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The 69 Eyes (II) & Lacrimas Profundere (I)
Interview mit Jyrki [The 69 Eyes] und Tony & Oliver [Lacrimas Profundere], 08.08.2010, Hildesheim/Flugplatz

Sie kennen sich bereits seit einigen Jahren, waren zusammen auf Tour und sind mittlerweile auch dick befreundet. Die Rede ist von den finnischen Goth`n`Rollern The 69 Eyes und den bayrischen Dark-Rockern Lacrimas Profundere. Auf dem diesjährigen M`era Luna trafen beide Bands erneut aufeinander, und Zillo war beim großen Wiedersehen am zweiten Festivaltag dabei. Im VIP-Bereich nahmen uns die beiden Lacrimas-Profundere-Gitarristen Oliver und Tony sowie Sänger Jyrki von The 69 Eyes in Empfang.

What is your impression of this festival so far?

Jyrki: We just arrived. Yesterday we played on the Sonisphere Festival in Finland with The Cult, Alice In Chains and other bands. But M´era Luna is a landmark festival for The 69 Eyes as we`ve been playing here for ten years now. This is the most important festival for our band, because it inspired us a lot and it’s the festival which introduced The 69 Eyes to the German audience for the first time. I remember it as it was yesterday when we played here. And we had a new song in our set: “Gothic Girl”. We played it for the first time ever for the audience here at M´era Luna. Just the version was terrible. We played in the Hangar at that time.

And what is your impression so far? [looking at Oliver and Tony]

Oliver: They have good food and good drinks here and we had a bit too much of both yesterday.

Tony: We are here for the third time and luckily the main stage was fantastic for us. We played yesterday at 3 pm and there were a lot of people in front of the stage.

Unfortunately you missed that gig, Jyrki, but I saw you watching Hanzel & Gretyl today!

Jyrki: Yeah, of course, they are great. As we just arrived, I only watched a bit of their show. Hanzel & Gretyl is a cool band.

Let`s talk about the friendship between The 69 Eyes and Lacrimas Profundere. When did you get to know each others?

Jyrki: It was nearly at the same time – like ten years ago – when The 69 Eyes started to tour in Europe. I think I was promoting our album “Paris Kills” in France and did interviews for a magazine called Elegy. When I got the latest issue of that mag, of course I went through it as it`s always interesting to see what`s happening in the scene. And one of the bands in the mag was Lacrimas Profundere. There was one of their songs on the compilation CD as well. It sounded interesting and these guys somehow looked different. They weren`t dressed up like a gothic cliché band, but just looked like rock guys. Then I got their CD which sounded a bit like HIM, but it was also doomy and had a very original sound. It was really cool, something between progressive, doom, goth and hippie music. [laughter] Then The 69 Eyes played in Russia for the first time and I went on a big market in Moscow where I bought Lacrimas Profundere`s second album as a souvenir for Ville Valo to check the band out. Later on I just run into these guys, maybe it even was on this festival here. However, that was the story about the first time when I heard about Lacrimas Profundere. Actually for a while I thought they were from Austria. [laughter]

Oliver: Yeah, we live just five minutes away from the Austrian border.

Jyrki: You can hear the accent… [laughs] Anyway, then we did a small tour like five years ago and another tour recently. Lacrimas Profundere played with us in England. We share a lot of fans. It´s been a great cooperation. When we did a video with Bam Magera in Philadelphia last time, for my big surprise the only music he was listening to was Lacrimas Profundere. He had discovered the band by himself.

How would you, Olli, describe The 69 Eyes?

Oliver: They are the best combination between The Cult and Type O Negative, maybe they are even the best gothic rock band in the world.

Jyrki: Wow!

Tony: It`s really true. It`s absolutely Olli´s favourite band. Everywhere we go he`s listening to all their CDs… But I like them, too. When we played the tour together, I watched the guys every night.

Did you already celebrate your meeting here?

Jyrki: Like I said we just arrived, so we wait to get rid of our duties first and then the party starts. I have one funny story in mind: Bam told us that he got a clip from one of Lacrimas Profundere`s shows, maybe from M`era Luna a couple of years ago. He was showing the clip to Ville Valo. He watched it and was thinking like “I can`t remember that gig!” And Bam: “Oh, it`s not you!” [laughter]

So they copy HIM?

Jyrki: Nobody is copying anyone. It´s Rock`n`Roll. Everybody inspires each other a way or another. It sounds great that these guys [points at Lacrimas Profundere] like our band and we can a little bit inspire them. Last night for example we played with The Cult in Finland and they are one of the biggest inspiration for The 69 Eyes. We share the same ideals and everybody inspires each other. Maybe first you start with playing something which is really close to the sound of your favourite band, but then you come with your own things. For instance Lacrimas Profundere, HIM and The 69 Eyes, they all have their own identity.

Where do you see the differences and similarities between The 69 Eyes and Lacrimas Profundere?

Jyrki: We share a lot of similar audiences. For instance when we played in England, both bands were like foreign bands for those local goth kids…and I´m excited to hear that these guys [points at Lacrimas Profundere once again] are going to enter the States. I´m excited what will happen.

