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The 69 Eyes (III)
Interview mit Jussi [The 69 Eyes], 12.04.2011, Köln/Essigfabrik

Während ihrer gut dreiwöchigen Dark Decadence Tour 2011 legten die Goth`n`Roller The 69 Eyes und ihre schwedischen Mitstreiter von Hardcore Superstar und Crash Diet auch einen Zwischenstopp in der Kölner Essigfabrik ein. Vor der Show hatte ich die Gelegenheit, einen kleinen Plausch mit Jussi, dem Drummer von The 69 Eyes, zu halten.

Jussi, it seems you´ve been non-stop on tour since the release of "Back In Blood". Are you not yet tired of all the travelling?

Jussi: No, I love touring, I love going to new places, but I hate airports. With the album "Back In Blood" we`ve visited around 30 countries and played about 150 shows. We`ve also been to "weird" places like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil… This current tour is amazing as I´m a big fan of Crash Diet and Hardcore Superstar. I´ve met the guys many years ago, but I didn´t know them that well. But now I made great new friends with those guys and this tour is like one big holiday trip for me. I never had this much fun in my life, although we had some problems, too: Two busses broke down, Hardcore Superstar singer´s voice broke down… But that happens when you`re on tour. I´m used to those things.

How did the idea for the co-headlining with Hardcore Superstar tour actually come about?

Jussi: I can`t remember who`s idea it was in the first place. The Dark Decadence Tour was supposed to happen already more than a year ago, but it was always postponed because of schedules and all that. I´m really happy that it worked out in the end. I think, this is the greatest hardrock package you will see live on stage in this year. Other great hardrock bands are like 60 years old, Mötley Crüe for example. But we`re only close to 40. [laughs loudly]

Which show of this tour was the best so far?

Jussi: There are always highlights. There`s been cool stuff going on like we joined Hardcore Superstar on stage when they sang their song "We Don´t Celebrate Sundays"…it`s just fun. Last night it was great in Munich. Before that it was huge in Milan. There it was already like summer time and I felt like being on a holiday trip. But today I`ve been in the cellar here all day. [laughs]

No time for checking out Cologne?

Jussi: No. But actually I know Cologne very well. There have been so many days off here with partying. We once got so wasted with Wednesday 13 and his band for two days here in Cologne. I`ve been also drinking here with John Bon Jovi and Pink.

With Bon Jovi and Pink?

Jussi: Well, Pink played here around nine years ago and we visited her hotel for having a drink there. It happened that John Bon Jovi was staying in the same hotel. So that`s a nice memory: getting wasted with John and Pink in Cologne. It`s by the way a beautiful city and the black church is very spectacular.

In Finland you have played an acoustic tour in the end of last year. Is there any chance enjoying that in Germany as well?

Jussi: You will see it as surprise encores with us today. We will play some acoustic versions in the end of the set. We`re doing that on almost every show during this tour – depending on how many minutes we have on stage. But we will definitely play some acoustic stuff today as well.

The release of "Back In Blood" already dates back a couple of months. What`s going on in The 69 Eyes` soundkitchen at the moment? Are you already creating new songs?

Jussi: Oh yes, we are! There are so many ideas, but we can`t really complete songs while we`re touring. You always have to take some time off to complete things. And that`s what we gonna do after this tour. In this summer we will only play two or three festival shows and that`s it, because we need time to come up with new stuff.

Will you strike a new sound path with the next album or keep hold of familiar structures?

Jussi: Mmm, on the last album there`s a song called "Kiss Me Undead". I like the song`s feel of the 80ies and at the same time the chorus is like dance beat. I think musically we will go in that kind of direction. I was talking about all this dance beat stuff to Jyrki and I really got him into the dance music. But whatever we do – it will always sound like The 69 Eyes.

When will you head over to the studio?

Jussi: As soon as we have decided what, with whom and where we will record. And when we got the team together, I`m sure everything will happen really fast after that. But at the moment we`re still thinking of some producers. If you ask our manager, he will tell you that the new album is gonna be out on Christmas. I wouldn`t bet my money on that. [laughs]

Do you already have new song material for being presented live on stage tonight?

Jussi: No, we won`t play any new stuff as it will be on youtube in two seconds. But actually we don´t have any new material so finished that we want to present it live on stage. Furthermore we haven`t been so many times in Germany with our current album "Back In Blood". I don`t think the fans are already bored with our set.

By the way, last year you played here in Cologne exactly on the same day, 12th of April…

Jussi: …but last time we played in the Live Music Hall. I don´t think that we have ever played in any other places than Live Music Hall – accept today. The Essigfabrik is huge!

Tomorrow you have a free day. What are your plans?

Jussi: Tomorrow I´m gonna hang out in Hamburg and then we will head over to Copenhagen. We will leave Cologne tomorrow morning…

…and always sleeping in the tourbus?

Jussi: The other guys took a hotel, but I don`t like to carry my bag back and forth. So I´m just fine staying in the tourbus. There are no early wake-up calls.

And no early sports?

Jussi: The Swedish guys are pretty big on sports. They do push-ups, running… But also I`m quite healthy: I haven`t been partying that much on this tour. But Crash Diet is the totally opposite: They`re wasted all the time. [laughs] It`s fun! And by the way: There is a tattoo artist tattooing the drummer of Hardcore Superstar right now…

Beside some festival shows in the summer and recording a new album, which other plans do you have for this year?

Jussi: We`re always super busy. It takes a lot of time to visit 30 countries and play 150 shows. Our plans are to record new stuff and that´s it. I can`t remember when I had real holidays for the last time. But I love everything I do. I have my own radio show and own rock club in Finland.

In Helsinki?

Jussi: Yeah, you should come to Bar Bäkkäri ["Backstage"] next time when you`re Finland!

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