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The Jade (II)
Interview mit Wille & Jann [The Jade], 18.04.2008, Köln/Access All Area

Ein Jahr ist es her, dass fhradio mit der finnischen Band The Jade sprach. In diesem einen Jahr hat sich viel getan. Mittlerweile hat die Band einen Plattenvertrag unterschrieben und bald veröffentlichen The Jade ihre erste offizielle Single. Im April ging es für Wille, Jann, Pekko and Sirpa auf Deutschland-Tour. Zusammen mit ihren finnischen Kollegen von PSG und So called plan machten sie Deutschlands Städte auf der Finvasion Tour 2008 unsicher. Am 18. April rockten The Jade & Co. im Kölner Club Access All Area. Ich nahm das Event zum Anlass, mich ein weiteres Mal mit den Finnen zu treffen und über ihre Band zu sprechen.

How does it feel being the first time abroad with The Jade on this Finvasion-Tour?
Wille: We`re actually pretty enthusiastic. You know, we get to be on a vacation like at the same time. We get to see a lot of places and drink German beers and meet nice people.
Do you like the German beers?
Wille: Yeah, yeah. I don´t know if Becks is actually German beer or not.
Yeah, it is.

Jann: Yeah, it´s been good, it`s been really nice so far on this tour. And where we´ve been people have been great and really friendly about everything. And the gigs have been really fine, so it`s just great.
It`s nearly one year ago since we met for the last time, for the last interview. What has happened in this last year?
Wille: Well, actually we signed a record deal this January and we will release our first official single in about two months. And the second single and the first music-video will come out in the autumn. The full length album will be out maybe early next year.
How did this record deal come about?

Jann: Well, it was like the company contacted us and they said “We heard you gonna play a gig in Tampere Klubi”, they would like to check us out, because they loved our album called “Slow motions on the fast lanes”. And we went there to do a gig and it went pretty well, because they signed us afterwards. But of course there were some discussions before we put our signatures in, because we had to check a few things with the lawyers and stuff to make everything best for us. But the record company was up for it and in the end we were up for it as well and it`s really nice.
Sirpa already told me by email that you`ve been in the studio and that you recorded the first single. Can you tell us a little bit about the first single?
Wille: It´s a rock song called “Drowning”, a little bit melancholic, but still positive or a combination of that.
Wasn´t the song already on “Slow motions on the fast lanes”?

Jann: Yeah, but it`s totally different at the moment, beacuse we wanted to take a different view on that song and do it in a better studio with a better sound. We already recorded it, so it sounds good, but yet to be mixed.
You said that a full length album is planned for next year. Do you already have some ideas for the songs coming on that album? Maybe also some of the last mini album?
Jann: It feels like we got over 30 songs, so it´s really hard to choose. I think in the end the record company will choose the songs. But there is a huge possibility that most of the old songs will be on that album as well. And maybe five or six or seven new ones.
At the moment you`re travelling through Germany. Do you all travel in one bus?
Jann: (deadly serious) Actually Wille and me, we`re on this limousine ride. We`re just drinking champagne and…
Wille: …getting blow jobs. But next time we will travel with the airplane, Jann and I.
Jann: No, that`s a joke. We`re in the bus.
Wille: No, the rest of the folks they will travel with the minibus, but we`ll take the airplane.
Do you have time for doing sightseeing? Have you already been a little bit around here in Cologne?

Wille: We will soon have a day off, so maybe then we`ll have more time to check out the scenery, but until now, no, we haven´t seen that much.
Have you been in Germany before?
Wille: As a child.
Jann: Yeah, I was here like a couple of years back, but I only spent a few hours in Berlin, because I was on my way to Poland, so I haven´t seen so many tourist attractions yet. But I will soon.
Maybe you should check out the dome? That`s good. You have a good view from there. But you have to be a little bit sporty, because there are a lot of steps upstairs.
Wille: Okay, but we are sporty people.
Jann: We only exercise.

Wille: But hei, we were talking about drinking beer. We actually only drink mineral water and juices.
Jann: So it`s a alcohol-free tour. Completely. (grinning)
Have you already learned some more German words or sentences since the last year?
Jann: „Mussen versuchen.“
Müssen versuchen?

Jann: „Sprechen Sie deutsch? Nicht so gut, aber mussen versuchen.“
Wille: „Entschuldigen Sie bitte. Ich komme aus Finnland.“
That was good. Are there many big differences between the Finnish and the German audience?
Wille: Maybe not so many. I think the people are the same. But I can see clearly that in Germany there is a lot of hype concerning Finnish bands. So maybe that`s the difference.
Why do you think is it like this?
Wille: I believe it`s just a trend that will go pass. But we`re enjoying the ride now.
Jann: Yeah, I see it the same way as Wille. So the thing is like the trend will pass and in the end it doesn`t matter that you`re from Finland. And people will concentrate more on the music itself, not where are you from.

But do you think that they´re just concentrating on the fact that you´re from Finland?
Jann: Yeah, it seems to attract people.
Wille: I think there are some people coming to the gig, because it`s a Finnish band who is playing, but some will come to see The Jade, because they want to see The Jade. I think it`s both.
How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?
Wille: …love.
Jann: …loud.
Wille, you recently performed at White Flame`s video-release-party. How did this come about?

Wille: Well, it was the idea of our record company chief and I just like visited their release party of their second music video and we did one interview there and I promoted our next single and the band The Jade. And I sang one cover song with White Flame: Alice Cooper`s “Love`s a loaded gun”. I sang and they played acoustic. It was fun.
What`s the first thing you will do when you´re coming back home from this tour?
Wille: Take a shower, long shower. And wash my hair. Three to five times I will wash my hair.
(laughs) Okay, and what about you, Jann?
Jann: Probably the same. (eating chocolate)
So you don´t get a shower here, or what?
Wille: No, I showered, but I didn`t wash my hair.
Jann: We just love showers. We`re taking showers all the time.
Wille: Group showers with three bands from Finland.

Jann: Awesome.
The first of May is soon coming. Any plans for that?
Wille: First of May? I think it`s just another party. I mean nothing special.
Jann: Like always we`re just concentrating on music.

Okay, and then your motto for tonight?

Wille: Play loud ***!
Jann: Ride on ***!
(laughs) At last some greetings for the audience?
Wille: I thank all people that have come to see us on this Finvasion-Tour and hopefully more people will come next time. And I thank all people that are interested in The Jade and want to buy our next single “Drowning”.
Jann: Yeah, it will be available on the Internet and you will also have the possibility to order it from Finland, so it will be great. And like we always said when “Slow motions on the fast lanes” came out, we always said it`s gonna be like collectable item one day, because we will make it happen. And so far we haven´t lied about it. So hope you stick around happy people! And it`s been really great. We´re thankful to be in Germany and love all the people over here. You´re so nice!
Wille: Yeah, so far we`ve been having lots of fun and a really great time.
Hyvää. Thank you very much for the interview.
Jann: Oh, thank you. 

Wille: Thank you, thank you.

Interview & Foto 6: Lea S.
Foto 1: taken from thejadenet.com
Foto 2-5: taken by Kathrin W.
Website Band: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Jade/80481705728

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