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Negative (V)
Interview mit Jonne [Negative], 16.12.2008, Köln/Tourbus

Ein wenig still ist es in letzter Zeit um die Band Negative gewesen. Die jungen Herren waren allerdings nicht untätig. Erst Anfang des Jahres brachten sie in Finnland ihr neues Album „Karma Killer“ auf den Markt. Im September erschien es dann endlich auch in Deutschland. Negative hatten ein paar Probleme, eine passende, neue Plattenfirma zu finden. Doch nun haben sie einen neuen Vertrag und werden bereits 2009 ihr nächstes Werk veröffentlichen. Bis dato tourt das Quintett aber noch ordentlich durch die Lande. Auch Köln stand endlich mal wieder auf dem Tourplan. Am 16. Dezember 2008 rockten Negative das Underground und ich traf Sänger Jonne kurz vor der Show im Tourbus zu einem Interview.

Are you already looking forward to Christmas?
Jonne: Of course, I mean it`s a holy holiday for me as you can say. But this year it makes an exception, because we`ve been touring quite much now for “Karma Killer”, our latest album. On the 23rd we`ll be back in Finland and on the 26th we´ll hit ourselves back on the road, so we only have two days off. And probably I´m gonna spend them just by myself.
Not with your family?
Jonne: No. It would be nice to see my father and brothers, but let`s see. I don`t have any plans, because I don´t wanna have pressure, you know. While you´re on a tour it`s like you´re surrounded by quite many people, so probably I wanna get some privacy.
This eve you will enter the stage in Cologne. Last year you didn´t play here. But do you still remember something about the city?
Jonne: (grins) Actually no. Burgerking! I saw this on the window. Mm, no, I don´t remember anything. Actually it`s quite funny, because usually I do. But about Cologne I have…hei, yeah, actually I remember the church, this big church. I do remember it. Actually we were here in Cologne – it was the tour with Him and The Rasmus – and we went to the hotel and there was this mini sized church decoration in the hotel and (lows his voice) I stole one for myself. I´ve still got it in my living room. It`s really beautiful. When you shake it, it starts to snow.

 A couple of shows are already done from this tour. How have been the shows so far? How do the fans react referring to the songs of “Karma Killer”?
Jonne: It`s been really good. Actually one of the greatest parts ever. I think the whole atmosphere in the band is more relieved now. Of course we´ve got a lot of good feedback from the audiences as well. It`s really nice to play here, because it seems like these people really appreciate one band that comes around. It´s a bit different kind of culture for example than in Finland. It seems like these people really know how to behave when they come to see live music. They can enjoy the music without alcohol and stuff like that. But it`s good and at least there`s been a lot of older men in the audiences as well, which is kind of a new situation for the band and it`s nice.
The last time when you`ve been here you played in bigger halls like Palladium and Live Music Hall and this time you´re here in Underground and it`s a quite small place. Do you think you`ve lost some fans or why are you playing in such a small place this time?
Jonne: Last time we didn´t even play here in Cologne, as you know, that´s why it`s been so long silence from the band. So I think it`s better to take a smaller step than a bigger one and there`s like 500 people and it looks like there`s only a few rows. You know what I mean? But I think with this whole “Karma Killer” and “Anorectic” it was a quite silent season for the latest two years. We were trying to work out our deals with labels and all that other shit. But at the moment we`re signed. We made a deal and you will soon hear about that. That`s why we`re here again. We wanna remind that this band still exists and in 2009 there`ll be a new Negative-album out with the new label. I think it`s the biggest deal we`ve ever done.
Can you already give us some more hints about it?
Jonne: No, my lips are sealed for that. We gonna put it out next year when it`s closer to the new album. I mean, who of the audience cares which label it is? I think the most important thing is that everyone is able to get the CDs of a band, but it`s nice. Everything seems to be quite interesting at the moment and for the future.

