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Year Of The Goat
Interview mit Year Of The Goat, 05.03.2016, Oberhausen/Helvete

Als Support auf der Co-Headlining-Tour von Draconian und Omnium Gatherum fielen die Schweden Year Of The Goat mit ihrem 60er/70er-Jahre-gefärbten Occult-Rock ein wenig aus der Reihe – und dennoch kamen sie beim Publikum sehr gut an. So auch am letzten Tourtag in Oberhausen, wo ich einen Großteil der Band – Sänger und Gitarrist Thomas, Mellotron-Mann Pope, Drummer Fredrik und Gitarrist Marcus – kurz vor Showbeginn zu einem Interview traf.

It’s the last day of this European tour with Draconian, Omnium Gatherum and Oceanwake. Did you enjoy the ten days so far?

Thomas: It’s been quite good under the circumstances that we experienced a food poisoning or stomach flu. I was totally out of order for a whole day, so we had to cancel the show in Budapest. I had high fever and got hit by the shit storm… [laughs]

I hope, you’re feeling better now…

Thomas: Yeah, now I’m feeling much better.

What about the others?

Fredrik: Well, Tobias our bass player has still some problems caused by the food poisoning or whatever it was. So he’s not feeling super good at the moment. But Marcus is feeling better… I’m the lucky one, cos I didn’t get it. It will hit me when I get home.

Are you all happy or sad that the tour ends today?

Thomas: It’s always 50 percent of each. [laughs]

Pope: Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley’s dad, had an album called “Happy Sad”. That kinda sums it up. [laughs]

So you have mixed feelings?

Fredrik: Ja, it’s nice to go home, but also it’s fun to play. The other part of being on tour is just living in hotel rooms and eating crappy foods. You don’t get any “alone time” or anything like that. And that can be really tough. But it’s always fun to play live. And it’s nice to be at home as well.

You’re staying in hotel rooms and the headliners are sleeping in the bus?

Fredrik: Yeah, Draconian and Omnium Gatherum are on the tourbus. We’re staying in smaller hotels…

Pope: …which is a lot better when you’re not feeling well: just being in a comfortable hotel room and not on the bus where everybody else is puking, shitting…

…and snoring…

Thomas: Well, we cannot escape from that. [laughs]

What have been your highlights on this tour so far?

Pope: Munich yesterday was really nice. And that’s all we remember. [laughter] I think it was good in Bratislava as well. We had some really dedicated people showing up. There was a girl that drove for five hours to see us and it felt kinda crappy to play just a 40 minutes show then. And in Berlin there was a guy who rode his bike from Potsdam in the rain all the way to the Eastern part of Berlin. So there have been a few happenings that make it all worthwhile.

As there are two Swedish and two Finnish bands touring – is there a lot of partying and drinking every night?

Pope: There’s more melancholia and quiet people drinking, saying nothing, playing with knifes and kind of stuff… [laughter]

How do you usually spend the time while travelling from one venue to the next?

Marcus: Sleeping, reading, watching movies…

Fredrik: I’m usually driving.

Oh, you’re the driver? So you cannot drink at all?

Fredrik: I can drink a little bit, but not too much. Well, actually I drive better when I’m drunk. [laughter] No, no… But, often you try to relax, because when you’re at the club it’s hard to relax. There are people everywhere and you have to be social and stuff like that. So when you’re on the bus, you can focus a bit on yourself and do whatever you want: sleeping, listening to music, watching a movie, reading something…

What about sightseeing? Are you interested in that when you’re playing in a city where you’ve never been before?

Pope: When it’s possible we like to do that. But often we have to prioritize between sleeping and going out early to check out some sights. Usually it’s a quick and short stop.

And Oberhausen is maybe not the most beautiful city…

Pope: It’s our third time in Oberhausen. It’s been good so far. We haven’t seen anything really. [laughs]

Fredrik: We went to a mall…

Pope: Yeah, we went to a mall and I bought shoes. [laughter] In 2013 we went to the mall in Oberhausen.

Fredrik: It was a big mall.

It’s called Centro.

Marcus: It’s a bit different than shopping at a gas stations at least. [laughter]

Pope: Ja, in gas stations you cannot really buy clothes.

As it is the last show tonight, will you play some tricks to each other on stage as bands usually do on their final shows?

Fredrik: I don’t know if there is anything planned. Maybe the other bands are playing some tricks on us. [laughs] I talked with Tobias the other day that we should do something, but we didn’t plan anything in the end.

Thomas: The flu has been already tricky enough for us. [laughs]

Is there also time for writing new stuff on tour?

Pope: Maybe in the head. Being for hours on the road you start thinking about stuff and some of the stuff might stick in your head and you create something out of it.

Who of you guys is usually the one starting with the first riffs?

Thomas: It’s me. I use to set up a ground for the whole song, doing a couple of riffs… And when I think it’s a kind of proper song, then I bring it to the rehearsals and the other guys put their flavor on it. Then it’s ending up in the gold machine.

Are you a democratic band?

Thomas: Don’t ask me. [laughter]

Pope: Usually a good idea is a good idea. If we’re not really happy about something, we start trying to fix it.

Fredrik: We usually try it, before we say “no”.

Do you have any certain inspiration sources?

Thomas: Usually what comes to my mind… Inspiration for me is all kind of music that talks to me. Mainly it’s bands from the 60ies and 70ies I listen to, mostly proggy stuff and new stuff as well, but not that much in the metal section. More pop music.

How do you usually prepare yourselves for a show? Do you have any rituals that you do just before entering the stage?

Thomas: Just trying to focus, stepping into my inner self.

Pope: On a tour like this with four bands the changing times are pretty quick, there isn’t a lot of time – maybe just the first couple of minutes before you start you can go inside yourself.

What do we have to expect from the show tonight?

Thomas: A stage crowded with people. [laughs] No, actually I think we’re quite…I don’t know…

Pope: Pretty straight forward Rock. There are no masks, no blood fountains, no sins. [laughter]

Now I’m disappointed…

Pope: No animal body parts – nothing of that. Just a bunch of sweaty guys.

Fredrik: The music kinda speaks for itself. We are not that kind of live band that runs around, jumps everywhere and screams. We try to focus on the music…and it seems to work.

Thomas: It’s a very small stage. We try to do the best. It’s hard to move around without beating the other guys.

What’s the first thing you gonna do when you’re back home?

Thomas: Sleeping, then working.

Pope: I have no idea. Probably I have to clean something.

Fredrik: Doing some laundry and stuff like that. [laughter]

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