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Suicide Silence
Interview mit Mitch Lucker [Suicide Silence], Juli 2009, mailer

Im letzten Jahr erschien mit „The Cleansing“ in Deutschland das Debütalbum von Suicide Silence. Und jetzt, gerade mal ein Jahr später, steht auch schon das Nachfolgewerk der Kalifornier in den Startlöchern. Es nennt sich „No Time To Bleed“ und wurde unter den Fittichen von Produzent Machine (u. a. Clutch, Lamb Of God, Mindless Self Indulgence, 18 Visions) in New Jersey aufgenommen. Fürs Musikmagazin Zillo sprach ich mit dem Sänger von Suicide Silence, Mitch Lucker.

The summer has arrived. How are you doing?

Mitch: Well, we just returned from the “Canadian Carnage Tour” with Slayer and Megadeath and it was amazing. Now I´m just relaxing for a nice 2 week break in sunny Cali. I am also preparing for the “Pedal to the Metal Tour”.

You have a new album out – “No Time To Bleed”. How satisfied are you with the results?

Mitch: We put a ton of time into it, so hearing the finished product was a very accomplished feeling. We just wanna get back on tour, so we start playing these new jams.

This time you have worked together with producer Machine. How did the co-operation proceed? Are there any anecdotes you can tell us about the recording session?

Mitch: Machine is completely insane! In the best ways possible. Haha, he worked us super hard and deff; brought the best out of us.

The first album "The Cleansing" was produced in a shorter period. Now you had more time to produce the second album. How did this affect the CD?

Mitch: Well, “The Cleansing” was done live and in a 2 week period here at home in California. “NTTB” was recorded in a 5 week period and not recorded live. So we were able to put everything in every song that we wanted.

Is there any redline that can be found on the new record? I mean, are the songs connected in a way?

Mitch: Some of them have very similar topics, more left brained art you could say.

What did mainly inspire you for the lyrics?

Mitch: Personal events in my life, and hard thinking about things other people never think about, haha.

How does the new album “No Time To Bleed” differ from the debut?

Mitch: It`s a way better, haha!

What`s your personal highlight on the new CD and why?

Mitch: All the extra shit you can hear on the 4th or 5th listen, but you never heard the first time around.

How would you continue the sentence “Music is...”?

Mitch: …my life and more.

In April 2009 you got an award as “Best New Talent” at Revolver Golden Gods in LA. What does such an award mean to you?

Mitch: It was a insane! Being handed anything by Alice In Chains is going to be crazy! We`re all still in awe about it, and we party every night on the bus with our little award, haha.

Who had the idea for this Online Game referring to “No Time To Bleed”?

Mitch: I'm not 100 percent sure, but I played it a few times while I was stoned and it was pretty chill.

You´ve already been a lot on tour with great bands. What has been your highlight so far? Do you prefer big festival stages or small club gigs?

Mitch: Small clubs are always fucking insane and amazing. But you also can`t beat the feeling walking on stage in front of 50.000 people.

In October and November you`ll be on tour here in Germany. What can we expect from the shows?

Mitch: We never let down anyone. We go fucking nuts every night and destroy ourselves to put on a good show, so come out and fucking headbang with us.

What do you think, how does the German metal scene differ from the American one?

Mitch: It is way more brutal. Everyone just looks soo pissed and its amazing.

What are your wishes for the remaining summer?

Mitch: To play heavy ass metal for as many people as we fucking can.

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