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Vlad In Tears (I)
Interview mit Kris & Dario [Vlad In Tears], 11.12.2013, Köln/Blue Shell

Eigentlich sind Vlad In Tears eher düster, laut und rockig unterwegs – zuletzt etwa als Support von Unzucht. Ihre vorweihnachtliche Deutschland-Headliner-Tour bestritten sie jedoch mit einem Akustik-Programm. Wie es dazu kam, verrieten mir Sänger Kris und Bassist Dario im Interview vor der Show.

Two shows of this acoustic tour are already done. How was it so far?

Kris: So far it was really good. We had so much fun with everybody. Our goal of this tour is to grab everybody inside the room – as we are playing in tiny places – and make everything more special. It's been really good so far. Let's hope tonight it will be good as well or maybe even better. Actually I have never been here in this club before, so I have no idea which kind of customers and listeners we've got.

Normally Vlad In Tears are heavy, dark and loud. But now you're here playing acoustic songs. How did this come about?

Kris: Actually it's quite the opposite. We're coming from the quietness. Everything started with me – and I'm a classic kind of player with clean vocals. So the sound used to be really soft with a dark mood. Then we moved from that point into a heavier direction. But this tour is an acoustic one. It doesn't mean that we are now not heavy anymore. We just try to find the perfect combination. And now as we are playing again acoustic songs, I feel like being back home. So that is such a good thing for me! It's just new for the others, because we have a new line-up and they have never played acoustic before this tour. I just love this acoustic thing. But this time I play the keyboard instead of a piano.

Dario: It doesn't matter if we play acoustic or electric. The meaning is to entertain and grab the people. That's why we are doing this! Sometimes you need to play electric and sometimes you need to go back to the roots and play acoustic.

The tour started in Berlin where you live nowadays. Why did you decide to leave Italy and move to Germany's capital?

Kris: We moved a month ago. The reason why we moved was because we were in the middle of hell and actually we were losing the power, because our old line-up broke up recently. You cannot talk about this, because it's too complicated. But yeah, we moved a month ago and it was the best choice ever. We are happy and every day is a surprise.

Dario: We live together – that's pretty cool. We are the perfect couple.

Kris: [laughs] Yes, because I cook.

Dario: Yeah, he is a perfect cook. Every day I get a good lunch and dinner with red wine. You should join us for a dinner!

Kris: Yeah, if you want I can cook for you.

Thank you, I'll come back to that offer later. But tell me first, how does a Vlad In Tears song usually come into being?

Kris: That's a hard question, because actually all our new stuff was done one year ago and it changed a lot of times. But I'm happy to tell you that it's getting better and better, because since we got a new line-up, we work together and each one of us writes something good. I couldn't feel happier about it, because I'm never alone and that's one of the best feelings ever. I can tell you that we are working in a heavy direction, for sure. We are working so hard to keep our music special – the dark atmospheres with the dark lyrics.

What does inspire you for the lyrics?

Kris: I'm always inspired by my dreams. I know that sounds weird, but it's the truth. I never sleep well, maybe it's a curse, I don't know. When I fall asleep, I have these nightmares or dreams and all the time I hear music, just like a new song coming to me. And when I wake up, I'm not able to remember the dream I had, but I'm able to remember the sound for that. So I go to the recording studio and write down what I remember. But I also love to read books and I'm a horror movies fan. So I am also inspired by this.

Next week you will play two shows with Stahlmann. How did this come about?

Dario: You should ask that from our manager Holger! [laughter] The guys are very friendly, Mart is very cool. Everything is working just fine. It's a great experience. You meet different audiences, get to know new people and the chance to show where we are now. We are different!

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