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The Hypothesis
Interview mit Juuso Turkki [The Hypothesis], Juni 2016, mailer

Bereits 2009 gegründet, veröffentlichten The Hypothesis aus Finnland erst dieses Jahr ihr allererstes Album: „Origin“. Im Interview gewährt Gitarrist und Background-Sänger Juuso Turkki einen Einblick in den Entstehungsprozess und verrät, warum die Band ihre Modern-Melodic-Death-Metal-Songs aktuell nicht live präsentieren kann und was er persönlich von Black Metal hält.

Juuso, The Hypothesis was found back in 2009, but just now – about seven years later – you finally released a debut album: “Origin”. Why did it take so long?

Juuso: Everything good takes time, right? Anyway The Hypothesis needed time to develop as a band. We had some line-up changes and the songs achieved their form during these years. Basically learning everything from making music for a band took time.

Back in 2009 you’ve already released an EP and a few singles after that. But to what extent did the line-up changes within the band influence your sound?

Juuso: Actually the line-up changes gave me freedom as a songwriter to make whatever I ever wanted for this record, for example futuristic synth sounds. I was kinda relieved of it. That totally affected the final sound of “Origin” in a good way.

Due to Facebook you’re calling your music “Modern Melodic Death Metal”. Why “modern”? What’s the “modernity” in your sound?

Juuso: I think our riffs are more “modern” than “old school” – so that’s why “Modern Melodic Death Metal”.

The synthesizers are quite strong in your music – who’s responsible for these sounds as there is no one named in your line-up?

Juuso: I’ve done synths, guitars and all the backing vocals for this record. What can I say, I’m excited about space-influenced synths and effects!

How did you celebrate the release of your debut “Origin”?

Juuso: We celebrated the album release with our friends and “Hypocrew” since we couldn’t do any shows after Neissu [Markku "Neissu" Ruuskanen, Bass] was forbidden doing any shows because of his neck-problems.

To what extent does “Origin” base on a concept?

Juuso: Both musically and lyrically “Origin” is a concept album. Well, the sound just comes itself, but basically the lyrics are about giving up bad things in life and embracing new.

How did you handle the songwriting process? Who in the band had which task?

Juuso: I wrote all the songs between the years 2009 and 2012 for “Origin”. Basically I also recorded, produced, mixed and mastered “Origin”. Antti [Antti Seppälä, Vocals] wrote all the lyrics excluding “Leak” and “Shades To Escape” for the album.

What have been the inspiration sources for the lyrics? How much personality is been reflected in there?

Juuso: The lyrics are based on normal everyday life. They reflect all the personality me and Antti have!

Which topic would never find its way on a The Hypothesis CD?

Juuso: I guess, Black Metal-inspired stuff. I never liked the darkest and deepest Black Metal so much.

When and where did you record the debut album?

Juuso: The album was recorded in several studios and home-studios. The drums were recorded in Viitasaari, Drumforest Studios.

“Viitasaari” is a good keyword: Does a metal album need to be recorded in a dark forest surrounding to become a real good one?

Juuso: Absolutely. The atmosphere there is just perfect!

Who helped you out production wise?

Juuso: I’ve been having a lot of opinions according to the album sounds by my friends during this album process. I might have picked a few tips from here and there.

Is The Hypothesis a democratic band or do you always have to discuss and struggle a lot?

Juuso: The band is pretty democratic. We are getting along pretty well.

Where’s the connection between the title “Origin” and the artwork of the album?

Juuso: Our graphic guy Jonne Suikkanen and our manager Ari Pietilä developed the album cover while listening the songs. “Origin” as a name was already there many years ago.

You’ve shot a music clip for “Eye For An Eye” – it’s a performance video. Including a story wasn’t any option?

Juuso: As our first video we just wanted to introduce our band’s performance and looks. Maybe there will be story-based videos in the future!

How do we have to imagine a live show of The Hypothesis? And when do we have the chance to see you live in Germany?

Juuso: The keyword for our live shows is “energetic”. Sharp playing with lots of attitude. We will come to Germany as soon as possible.

With Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Mors Principium Est, Bloodred Hourglass, Wolfheart, etc. a lot of Melodic Death Metal bands are coming from Finland. Is there a lot of competition in the metal scene over there?

Juuso: I would say there’s no competition. Everyone knows each other basically, because it’s a small country. Instead there’s a lot of cooperation happening in the scene.

What are you all doing “besides” the music?

Juuso: The music is the biggest part of our lives of course. Besides that we are trying to make it even bigger. [grins]

You’re plans for the summer?

Juuso: We are going to enjoy the summer and continue touring during the fall after our bass player Neissu is back in business with his neck.

How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?

Juuso: Music is amazingly the coolest thing in this world!

Interview: Lea S.
Foto: taken & (c) by Valtteri Hirvonen
Website Band: www.facebook.com/TheHypothesisband

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