Does it work with five members now on stage?
Jonne: Yeah, it works. I mean, I`m quite excited. It`s different, but I believe it`s more dynamic and the sound is more straighter. I think every player is now more important when there is only one instrument for each. But it was weird for a start. Now we`ve done…how many shows? I can´t remember. It should work. (laughs) It´s good and we don´t need any other guitar player at the moment. And I think for the future we`ll gonna stay as a five members band like Take That. (laughter) Oh, they have only four members…

How much clothes do you always take with you when you`re on the road?
Jonne: Too much. I´ve got the biggest bag…I found these jeans that I´m wearing at the moment. (shows on his trousers) I went to see some shopping area in Berlin. And my golden shoes are quite nice. They are my new favourite ones. They are really comfortable to wear them on stage. Yeah, I´ve got the biggest one…ähm suitcase…and I´m talking about suitcases. (laughter)
In October you`ve published “War Of Love” as a vinyl. Is there a plan that also the other albums will follow as vinyls?
Jonne: Yeah, cos it`s been quite good success so far.
Are the vinyls almost sold out?
Jonne: I believe so. We have here some of those. I`m not sure if you can order them via Internet. But yeah, it will be like from the first album to the second then to the third one and so on. So the next vinyl will be published of “Sweet & Deceitful”, then “Anorectic” and “Karma Killer” probably. Hopefully for the next album there`ll be a vinyl release at the same time when the CD comes out. Let`s see. We`ve already done some demo recordings and I´ve to say that I´m quite excited about them. But we`ve done the recordings in a little bit different way this time. There`s been Snack, Larry and me, only three of us at the rehearsal place and there´s this little studio of our band and we`re recording all the stuff there and trying to make it as good as possible.

Lately you´ve been to Mexico…
Jonne: Yeah, we were supporting London After Midnight. It was good, it was nice. I mean it was for a start. I think we`ll be there for the next album as well and included Brazil and Argentina also. But the gig with London After Midnight was good for a start. I have to say that it was quite interesting, because the people right from the start they shouted “London, London, London…!” and they were throwing stuff for the band, you know. I was really like “What the fuck is going on here?” But it was good.
But isn`t London After Midnight more like a gothic band?
Jonne: Yeah, it`s totally different. I´ve never been involved so much into gothic stuff. I don´t know anything about that scene. I think the other guys from the band are more into it. I hardly know some Type`O`Negative-songs. I listen more to stuff like Queens, Robbie Williams, Guns`n`Roses and that kind of things. I like really melodic stuff. And the other guys like more the harder stuff. I don´t like too aggressive things.
As you have a lot of gigs in these days: How much sleep do you get? How much sleep does your body need?
Jonne: My body is my instrument, so I need to get some sleep. That`s the best way to let your throat relax. I usually sleep like 10 hours. (laughs) I can also sleep 12 hours and it`s not a problem. And this time our soundcheck starts around four o`clock, so I´m gonna be up like 3:30pm. It´s turning totally upside down while you´re on a tour. After a show it`s hard to calm down yourself and relax. I´ve been working with a lot of new ideas here in the bus with the headset on…

But do you snore during sleep?
Jonne: (grins) Not that I know of. But last night I was the last person who was up and I walked through the floor (shows to the cabins of the tourbus) and there was like a choir of snoring people.
Soon it`s Christmas. Do you already have your presents together?
Jonne: No, actually this time I´ve been so busy with everything. It´s seems like there are not enough hours on a day. Maybe I shouldn´t sleep so much. (laughs) I don´t have any presents yet. Our plan was to go shopping today, but I got up like 3:30pm. I don´t see daylight so often in these days.
What are your plans for New Year`s Eve except from Helldone where you´ll be on the 30th of December?
Jonne: Yeah, we`ll gonna be there. It`s nice. We`ve already been there a few years ago and it`s nice to be back. We gonna play with The 69 Eyes and Sara which is a quite cool band from Finland. It´s just one show and nothing special. We have another show to do on the next day. On the New Year´s Eve we gonna be in Kouvola. There`s some big happening. At least we have some shows to do, you know. I think it´s the best way to celebrate New Year`s Eve or whatever. I enjoy to be on stage. It´s good to be alive. (laughs)

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken by Soe R.
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