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Interview mit Juffi [Rendez-Vous], April 2007, mailer

Rendez-Vous kommen aus Finnland und machen – wie sie selbst sagen – GlamPunkRock. Mit finnischen Texten, auffälligem Styling und wilden Shows rocken sich die Mannen durch die Clubs ihrer Heimat. Doch sollten Rendez-Vous auch die Möglichkeit bekommen, hierzulande die Bühnen unsicher zu machen. Ich fühlte Juffi, Kopf der Band, ein klein wenig auf den Zahn und entlockte ihm ein paar interessante Infos zur Band.
How would you introduce Rendez-Vous to someone who doesn´t know you?
Juffi: I'd take him/her to see our show.
You`re singing in Finnish (and not like many of the fellow-bands in English). Why did you decide to go this way?

Juffi: We do that, because I think in Finnish. The songs would be much more narrow, if the lyrics were in English.
Who invented the band`s name and what´s the idea behind it?
Juffi: I found it on a record-cover of the Finnish band Tehosekoitin. The idea is the slang meaning of the word, which is a secret fuck.
Did you know that there`s also a German band existing called Rendezvous? But they`re doing folk and pop music…
Juffi: I didn't know that. I wonder, if they can do anything at all.
Last year you´ve published your debut-album “Valta Vaihtuu” in Finland. How have been the reactions?
Juffi: It didn't raise such huge reactions, but those who heard the album liked it.
For us here in Germany it´s hard to understand what your songs are about. Could you deliver us a little insight?
Juffi: The lyrical content goes from a murder to rock 'n' roll lifestyle, to nightmares, to stuff about relationships.
Who of you creates the songs and what is your inspiration for writing the lyrics and composing the music?
Juffi: Right now it's me and Iwor. Kimmo used to make songs, but he quit the band. Everything that happens around us is a source inspiration.
“Toinen Luku” was the first single. You also shot a video for that song. Can you describe a bit what the video is about?
Juffi: It's a live video. The idea is that the band is trying to get a show at some club through an audition. The video is like the audition.
Your styling is quite flashy. How important is the outer appearance for you and what do you want to express with it?
Juffi: The image comes from our lifestyle. We're rockers and we're gonna die with make-up on. The only thing we're expressing with it is our beauty.
Kimmo, bass-player and cofounder of Rendez-Vous, has recently left the band for personal reasons. Was it surprising for the band or did you already knew about his intent for a longer time?
Juffi: It was a surprise. I might have been thinking that everything's not okay, but I wasn't expecting that he would quit.
Now you´re searching for a new bandmate. If you haven´t found one yet, what should the guy bring along to become a part of Rendez-Vous?
Juffi: We might have a new one already, but of course the new one has to be a part of this group of monkeys – in good and bad ways. And he must be committed to the band.
Kimmo will join some last shows…!?
Juffi: Kimmo's last show will take place at Vimma, Turku on April 13th.
How does a typical concert of Rendez-Vous look like?
Juffi: There`s a lot of motion and interaction with the audience – nothing that would be prepared beforehand. Whipping and ripping shirts!
Is there any band you would love to tour with some day?
Juffi: There's a lot of them! It would be fucking cool to play with some of our idols and luckily that has sometimes taken place.
Do you prefer gigs in a small club or on a festival-stage?
Juffi: Right now I'd say festivals. Those are still such a new thing for our band.
For past rehearsals you often had to drive around 280 kilometres from Turku to Pori to practice in Kimmo`s studio. Where do the rehearsals take place now?
Juffi: I have a rehearsal room in my basement and the studio stuff is taken care of in a "real" studio.
In the last weeks and months a lot of young Finnish bands like Negative, Bloodpit and Lovex have come over to enter the German rock-heaven. What about you? Thought about to come as well? (We hope so!)
Juffi: Of course it would be cool to see how it`s like in Germany!
Do you know any German words or even sentences?
Juffi: ich komme!
What´s the first thing you do, when you´re coming back home from a gig/tour?
Juffi: I`m going straight to bed...Usually I'm so drunk around those times.
I´ve read that you guys love to party a lot and play tricks on each other. How do these practical jokes look like?
Juffi: Sometimes quite hilarious: For example a naked keyboarder on stage in front of 500-600 people is a great sight!
Juffi, in your “profile” is written that you “know how to drink”. Where can we find the best places in Turku to get a beer?
Juffi: rokkibaari ja paroni.
Tommy and Fabio are good at drawing and painting. What kind of art do the guys like?
Juffi: Fabio makes more "ordinary" drawings, although he's trying to be an "artist", whereas Tommy's drawings are just crazy.
What`s the craziest job you have ever done so far?
Juffi: I made spikes for car tires.
What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
Juffi: That´s difficult to say. Probably when I was talking shit about my friend behind his back.
Which bad habbits do you have?
Juffi: Drinking. I also sometimes change my opinions quite fast.
What do your friends, family and relatives think about your way of going?
Juffi: We'll see. They haven't remembered to tell us their opinions about our songs. People have been supportive of us. Some haven't even taken note. Some don't understand the situation.
What are your plans for the summer of 2007?
Juffi: …doing good shows, new blood-tasty songs, and of course drinking well! And I have to drive the motorcycle, too.
Some last words…
Juffi: Good questions. Better than the ones the Finnish people always make. I gotta learn some German sentences and move there! “Ich komme” won't probably be enough...
Greetings from Rendez-Vous!

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from rendez.info
Website Band: www.rendez.info

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