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Poisonblack (IV)
Interview mit Ville Laihiala [Poisonblack], März 2011, mailer

Mit neuem Label, neuem Management sowie einem neuen Produzenten im Rücken haben Poisonblack ihr mittlerweile fünftes Studioalbum fertiggestellt. "Drive" heißt das gute Stück und präsentiert sich laut Bandfrontmann Ville Laihiala mit organischem Rock-Sound inklusive 70er Flair.

Hello from Cologne and congratulations! Your fifth album "Drive" has just been finished. Are you completely satisfied with the final result? Does the album exactly sound as you had planned it?

Ville: Yes, it does. We went for an organic rock sound with the 70`s twist and pretty much nailed it.

What has been your own (cl)aim in producing the new album?

Ville: The whole production was done by Tue Madsen, so our part in that was to play as tight as we can and record ourselves as musicians and as the band that we are. Of course we talked about sounds and tempos etc. He pretty much did what we asked him to do.

Where do you see Poisonblack`s personal advancement in comparison to the previous album "Of Rust And Bones"?

Ville: All the friction within the band was dealt with during the past year, so it really gave us this new found energy. Also the musical style is more solid and tighter yet still open minded.

The new album has been recorded in Denmark. For which reason did you decide working with Tue Madsen as a producer and not with Hiili once again?

Ville: We changed everything from label to management and everything in between, so we also decided to try recording with another producer. Start all over from the clean slate, if you want. Tue had mixed our second album, so we knew him already and were also impressed by his work with such bands like The Haunted for example.

How did the recording sessions look like? Anything spectacular or quaint to reveal?

Ville: It was like recording in his living room. Totally relaxed, without any pressure. We basically jammed the songs through in a somewhat live kind of way. One curiosity was that the drums were placed at the bottom of a swimming pool to give them a really cool ambience. Also guitar wise I used his really old Marshall head to have this raunchy sound with the lowest amount of distortion that I`ve ever had before.

What have been the challenges in producing the new album?

Ville: The album was recorded in a week and a half, so the main challenges were to kill the remaining two weeks by staring the friends DVD box to a point of wanting to kill the cast of the show.

To what extent did Janne`s absence influence the recording process?

Ville: To me it was easier to write music, because I did not have to think about how his songs would differ from mine…The friction is gone.

Did he surprisingly leave the band or has it been a longer process of discussion within the band?

Ville: Ask Janne!

Also Poisonblack and Century Media are going different ways nowadays. Instead you`re working together with Hype Records from now on. What has happened?

Ville: Century Media did a good job for us and also with Sentenced by taking things to this level, but we felt that we wanted to change everything, so the road we ventured with them got to its end. We also wanted to continue with a Finnish label and management etc. And now with Hype things are starting to roll forward in a really good vibe.

The album release date for Finland is already fixed. When will the new album be released in the rest of Europe?

Ville: At this exact moment I do not know. Our label and management are working on it, but for sure the album will be released throughout the rest of Europe, Japan…the whole fucking planet!

To what extent does the title "Drive" represent the content of the album? Is there any kind of central theme?

Ville: The album is charged with energy, power and of course the Finnish melancholy. There is this horny will to move forward hence the word "drive". The central theme of the album is playing with our hearts on our sleeves, live in the moment and rock`n`roll. Also, if you translate the word "drive" into Finnish it is "tarmo". It`s the first name of our drummer. That itself was a sign to name the album as we did.

You told me in our last interview (referring to "Of Rust And Bones") that your lyrics are very personal. Are they like a diary once again on "Drive"?

Ville: In some songs yes, but this time I wrote also some tongue-in-cheek stuff and about how I see and feel where we the people are headed for. Sometimes it is okay to just sing the baby, baby stuff, too. I`ve mourned through and with music for so many years that it is time to add some other elements in there as well.

Why is "Mercury Falling" a good choice for being the first single?

Ville: It is a simple up tempo and grooving rock song with an ok chorus for people to sing along or vomit. The choice is yours.

With Anette Ellesgaard you also have a guest vocalist on the new album. Would be nice if you could introduce her shortly…

Ville: It was our producer Tue`s idea to use her on some songs. First I was kind of skeptical about it, but when we heard her singing and what her voice did for the songs, I was sold. We used her on more songs than we initially planned. She brought more bluesy vibe on the songs and it has always been in our music, the blues, and will be in the future, too.

And once again there are girls on the cover…Back to the roots?

Ville: Yes. Maybe not only to the roots of Poisonblack but also going towards the music we loved listening to when we were kids and still do. We wanted to have this kind of a “Tarantino movie” feeling on the cover with women from the seventies. Too bad my idea for the ladies showing their big hairy bushes didn`t catch fire.

It is certain that you will have further live shows in Finland within the next weeks. Is there any chance to hear the new songs also live on stage in Germany?

Ville: We will tour Germany after the summer and around the rest of the Europe, too.

Will you stay a quartet in future or are you searching for a new guitarist?

Ville: As quartet we will stay. We have a great friend and guitarist Antti Leiviskä with us playing live, and it is working out for us really well. But never say never…

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by Petri Vilen / taken from poisonblack.com
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