrrrrr (Lea laughs)…it´s so weird all these consonants. I don´t know. Or maybe I´m lazy. (grins) It would be nice to say something like “How are you doing” or “Good evening”.
L: Wie geht es dir?
J: Yeah, okay. (laughs)
L: Mitä kuuluu? 
J: Mitä kuuluu…yeah you´re much better than me. (smiles)
L: Are you spontaneous? Would you sing something right now? Just decide which song! What´s coming to your mind…
J: (starts singing) “And through it all…she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection whether I´m right or wrong. And down the waterfall wherever it may take me, I know the life won´t break me…when I come to…(laughs)…won´t forsake me…dididididi…I´m loving angels instead”. Yeah, something like that. (grins, continues singing then) “When I´m feeling down and my pain walks down the one way street…”, you know? It´s one of Robbie´s…
L: You can sing it live on stage!
J: Noo, I don´t know. Maybe. I don´t remember the words…(laughs)
L: What´s the most personal thing you´re wearing right now and you would never borrow someone else?
J: This one! (shows a bracelet on his left wrist) It´s like a spiritual saviour, guardian kind of thing. I got it from…you know this Mother Amma? This is from her. So it´s blessed and it protects. I´m wearing this all the time. It brings me positive energy. I do believe so, yeah. And it keeps all the virus away and stuff. I´m a spiritual human being. It´s really a big part of my life, you know, the spiritual side. And it´s important to own it and have it, cos when you are doing something creative, you need your senses to be really sensitive.
L: At last some Finnish greetings?
J: Tervetuloa kaikkille tuleville keikoille ja nähdään pian ja kiitos paljon, pusi pusi, moikka! (Welcome to all our future shows and see you soon and thank you very much, kisses, bye bye!)  
L : Okay, thank you!
J: Kiitos! 


Interview: Lea
Interview for: darkmoments & fhradio
Band-Photo: taken from negative.fi
Photo Jonne: taken by NGT-crewmember, (c) auroraborealis
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