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Interview mit Adam Gontier [Three Days Grace], 22.08.2008, phoner

Three Days Grace veröffentlichen ihr Album “One X” auch endlich hier in Deutschland. Zusätzlich haben die kanadischen Jungs eine DVD kreiert, die hier auch erscheint. Und als ob das nicht schon genug wäre, ist auch eine Tour durch Deutschland geplant. Genügend Stoff also, um mit dem Sänger der Band ein wenig zu plaudern. Sein Name ist Adam Gontier und ich habe mit ihm am 22. August 2008 während seines Aufenthalts in New York telefoniert.

Adam, for you the album “One X” is actually nothing new anymore as it was already published in your home two years ago. But now it will also be released here in Germany…
Adam: You know, we came over to Germany a long while ago and we`ve never been back since that. So we just decided to put the record out there now…

“Animal I Have Become” is the first single from your second album. Which points have let this song become a single?

Adam: We all sort of agreed when we were writing the record and when we first start to record the record that this song just felt like it was the most powerful song and you know, we all really liked that song. So we all agreed that it was a good song and hopefully other people will do the same.
I`ve heard that “Never Too Late” was the hardest track for you to write. Why?
Adam: Well, “Never Too Late” is a very personal song, you know. It`s about somebody in my life, about a person that felt like they didn´t wanna be here anymore and they were just basically ready to give up on life and I wrote a song about it. It`s just a really personal song and I wouldn´t say it was the hardest one to write. It was just the most meaningful song for me.
So would you agree that the album on the whole is a quite personal long player?
Adam: Yeah, yeah, definitely. You know, the first record that we did, we`ve written it sort of about growing up in a really small town and about the things we´ve seen and we`ve watched our friends going through and different family life stuff. But this record “One X” is written about our lives. It`s written about life couple of years of us being on the road and being on tour. So yeah, it`s a really personal record, for sure.
Does everybody of the band contribute to the lyrics or is it only you?
Adam: I normally start with the ideas and then everybody sort of put in his ideas as well. So everybody is contributing, definitely.
How would you continue the sentence “Music is…”?
Adam: …therapy.
What does the album-title “One X” mean?
Adam: We wrote the record sort of us being on the road and being on tour. You know, you`re surrounded by people all the time. You`re surrounded by people who think they know you well. But really after a time the road becomes a little bit isolated. We`re some kind of lonely. You know “One X” is about that, it`s about people that are kind of alone in a group of people.
Beside your work with Three Days Grace you also appear with your vocals on Apocalyptica`s song “I Don´t Care” for example. How did the Finnish guys and you find together?
Adam: We actually have the same record label now, so you know, they were doing this new record and they wanted to get a few singers from different bands to appear on the record. I was a fan of the guys for a long time already. They are a really cool band. So the opportunity came up to sing for them and I jumped on pretty quick.
Seems you all had a lot of fun shooting this video with all these nice girls…
Adam: (laughs) Yeah, that was a lot of fun actually. It was a good time. They are really cool guys, so it was a cool time, when we performed together.
Could you also contribute to the idea of that video?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. The song was done and we sent the song to a few video-directors and you know, different video-directors come up with different ideas and that sort of thing. And then they sent the ideas back to the band and yeah, we were able to contribute our ideas to the video as well. So we all contributed to that.
Alright. Then since this week the first DVD of Three Days Grace called “Live at the Palace 2008” is in stores. But will it also be published here in Germany and what can we expect from that DVD?
Adam: Yeah, I´m pretty sure the DVD is out at the same time as the record. We wanted to make a DVD that people watch and where they feel that they actually had a show. So we did it all in high definition, surround sound and all that stuff. We put a lot of time into it and it was one of our biggest shows that we have ever done. I think people will like it.
Last year you got two “BMI Pop Awards”. Congratulations from my side for this.
Adam: Oh thank you very much.
How much do such prizes mean to you?
Adam: It`s always cool to be recognised. I like it when you´re recognised by your fans and by people that buy the record and that`s the most important thing. But at the same time it`s always nice to be some kind of awarded in the industry. But yeah, it was definitely a nice experience and it was a good time.
If I´m not wrong you already had some roles in TV-series and in this film “Raise Your Voice”. Would that also be an option for you – becoming an actor?
Adam: (laughs) I don`t know really. I don´t think so. I mean, I`m not good in acting. I´m not an actor.
I mean, if you´re doing music-videos it`s also a little bit of acting what you´re doing there, isn`t it?
Adam: Yeah, a little bit, for sure. But it`s always easier when you do music. Then you act to your music than anything else.
Two of your songs can be found on this game “SmackDown vs. Raw 2007”. Do you play computer games by yourself or what is your next big passion after music?
Adam: Yeah, when we`re on the road we definitely do play some games here and there. We actually play more sport games and stuff like that. So yeah, we play a little bit on the bus. It`s a good way to waste the time.
As “One X” is already over two years old, I guess you´re already working on the third album. Any hints about that yet?
Adam: No, not really yet. We`re just actually writing it right now. We just spent the last couple of months trying to put some ideas together. I think it´s gonna be a good record. I think it`s gonna be a bit different.
You´re playing at some festivals and fairs still this summer. Are there also plans for a bigger tour here in Germany?
Adam: You know, we`re working on plans to come over to Germany, but I don´t know of anything concrete yet. We definitely wanna come there and we will come there, it`s just a matter of time.
And have you already prepared yourself with a few German words or sentences?
Adam: (laughs) Not really. I know “danke”, that´s about it. I will learn more when we come over.
What are your plans for this weekend?
Adam: I`m in New York city right now, so I think I will stay here a bit and walk around.
Alright, Adam. Then enjoy the weekend and I thank you a lot for the interview. 

Adam: I thank you.

Interview: Lea S.
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