Oliver: Yeah, let`s see what will happen! The 69 Eyes opened some big doors for us, like Jyrki giving our CD to Ville Valo or taking us with them on the Devils-Tour. Then we played together in the UK. And in one month we will play a headliner show in London. After that, in October, we will start our first US-tour.

Jyrki: It`s nice to help friends out. It`s not a competition, it`s just about Rock`n`Roll and keeping it alive. Especially in these days when the music bizz is struggling, there has to be a positive attitude from everybody playing dark music. And you know, together you are stronger.

Tony: That´s why we like you guys so much!

But coming back to the similarities and differences once again: For The 69 Eyes the line-up is still the same after all the years in the music bizz, but Lacrimas Profundere had a lot of line-up changes. What are they doing wrong?

Jyrki: Maybe The 69 Eyes are a boring band, because we didn`t realise that we have to change members. Every band is changing the singer or some other musician every now and then. That`s part of the excitement as well. Maybe we`re pretty stupid, because we just thought that we`re supposed to play together forever. But I don’t know…

Oliver: The biggest problem referring to the line-up changes for me was when my brother left the band and we had to find another good singer. The label had always focused on my brother as the singer. You know, there was a title story in a magazine and he, my brother, was on the cover and not we as a band. For five minutes I thought about to quit the band completely when he as the band`s face decided to leave. I didn`t know how to handle with that. But then I taught myself: I am the composer of the songs. Why should they die only because he left the band? Then we found Rob and he fits very good to us. But it cost us some steps.

What about your bass player who left recently?

Oliver: Oh, apropos bass player: Our first bass player has tits now. [laughter] I met him like two weeks ago in a rock disco…

Jyrki: …and you went home with…her. [laughter]

Oliver: No no!

Tony: The thing is when we`re on tour and playing, the fans realised that there is a different singer nowadays. Rob is now completely accepted…

Jyrki: [interrupts him] What`s just coming to my mind referring to the differences: Lacrimas Profundere is a really romantic band. They have the flowers, and girls are screaming. The 69 Eyes have never been romantic. I mean, my idea of romance is a little bit different. We`re more a Rock´n`Roll and cartoon kind of goth rock band and these guys…

Oliver: …we do it for the women and for the bass player with tits! [laughter]

Tony: The last two or three shows we played without a bass player. But mainly our fans are 15 to 20 year old girls looking for Rob and they didn`t even know who our bass player was.

Jyrki: We released a live DVD which was filmed in Helsinki some years ago. And I read a review about it, also a few years ago, and in there was written that The 69 Eyes seemed to play only for female audiences. There were no guys in the audience. Actually in these days, ten years later, we have everybody in the audience: every age, boys and girls… Lacrimas Profundere are maybe now at the same state than we were ten years ago: having girls with flowers in the first rows. But after a few years there will be dirty bikers and metal guys with leather vests full of patches in the crowd…

Tony: We already tried so much to get that audience! We tuned our guitars down, we do very hard riffs like Pantera, but still there are just girls in the crowd. No idea what to do! [laughter]

Are you searching for a new bass player?

Tony: If there would be 20 girls and we`re only four guys, then everyone of us gets five girls. Okay, I´m just kidding…

Does the bass come from tape?

Tony: Yeah, like the keyboards. We decided doing that on the festivals, but we`re not proud of this. A few musicians in the audience realise that the bass is coming from tape.

Oliver: At the moment it`s the easiest way for us. We did the promo for our new CD and only we four guys are on it, we shot a video without the bass player, we have posters and adverts without the bass player. And then you have suddenly a new face in the band? That would be confusing! So we thought by ourselves that it`s better to play the tour with four guys. That`s it!

Do you also walk a little bit around here on M`era Luna checking out some other bands live on stage?

Oliver: Yeah, we`ve been the whole day here yesterday, had a signing session as well…

Tony: …watching The Sisters Of Mercy…

Jyrki: I got a text message by the guys of The Sisters Of Mercy asking me where I am. I wrote back that I´m backstage with The Cult. That was pretty strange. And now as we`re here, Motley Crüe are playing back in Finland at Sonisphere and asking where we are. Well, we`re here backstage at M´era Luna with Lacrimas Profundere. Here I saw Hanzel & Gretyl and they`re great. I´m not so famous for my sense of humour, but that band makes me laugh or at least smile a little bit.

One last question: Jyrki, what`s your favourite album of Lacrimas Profundere?

Jyrki: What`s the name of your second album? [looks at Oliver]

Oliver: “Burning: A Wish”.

Jyrki: Honestly that`s a magical record which introduced me the band. I haven`t heard the new album yet. If you like the first two albums of Paradise Lost or the music of Anathema, you should also have “Burning: A Wish”. It`s really different. This record belongs to the 90ies. It`s a great 90ies, moody, hippie, gothic album.

Tony and Olli, what is your favourite album of The 69 Eyes?

Oliver: First of all “Blessed Be”. This record opened my eyes. Then I really love “Paris Kills” and at the moment I like “Back In Blood” very much…

Tony: My favourite CD is the new one, “Back In Blood”.

Jyrki: Thank you. I really hope that the German scene will discover Lacrimas Profundere in one of these days, because these guys rock!

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by Sandro Griesbach / darkmoments.de
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