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Interview mit Miika [PSG], 18.04.2008, Köln/Access All Area

PSG ist die Kurzform für Psycho Star God und das ist eine Band aus Finnland. Kürzlich tourten die Jungs zusammen mit ihren Landsmannen (und -frauen) von So called plan und The Jade durch Deutschlands Clubs, auf der sogenannten Finvasion Tour 2008. Am 18. April fand auch in Köln ein Konzert mit den Bands statt. Vor der Show traf ich Sologitarrist Miika von PSG im Access All Area zu einem Interview. 

It`s the first time overseas for PSG. How does it feel?
Miika: Great, great of course. (laughs)
How have been the shows so far?

Miika: It`s getting better all the time. The first shows were in Berlin on Monday and on Tuesday. They were not that successful, if you think it spectacularwise. But it`s getting better all the time. And I think tonight will be great. This might actually be the best show on the whole tour, if we consider the mails we have gotten.
PSG is actually the short form for Psycho Star God. But what does the band name mean to you in general?

Miika: The story of the name is that our now ex-drummer drew a picture, which was labelled Psycho Star God. It was back in `94 actually. I didn`t play in the band then. They made a song about it and it just somehow became the name of the band. And now when the guys put together the band again in 2005, then the name was just PSG. But we don´t care whatever it is. (laughs)
The band had a 10-year´s break until the re-union in 2005. What happened in the 10 years in between?

Miika: The guys played in lots of different bands, different scenes, all kind of bands. And I played in my own bands. I lived in a completely different part of Finland then. I`m much younger than the others actually.
How old are you, if I may ask?
Miika: You may not. (laughs) Just kidding. I`m 29.
PSG`s sound in one sentence?
Miika: Roooar! (laughs) I don`t know. We really don´t know, cos we`re not aiming to any sound. We just sound as we sound.

Or is it a mix of different kind of music styles maybe?

Miika: Yeah, but not intensionally. It just builds up, because we´re so different people. All of us. I think everybody has a unique way to play his instrument, a unique sound, so that builds us up. (laughs)
How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?
Miika: …everything? Was that lame? (laughs)
Your drummer Timo Diamonds has recently left the band. Who will drum for PSG tonight?

Miika: Actually we already agreed in Berlin that he is now a real member of the band. His name is Arsi and he has been touring in Europe earlier with Lordi. He was some kind of technician or stage-manager dude. And he played drums and he had nothing to do, so he joined the band. We had two rehearsals and then we headed the gigs. He is now official member of PSG.

Not long ago the band took part in an event called “Rock Against Child Abuse”. Was that some kind of charity-event?
Miika: It`s a charity event, yes. Main goal is to raise the people´s awareness of the problem called “child abuse”. And there were seven bands who played that night. And we tried to collect money for the organisation which was founded. The project will continue. We will join and perform in every concert we are asked, always. You have the same kind of organisation here in Germany by the way.

Do you know any German sentences or words?

Miika: Jaaaa. Sauerkraut. (laughs) Ich liebe Sauerkraut. They are so funny words. I never studied German. But I`ve been in Germany like four times earlier. Private. Just travelling. I have travelled lots around Europe.

You could introduce yourself in German!
Miika: Okay, I can try. Mein Name ist Miika. Ich bin Miika! That would be good, yeah.
And now some Finnish for us. What should we know in Finnish?
Miika: Yeah, kallia. That is beer.

Miika: Olut and kallia. We like kallia in Finland, beer in Finland, so we have lots of names for that.
Have you already tried the Kölsch beer here?
Miika: I drank it last night, yeah.
Do you like it?
Miika: I do, I do. I like every beer. German beer is good.
What`s the best Finnish beer?
Miika: Koff. But I don´t like Finnish beer that much. (laughs)
From beer back to the music. What is more important in the music: to give a message with the songs or to entertain the audience?

Miika: A Message is an important thing in music, but if you consider gigs in general, of course it`s entertaining. It`s about entertaining and delivering some message to entertaining. Was that a good sentence? I don´t know. (laughs)
Is playing in the band the only thing you do at the moment or do you have any job beside that?
Miika: I actually have two companies in Finland. The first company I`ve founded was in 2005 and it`s a website-thing and programming, cos that´s what I have learned and studied. And last year I founded a company which is closely related to music stuff. It´s Nitrofoni. That´s my company. And we also have this store in the centre of Helsinki.

In December 2007 you have released your first EP. Is soon a full length album planned?
Miika: Well, we actually have talked about recording in the summer or in the early autumn. But now we have had issues with drummers and stuff like that. We don´t wanna rush with the next one, cos the first one was like that. The time of the whole making process from the start to the moment till I had the CD in my hand was two weeks. That`s pretty fast. I just started to look for available studios and then we went in and played the songs straight in. We didn´t do any extra singing. Even the singing is done live on the CD. Normally it`s like we play drums first and then you start building the song. But we played everything in live. So it just took a couple of hours to record and mix everything.

But do you meet regulary in the week for rehearsals?
Miika: Yeah, we try to do that. But all the time goes now to the new member of the band we have taught the songs, so we don´t actually have gotten ahead for some time, because of this line-up changes.
Who of you creates the songs?
Miika: Who just comes up with one. Mike always does the lyrics. And when somebody has some kind of idea, he comes to the rehearsal place and no one says to the other “You have to play like this or this”. That´s how we do the songs. We just start to play then.
You´re heading to Spain in May. How did this come about?

Miika: In my company there is a booking agency also and one of our bands was going there. And they needed some more bands. Of course we were some kind of in the neighbourhood at the time. (laughs) So we were asked to come there, too. And then one other band, too. So it´s three bands in there. There is a festival and there are some kind of tents from different countries and we´re playing in the Finnish tent. Okay, it`s a quite huge tent and we`re playing in the night-programme. We have actually five shows there during the week we stay there.
And what are the other bands coming over with you there?
Miika: throwAway Heroes and Killed By Stars. They`re probably not known abroad yet.
But maybe some day. You´re plans for the first of May?
Miika: There is a gig. We`re playing in Spain then.
You´re message for fhradio`s audience?
Miika: I`m Miika from PSG and we`ve been playing in Germany and we had such a good time and we definitely will come back.

Thank you very much for the interview!
Miika: Thank you, thank you.

Interview: Lea S.
Foto 1: taken from psgband.com
Fotos 2-5: taken by Kathrin W.

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