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The Fatal Kiss
Interview mit The Fatal Kiss, Juli 2009, mailer

The Fatal Kiss erblickte im Jahr 2006 in Tampere das Licht der Welt. Gründer der finnischen Band ist Sänger und Songwriter Zacky, der sich zuvor an einigen anderen Bandprojekten beteiligt hatte. Doch schließlich wollte er seinen eigenen Weg gehen und seine musikalischen Vorstellungen in einer ganz eigenen Band umsetzen – so erschuf er The Fatal Kiss, kurz TFK. In dieser Band arbeitet er aktuell mit Timo zusammen und gemeinsam überzeugen uns die beiden jungen Männer mit kreativem Songwriting und somit wunderbarem Gehörgangfutter.

The summer has arrived. How are you both doing?

The Fatal Kiss: Summer is the best season of the year, so we are doing great.

The Fatal Kiss was founded in 2006. How did the idea to create this band originally come about?

Zacky: At that time I wanted to make something of my own and this was the perfect time to put together a band based on my own thoughts.

Which meaning can be found behind the band`s name? Ever had a fatal kiss?

Zacky: I think we all have our turning points in life, so the name kinda symbolizes a moment like that.

The first line-up of TFK didn`t last that long. What had happened?

Zacky: Practical reasons, it just didn’t work out.

Now TFK is back. How did you both find together and how do you get along with each other?

The Fatal Kiss: We were introduced by a common friend at some obscure home party.

The first new songs are already created. How would you describe your music style?

The Fatal Kiss: It’s a mix of different music styles. You can mostly hear influences of rock and pop.

How do you work together, I mean who has got which task within the band?

Timo: Up to this point Zacky has composed most of the stuff, but arrangements are made together.

Did you create “Losing Yourself” and “No Hard Feeling, No Regrets” together?

The Fatal Kiss: Yes, something like that.

Where do you get the inspiration from for your songs?

The Fatal Kiss: From everywhere and all around us.

How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?

The Fatal Kiss: …an art form whose medium is sound “Wikipedia“

Which bands do you listen to privately?

Timo: Lately there`s been Sting, Jeff Buckley and Porcupine Tree mostly.

Zacky: Paramore, Anberlin, Shinedown, Alter Bridge and so on.

I have heard that you will have an acoustic gig in Poland this September. How did this come about?

The Fatal Kiss: Our lovely support girls arranged it. Thanks for the support!

Have you ever been in Germany? Which German words or sentences do you know?

The Fatal Kiss: We haven’t been there. Ich liebe dich!

Why do The Fatal Kiss have deserved a record deal?

The Fatal Kiss: We have something new to give and lots of stories to tell.

What are your plans for the remaining summer and your wishes for the rest of the year?

The Fatal Kiss: There are a few gigs coming up in the summer and we’re hoping to record more new songs during the next fall.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: (c) Zacky

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