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The Mission
Interview mit Wayne [The Mission], April 2007, mailer

The Mission feiern in diesem Jahr ihr 21-jähriges Bestehen und veröffentlichen zugleich ihr neues Album, um anschließend damit durch Europa zu touren. Genug Gesprächsstoff, um sich ein wenig mit Wayne – Kopf der Band – zu unterhalten. Per Mail stand er mir Rede und Antwort.

Hello Wayne! Congratulations to The Mission`s 21st Birthday in 2007! Hope you`re doing fine!? Or is it stressful in these days?
Wayne: I'm fine, thanks. It's always a strange time after an album has been completed and waiting for it's release. Not stressful, just a time of expectation and anticipation and hope.
Many people say “Aura” is THE The Mission album. But soon your new album “God Is A Bullet” will be released. What do you think how people will react? Will they change their view?
Wayne: I certainly hope so. 'Aura' was indeed a very good Mission album, but I think GIAB is a lot broader and stronger and some Mission fans will like it and some probably won't. I think in some respects GIAB will polarize our audience in much the same way that 'Masque' did, but it was time for us to try something a little braver. I think GIAB is already a contender for album of the year and you will be hard pushed to find an album with better guitar playing this year.
When did you start writing and creating the songs for the new album? Is there any anecdote to tell about the recordings?
Wayne: Well, we started working on writing the songs at the beginning of
2006 and passed MP3 demo's back and forth amongst the band members over the internet. In early September we got together for 10 days at Nam Studios near Bath in England and recorded 23 tracks of bass and drums and some guitars. I then took the tracks back to Brazil and worked on them at my own studio recording vocals and additional guitars and mixing it all in December.
The lyrical content of “God Is A Bullet” is manifold and thought-provoking. What did inspire you this time to write about those provocative topics like incest, voyeurism and psychotherapy?
Wayne: As always, observation and personal experience and the experiences of people close to me.
What is your personal highlight from the new album and why?
Wayne: My favourite tracks vary each time I listen to it, but at the moment I would have to say either 'Chinese Burn' or 'Grotesque'. Both are very good musical journeys, I think, and whilst the lyrics to 'Chinese Burn' are amusing and playful 'Grotesque', a song about animal cruelty, is more pointed about a topic that is close to my heart.
Does the album cover has a special meaning, that I just don`t understand?
Wayne: Why does it have to have a meaning? Why does the title have to relate to the cover? It doesn't. The cover is an aesthetic choice really. I wanted something that I thought reflected the content of the CD. Something bright, a little different, and provocative. The image on the cover is of cicada shells.
“God Is A Bullet” is a provocative album-title as well. How important is the topic “religion” for you?
Wayne: Not very. I know the easy assumption to make is that the title references religion, but to me the title has a lot more to do with fate, destiny, whatever you wanna call it. I think the title is strong and provocative, but also quite ambiguous.
In the coming months you´ll be touring around and present the new songs live on stage. But there are only two gigs in Germany confirmed. Can we expect more? What about the festival-summer?
Wayne: We're looking at playing a longer tour in the autumn, depending on how the album and the tour in May does, and of course we'll more than likely play more shows in Germany. And no, no plans to play any festivals this coming summer. Maybe next time.

How does a The Mission show look like?
Wayne: I don't know, I'm on stage. Lots of pretty lights, loud music.
In the last years you have already toured around the world for several times. Where do the fans rock the most?
Wayne: God, that's a difficult question...It does vary from country to country and even from city to city within the same country. For instance, Bochum in Germany is ALWAYS a good, fun audience that participates fully. But Munich is usually a lot more reserved, cooler audience. Spain is always good, as is Athens, Greece, and South America.
In which country you´d love to have a gig, but never had the chance before?
Wayne: Well, we are playing in Israel in June and that is the first time we would've played there. I'm probably looking forward to that more than any of the other shows by virtue of the fact that we've never done it before. I would like to visit more eastern European cities as well as places like India and the far East.
How did the line up-changes over the years influence the band`s music?
Wayne: With each new member comes a new, unique, and different way of playing. Obviously there is a framework to play within, but there is plenty of scope for each musician to be expressive and to impose their own personality on the sum of the parts.
How would you introduce The Mission to someone who doesn`t know you?
Wayne: I would play them GIAB, if they had time. If not, I would describe us as being somewhere between Led Zeppelin, U2 and The Cure.
Wayne, you were also involved in some side-projects…
Wayne: Yeah, I get my hands dirty from time to time, when time allows. I enjoy it. It's a good distraction from The Mission.
What do you appreciate in the music business the most?
Wayne: Making the music. It is always satisfying, when you receive into your hand the first fruits of your labours. I don't like having to deal with the business side of things too much, but I do have to be involved quite a lot these days unfortunetly. I do find it hard to say no.
What was the strangest incident (on The Mission`s way) you can remember?
Wayne: One time when we were on tour in the USA supporting Robert Plant a girl came backstage and asked to see me claiming that we knew each other. She came into the dressing room dressed in a bridal dress complete with a bridal veil. She asked me if I remembered her. I said, 'Mmmmmm, can you give me a clue?' whilst frantically rummaging through my memory banks of all the girls I'd had sex with. She said, 'Yeah. We were married about a thousand years ago!'.....'Oh' I said, 'how are the kids?'
Is there anything you couldn´t live without?

Wayne: My wife. My children. Air, water & food. And Liverpool FC.
Are there any further artists you would love to work with some day?
Wayne: No, not really. Maybe Bowie. But I am open to proposition...
What is your intent and philosophy for 2007?
Wayne: See how it goes...

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken from themissionuk.com
Website Band: www.themissionuk.com

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