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Private Line (III)
Interview mit Sammy & Illy [Private Line], 14.11.2013, Köln/MTC

Anfang dieses Jahres waren Private Line noch auf Mini-Akustik-Tour in Deutschland unterwegs – allerdings mit reduziertem Line-up. Nun im November flog die finnische Band in Vollbesetzung ein, um in fünf ausgewählten Städten ihre Rock-Show zu präsentieren. So auch am 14. November 2013 in Köln, wo sie zuletzt vor gut fünf Jahren aufgetreten ist. Vor der Show im MTC traf ich Frontmann Sammy und Gitarrist Illy zu einem Interview.

Private Line are finally back in Germany. How did this come about?

Sammy: We did some acoustic gigs in May this year here in Germany as a trio and already talked then about coming back later this year with the whole band. We've been writing new songs lately…

Two shows of this tour are already done. What are your impressions so far?

Sammy: I never expect anything. I've been having fun so far and enjoy playing together with the band. At the end of the week it's getting even better, I think.

Do you have time for sightseeing in between?

Sammy: We don't have much time, because there are so huge distances between the cities. On Tuesday was the first gig and the last one is on Saturday. In between we have to drive hundreds of kilometers. So it's never time for sightseeing, although we are interested!

Except the acoustic tour and the Trashfest you recently took part in it was quite silent around Private Line for the last two years. What happened?

Sammy: We took care of our families. There are many boys in the band now. [laughs] Illy has two boys, I have two boys and lately Eliaz and Spit got boys, too. We're raising the new generation of Private Line.

Between the albums "Evil Knievel Factor" and "Dead Decade" nearly five years passed by. How long do we have to wait for the next album?

Sammy: Not so long! There were many reasons why the last album came out so lately. One point was that I wanted the album to be really special. Then again many things happened during the sessions and stuff. But now it won't take that long. We are ready for the studio. Many of the songs and ideas are ready, I just have to finish the lyrics and then we can go! 

Illy: These are also things which do not depend on us, but the business.

Sammy: We had a meeting with a label just a few minutes ago. Before the new release we have to think about all the business things, as well. I think it's time to find out some new possibilities to build up the band. Musicwise we will be ready soon, but we still have to see how we will release the next album. We also want to get it out on Germany's market.

Your last album "Dead Decade" was self-produced. Where do you see the advantages and disadvantages of that?

Sammy: Somehow it's natural that we do it by ourselves, because I have a studio at home and do the promotion. I think for the forthcoming album I want to get some people bringing in new vibrations. But those producers we really want are too expensive. [laughs] There are some people helping us here and there a little bit, but nevertheless we do pretty much by ourselves. Actually it's too early to say, but I feel that we want to find more the core of the band. We don't need to go so far. We just take the good core out of what we've been doing all over the years.

Into which musical direction will the new stuff lead us?

Illy: We try to do new things, but we still sound like Private Line, I promise.

Sammy: The last album was really kind of trying to do something special. But we learned over the years that – whatever we do – it still sounds like Private Line.

"Dead Decade" was a critical album. What does inspire you this time especially for the lyrics?

Sammy: Happiness.

Illy: It's with hope…the last one was so dark.

Sammy: Lyricwise I'm inspired in just being ourselves and what's the real point of anything. I don't want to teach anything or be political. I hope there's even gonna be some lyrics for having fun what we didn't have on the last album.

How does a Private Line song usually come into being?

Sammy: Everybody is working on songs. We are already playing for over ten years with this line-up and we know each other so well, the weaknesses and strengths. We know what somebody can bring into something and it can start from everything. Many years ago it was more like me starting a song, then it was me and Ilari, but now everybody brings in great ideas.

In times of Spotify, iTunes & Co., is it still worth to produce a whole physical album?

Sammy: That's a question we were talking about half an hour ago. We like to create good songs, but we don't like to do albums and having to choose between the good songs. I think the whole last album was really great. We still want to do that, but that is a marketing thing. I'm quite sure we will release more singles before the next album.

What do you think about the "Do It Yourself"-community?

Sammy: It's really reasonable nowadays, but we don't have time to do everything by ourselves. We need a good label, good people, good promoters.

Illy: In this industry you have to do marketing, promoting, publishing and distributing, but we don't want to be in charge of it all. We do the music and we are in charge of producing. We do songs that only we want. Nobody is telling us how we should sound. And that's enough for us. It's the optimal situation that we don't have to care about anything except the music.

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