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Interview mit Teemu [Uniklubi], 13.07.2006, Tampere/Klubi

Beim diesjährigen Tammerfest trafen wir Teemu, Bassist der finnischen Band Uniklubi, zu einem kurzen Gespräch. Er stellte die Band vor und gab uns besondere Grüße an die deutschen Fans mit auf den Weg.

Teemu: Good day Germany! My name is Teemu and I play in a band called Uniklubi. And we are coming to you. This fall we`re doing a tour in your homeland and we are quite excited to come and visit you. And I truly, truly hope that you gonna fall in love with us. Hopadapada…let`s do it again (laughing).
Okay (smiling).
Teemu: Mm. Perhaps I should think a bit what I´m gonna say (break). Should I do a presentation from our music or something like that?

Lady Aurora: Yeah, what you want! Tell everything!
Your whole life (all laughing)…
Teemu: I can´t remember that (smiling)!
Teemu: Okay…Hello, I`m Teemu from Uniklubi from a Finnish Rock`n`Roll-Band. Even though we sing in Finnish, you know, music is an universal language, so it doesn´t matter when we come and play for you. Our music is quite melodic melancholic rock with an intense attitude. We`re really looking forward to visit your Country and do a little tour this fall. And I really hope that we see you guys on the gigs (kiss).

Thank you, Teemu!
Lady Aurora: Yeah, thanks for the presentation!
Teemu: No problem. Was it better (smiling)?
Lady Aurora: It was perfect!

Interview: Lea S. & Lady Aurora
Website Band: www.uniklubi.net

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