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Vlad In Tears (III)
Interview mit Kris [Vlad In Tears], Juli 2014, mailer

Bei den Dark-Rockern von Vlad In Tears drehte sich Anfang des Jahres das Besetzungskarussell – und das mitten in der Entstehungsphase des neuen, selbstbetitelten vierten Albums der Wahl-Berliner. Doch nichts für ungut, denn mittlerweile ist das Werk fertig und Sänger Kris Vlad äußerst zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis: „Wir klingen nun so, als würden Korn und Him zusammenspielen!“

Kris, how’s been your summer so far? Are you still happy living in Berlin or already sick of it?

Kris: Hey! It's been really good so far, everything is moving in the right direction I would say. And despite the weird weather we're having a lot of cool experiences, meeting new people, trying also to get inspired by the craziness of the city...we're happy to be here!

There’ve been some line-up changes within Vlad In Tears in the beginning of this year. What happened and how did the new guitarist Gregor Friday settle in the band so far?

Kris: Well, yes, Salvo and Luca (the guitar players) have been with us for a while, but then they decided to keep working on their own project, so we had to break up. And now, with Gregor, it couldn't be better. We're super happy to have him with us and he got through the band very easily. I can't wait to start working on some new stuff with him; it will be interesting and also fun!

To what extent has he already been involved in the production of the new album “Vlad In Tears” coming out in August?

Kris: He has been very helpful as he came up with some cool ideas and in the end our new album couldn't sound better than it does today.

When did you start with the songwriting and who of you had which task during the process?

Kris: I’ve started almost always, and my older brother Alessio used to be my wing man during the second part of the creative process, but then, when he left the band kept working alone, my brother Dario started to help me in all he could do for me...and so far it's been an awesome experience. I hope we will work all together from now on...

Is the album based on any concept?

Kris: Not really, I just wanted to make something very different in comparison to the old stuff. And I wanted to put in almost all I've been experiencing so far in my life: love, hate, fights, losses, sex, etc. So we can say this is the most "real" album we’ve created so far, because the topics of songs are all coming from a real life experience.

What’s been the musical focus in comparison to the previous album “Welcome To Vladyland” (2011)?

Kris: Well, now everything is better, more people are focused on us and on the new stuff we are doing, I guess. It's not about the albums, but more because we've spent more time with touring and sharing our music. Lots of people still post old videos from us, old songs; they still love them all. So that's the secret: We just need more advertisement and spread more and more Vlad's world...

What is typical for the sound of VIT?

Kris: Vlad's sound has always been changing because of the albums. We've always had a rock sound, but for example now we sound really more massive and heavier than ever. Of course we always have our special atmosphere which takes us into a dark and mystical direction. Now we sound like Korn and Him playing together!!! [laughs]

What have been your inspirations sources esp. for the lyrics? In which situations do you usually have the best ideas? To what extent is Berlin an inspiration source?

Kris: I've always gotten inspired by my own life experiences. From time to time I've been writing about other people's life, but in general about what happened to me, except some special lyrics. I think mostly everybody can feel and understand them all, so that's also a natural process. And for now I still didn't get truly inspired by my life here in Berlin, but I think it will come...

The album consists mainly of dark, metallic rock songs, but also more emotional tracks. What is easier to write and record?

Kris: It's not about what kind of song we want to record that could make the process difficult or tiring. When you have the inspiration and you know what to do there's nothing that can make the recording hard or too difficult.

Where did you record the album? Any producer who helped you out?

Kris: I wrote and recorded all the songs in my studio in Italy. I did all alone. My brother Dario helped me with some lyrics and also in the mixing process.

What have been the challenges during the production phase?

Kris: It's always a challenge trying to make a new album sound good, different and special as well as taking care of any detail to make it really something you should spend time with to get the entire quality of the creation.

What’s usually giving you new ideas and fresh energy when there is a lack of creativity?

Kris: I need my time being alone, reading books, watching movies, and from time to time I go for a – what I call – special walk...

Did you also let somebody from “outside” checking out the new album to get some hints and tips? How do you deal with critics?

Kris: Yes, I do, and I take care of the critics, but I also think it's all a question of taste after all. But if it's about technical stuff, I'm more concerned.

What’s your favorite new song and why?

Kris: I don't have one...I love and hate them all at the same time! [laughs]

Not long ago you recorded a music video for “Feed On Me” with lots of friends and fans. How did this come about and what can we expect in the video?

Kris: Well, it was a funny idea to involve some of our greatest fans into a videoclip, and actually it's been a super nice experience. We had a lot of fun there! The video is more about the band performing in front of some "cannibal" crowd, so you'll see a cool atmosphere and a rock band sweating for all their beloved ones. It's also a kind of a "sexy dark hymn which says "feed on me"!

How will you celebrate the release of the new album?

Kris: I actually don't have any clue about it: Some of us will cry, some of us will drink, some others will dance naked on a building's roof. [laughs] We'll see!

When is it possible to see the new songs live on stage and how will Gregor replace two guitarists?

Kris: Well, our next show is at the “Free & Easy Festival” in Munich. Gregor will rock your world! We all will!

And last but not least: What’s your tip for the World Cup Finals on Sunday?

Kris: Germany will win and there's gonna be a hell of party all around.

Interview: Lea S.
Fotos: taken & (c) by Jörg Fischer / taken from facebook.com/vladintears
Website Band: www.vladintears.com

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