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Vlad In Tears (II)
Interview mit Kris Vlad [Vlad In Tears], 09.01.2014, Windeck/Kabelmetal

In Windeck absolvierten Vlad In Tears als Support von Unzucht ihre erste Show im neuen Jahr. Kurz nach dem Auftritt der Dark-Rocker traf ich Frontmann und Sänger Kris Vlad zu einem Interview. Wir sprachen über die Neubesetzung der Band, das nächste Album und Kris' Vorsätze fürs Jahr 2014.

Kris, you just rocked the stage here in Windeck, but the show also included an acoustic part…

Kris: Yeah, someone decided to put on the setlist two acoustic songs and one was "Here Comes The Rain" which is one of the oldest tracks, but officially released on "Welcome To Vladyland". It's good to make the people sing. To me that's one of the most important things. When you hear people singing one of your songs, it's something good, because music is a way to communicate. So when people respond to you, you're winning! But we also decided to take a risk, because the second acoustic song we played was one of the new ones.

Was it "Vlad In Tears"?

Kris: Yeah, it's called "Vlad In Tears" and can be found on our new album. It's the last song I wrote after I moved to Berlin.

 Is it nice living in Berlin?

Kris: It's not easy. It's a hard life, for sure, but I love to live there. It's cool!

Did you also celebrate New Year's Eve there?

Kris: No, I was back in Italy, because I wanted to be with my parents. It's been nine months we haven't seen each other. My parents were really sad about that. Actually I miss them a little bit, so my brother and I decided to go back to Italy. And we were really surprised, because I don't know why, but people were different this time. The little city I grew up in was different. Suddenly everybody wanted to take pictures with us and get autographs. It was a surprise! But I am also happy to be back here in Germany…

Did you also spend Christmas in Italy?

Kris: For sure. I've been there for two weeks…

What was the best Christmas present you got?

Kris: When I decided to move to Berlin, everything changed and a lot happened. So when I came back home, I brought something new to my family – it was the best thing I could bring. It was amazing. My brother and I jumped to our parents, talked to everybody and were so full of stories and experiences. I mean, it's not a present for me, but it's like my present for everybody. Then again the end of the year we celebrated in one of the best ways ever. One of our best friends from Italy is owner of a rock club and invited us to celebrate with him. That was perfect, because we had the chance to play DJ and choose the music. There were big screens and we also put in Vlad In Tears videos. It was great to do a little bit commercial. It didn't hurt. Actually it was great, because everybody was dancing. We also played "Mary" from "Welcome To Vladyland" and everybody was singing the chorus. That was cool!

Before Christmas you had a little acoustic tour here in Germany. Are you satisfied with the shows?

Kris: To be honest: I never feel satisfied! I'm scared of being satisfied. The thing is: When I feel completely satisfied and I made it, I'm gonna die. The tour was cool and I don't wanna complain, because every experience is a good one as it is real. Compared to the last year I started to let everything be a piece of my life, so I enjoy everything. But there is always something more to do, something more to feel and something more to wait for – that's the way I see it.

So it's a never ending process?

Kris: Yes, hopefully. I just feel satisfied in my way: It was a good job, it was a good feeling and everything worked pretty well and I had fun.

Now you're back with a rock show. You're supporting Unzucht on this tour. To what extent do Vlad In Tears and Unzucht fit together – musically and personally?

Kris: Personally as human beings we never met before and I thought "Let's see what happens". But I can tell you that these guys are great! Daniel, the singer, is like a brother for me. The whole band is so friendly. Also musically we are connected, for sure. Music is something universal that links people. But we also already shared the stage with musicians who were not related to us at all – musically. For us it was a challenge to convince their fans and try to be respected. But people are open. They can love every kind of music. It's just about the way you make them listen.

What about the new album you mentioned earlier in this interview?

Kris: Our new album is finished!


Kris: Yeah, after one year. It's been tough, because I started with the songwriting when we still had the old line-up. I wrote all the songs one year ago, then I've been working on them for some months, then again the band broke up and we tried to find new musicians. We were desperate! My brother and I got crazy! But when we moved over to Berlin, we built a completely new line-up. The new Vlad In Tears band exists for six or seven months now. And we've finished the new album…

Have you already been in the studio?

Kris: Yeah, we did everything!

Just by yourself or with a producer?

Kris: Actually I am the writer and arranger. I tried to take care of everything. The new guitar player – one of the two brothers – had some good ideas for the record, too. I tried to save everything and make the perfect mix. I've always been the producer.

In which studio did you record the new album?

Kris: In my place in Italy. But when we moved to Berlin, we've been to another studio to record the guitars there. Then I made the mix and master. We took our time to find the perfect match.

Sounds like you're a real mastermind…

Kris: I also took care of the Vlad In Tears videoclips. The last one was for "Fallen Angel" and I gave an interview about it some months ago. It was funny, because one of the questions was: "Who is the director of the 'Fallen Angel' videoclip? And what about the working team?" And I said: It's all Kris! [laughs] I started photographing and video making a long time ago.

Did you study it?

Kris: Yes, I studied it, because I love that among music. It's a passion for me and it's also useful. I use my knowledge, but of course I have no money to create Hollywood stuff. At least I did something with quality and good ideas.

What are your willful intents for 2014?

Kris: That's a tough question. I could name a lot of things. [laughs] First I hope to survive in Berlin. I'm just back from Italy and got the feeling that this year will be tougher than the last one. Don't ask me why, but I got this feeling! Second we hope – now as the album is ready – to find a good solution to release it. I don't wanna waste it, because it took one year to create it. But most of all I really hope that the new band family is gonna be right, because I love these guys. I know them for such a short time, but I never felt better. Everybody has a different taste, but we love each other and want the same thing. They're cool, they're real and they love music. After those hard times I really needed this positive thing! And I really hope that I'll enjoy the time with these guys. For me and my brother it's the main point: to keep going on with these guys!

Interview & Fotos: Lea S.
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