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The 69 Eyes (IV)
Interview mit Jyrki [The 69 Eyes], Mai 2012, mailer

Die Hellsinki Vampires befinden sich dieser Tage im Studio, um ihren zehnten Longplayer aufzunehmen. Im September soll das gute Stück mit dem Titel "X" erscheinen. Frontmann Jyrki, dessen Vocals in der letzten Maiwoche aufgenommen wurden, gewährt einen ersten Einblick in das neue Album.

Did you have a good first half of the year 2012, Jyrki?

Jyrki: It's all about goth'n'roll!

At the moment you're in the studio recording the 10th The 69 Eyes album. How does it proceed? What's the current state of the album?

Jyrki: I've just recorded my vocals this week here in Stockholm. The album will come out in late September.

During which period of time did you write the new material?

Jyrki: We started writing the new material already two years ago as we were still touring for our previous album "Back In Blood". The first new single "Red" was actually the first song we even wrote for the new record.

How did the songwriting process look like this time?

Jyrki: This is our 10th album, but our songwriting process is been like this for a long time: Our guitarist Bazie comes up with the music and I write the lyrics and arrange my vocals on the music. Technology has been making it easier over the years. I've been recording my demo vocals at home etc. This time we also rearranged the songs better and more melodic very carefully. It's challenging to make music in these days when people don't buy records or not even download it anymore. Instead they stream it. So the whole record should really be something special to keep people's interest on. I naturally think that our records have always been like that, but we want to become better all the time and get better as songwriters.

I've read the new songs are quite melancholic and melodic comparable to the ones on "Blessed Be" and "Paris Kills". Was it an intentional step going in this direction or more an automatic development?

Jyrki: The last album "Back In Blood" was our Hollywood glam rock album with loud guitars and aggressive beats. But now I just felt that it's time to bring back those deep melancholic melodies that people still love in our music. It's clear to see that when we play our live set: When songs like "Betty Blue" or "The Chair" come, the audience is responding for those songs. So we started to have those melancholic melody lines coming up and this time make them to be even more beautiful.

How much space did you leave in the new songs for The 69 Eyes' Rock'n'Roll side?

Jyrki: There's a lot! I just heard the instrumental version of the song "Love Runs Away" in the studio yesterday and it has a very cool Kirk Hammett kind of metallic guitar solos in the end!

You're recording the album in Stockholm. Why did you decide to go over there, when did you enter the studio and which producer are you working with?

Jyrki: Stockholm has been our "second" home ever since the early days of the band. We've always been here hanging around, having a lot friends in the bands etc. So it was the time to do our "Made in Sweden" album finally. We're recording this with the production team called "On The Verge". So there's going to be a lot of Swedish pop sensibility in the music as well.

Is every band member involved in each recording step like being in the studio around the clock, 24/7?

Jyrki: We've done this in different shifts, so the vocals are done as the last part. It's been taking two months all together.

How does a typical studio day of The 69 Eyes look like?

Jyrki: I'm in a singing booth with my sunglasses in tears singing all these sad songs...

What do you think, how much do the studio surroundings influence the development of the album?

Jyrki: The "On The Verge" guys' studio is in the center of an old park in the very center of Stockholm. It belongs to the king, so there's also king's cows and sheep, it's like paradise really. Old trees and beautiful nature. The area is called "Djurgården". It's really magical especially now in the beginning of the summer.

And how do you avoid getting the typical cabin fever? Doing any sports in return for the long studio sessions?

Jyrki: We've been doing the album in pieces, so it's not like being the whole time in the studio. We went to see Ozzy Osbourne the other day in the stadium and tonight we're going to see Deadmau5. It's important to see concerts and the audience you're making the music to as well.

How many tracks will be on the new album?

Jyrki: It's our tenth album, so it will have ten songs as well.

What's your highlight so far?

Jyrki: My favorite song today is "I Know What You Did Last Summer", it became very beautiful, the chorus is amazingly good!

Do you already have a name for the new CD?

Jyrki: Because it's our tenth album, it'll be called "X" (= 10 in Roman numbers).

Is there anything special planned for this release?

Jyrki: It will include the best music we have ever done.

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