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Interview mit Tarmo [Poisonblack], Juni 2008, mailer

Poisonblack are back! Und das nicht allein. Mit im Gepäck haben sie ihr neues Album „A Dead Heavy Day“. Und mit diesem werden die Finnen noch in diesem Jahr durch unsere Lande touren. Vorab stand mir Drummer Tarmo von Poisonblack Rede und Antwort zum neuen Schaffenswerk.

How are you doing? Celebrating midsummer?
Tarmo: I´m just fine, thanks for asking! Actually I was working during the midsummer weekend, but the weather was pretty horrible, so it did´t really matter. We don´t have any shows booked until August, so we are going to spend the whole July just taking it easy. You know, just rehearsing and getting everything ready for touring after the new album is released.

The new album is a good hint. It will be released here in Germany in a few weeks. How did the studio-sessions look like?

Tarmo: The studio-sessions went really smoothly. We recorded the album in our hometown Oulu in December/January and the album was mixed at Grooveland studios in Lahti in February. It was really cool that we were able to do the recordings in Oulu, because it always makes things way easier if you can live as "normal" life as possible during the studio-sessions.

In comparison to the last album "Lust Stained Despair": What is your main focus this time lyrical wise and referring to the music elements that are used? Is the album heavier?
Tarmo: The album doesn´t have any special theme on it. Every song has a story of its own. Musically I would say the spectrum of different styles is wider than on the previous albums. What I mean is that the album contains heavier songs than we have ever done before, but there´s also some really melodic stuff on the album, too.
But there is no red line that can be found on the album?

Tarmo: Like I mentioned before, there´s not any actual theme on this album. It´s more or less like a compilation of songs, which all have their own story to tell. I think the only red line we have on this album is Ville writing lyrics about stuff he has been going through in his personal life after "Lust Stained Despair". 
So writing the lyrics is only Ville`s task?
Tarmo: Yes, Ville writes all our lyrics. Everybody in the band participates in arranging music, but our lyrics are completely written by Ville.

Ville once said that on "Escapextasy" he`s singing about his own phantasies. How is it this time?

Tarmo: I would say that this time the lyrics are far more realistic. There are not so many metaphors on this album and it´s much easier for the listener to know what the songs are actually about.
How does a typical Poisonblack-song usually come into being?

Tarmo: Usually Ville or Janne have some sort of "skeleton" of a song where we start from. Then we just simply keep on jamming this particular song and throw ideas around. Sometimes Ville has some lyrical ideas for the song, too. Quite often we have different parts of the song ready pretty quickly, but it´s the arrangement which requires a lot of work to get it right.

From where did you take the inspiration for the album-title or what does the title mean for you in general?
Tarmo: The title means a day in someone´s life when everything goes wrong. There´s also a deeper meaning for the title, but I don´t want to reveal too much. This way listeners have better chances to make their own conclusions.

How does a perfect day look like for you? How can you relax?
Tarmo: Lately I´ve been quite heavily into sports. I find going to the gym, jogging or stuff like that are very relaxing. It helps to get the stress out of your head, you know. Sometimes I just stay at home reading a book and listening some CDs or perhaps I go out with friends to have a beer or two. Pretty normal stuff what people usually do when they have a day-off.

"Music is...": How would you continue this sentence?
Tarmo: "... one of the most important things in my life."  I don´t know... sounds a bit cheesy... Man, questions like this are always difficult!
I remember just one single including a video for "Rush" that you have published. Any plans to release a single from the new album?
Tarmo: Yes, we will release a single, too. The song will be "Bear The Cross".

Is a ballad an absolute MUST on an album?
Tarmo: No, it´s not. For some reason there has always been at least one ballad on our albums. We don´t have any rule what kind of songs we must have on our albums. Maybe our fourth album doesn´t have any ballads at all or who knows, maybe all songs on it are slow ones! You´ll never know...

Who is Diane by the way? Which is the most personal song on the new album?
Tarmo: Diane is a fictive person and even though the lyrics are written about a female, this song could be about a guy, too. I think all songs are pretty personal to Ville one way or another. My personal favourite on the album is "The Days Between".

Did your friends and families already had the chance to listen to "A Dead Heavy Day" and which feedback did you get from them?
Tarmo: Yes, we have already played the album to our closest friends and feedback has been just great! Of course your friends don´t want to be too cruel to you, but still...

Ever thought about to create a Finnish Poisonblack-song? Not only Finnish title, but Finnish lyrics…
Tarmo: No, at least not yet. But like I said, we don´t have any rules what kind of songs we can include on our albums. The idea sounds pretty strange, though.
Are you nervous presenting the new songs? Or is it more like looking forward to be back live on stage after long studio-recordings?
Tarmo: I think it´s more something that we are looking forward to. Including new song to your set keeps things fresh. Of course it´s also interesting to see what kind of response the new ones are getting from the audience.
You had two gigs in Greece in April. Did you already present some of the new songs there?
Tarmo: Yes, we played two new songs there: "Left Behind" and "Me, Myself & I".

Marco couldn´t take part in the gigs as he had shows with his other band Kalmah. Ville was busy with Sentenced until 2005. And you were for example part of Solution 13 besides Poisonblack. Where do you see the advantages and disadvantages of playing in two or more bands?
Tarmo: Of course the biggest disadvantage of playing in several bands is arranging the schedules. One of the advantages is that it keeps things interesting if you have a possibility every now and then to play with some other musicians as well.

I´ve heard there is a tour planned in Germany for October/November?
Tarmo: Yes, we will do an European tour with Dark Tranquillity and Fear My Thoughts then. This tour includes several dates in Germany, too.

Which German words or sentences can be found in your survival pack and what would you like to say to the German audience?

Tarmo: Actually I used to study German a few years ago, but unfortunately I have forgotten almost everything! I have many times planned refreshing my memory and taking some German lessons, but haven´t had the time for it yet. Hopefully we´ll see a lot of our old German fans when we come there to play. Not to mention it would be really great to get some new ones as well! See you somewhere on the road and keep it heavy!

Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer all these questions.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by O.W. Kinnunen / Studio P.S.V.
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